How to Organize a Gaming Night with Friends: 6 Important tips

What are the requirements to organize a gaming night with friends? When you reach a certain age, the activities that were once exciting and funny become tiresome, and you begin to feel more bothered about going out and less prone to meeting new people.

Many people used to throw enjoyable parties, assemble their friends, and spend time doing various activities when they were kids. It is strongly advised you do the same as an adult and host a game night that will both cheer you up and provide lasting memories for your friends. 

If you’re unsure how to plan it or what steps to follow, don’t worry; just keep reading, and, by the end, you’ll have a good idea of how to put together the ideal game night for you and your friends. 

Food is important as you organize a gaming night with friends

When it comes to staying in on a weekend, there are few social activities as popular as having a gaming night. Whether you’re a casual player or an avid enthusiast, there’s nothing more relaxing than spending an evening with friends and an exciting new game.

But what makes gaming nights such a great idea? Well, for starters, they’re a great way to get to know your friends better. After all, what better way is there to learn someone’s quirks and passions than by seeing how they react to being trapped in a haunted house or trying to sabotage their friend’s business venture?

And while you may think that organizing such an event will be challenging (after all, most people don’t have board games hidden away under the bed), the truth is that it isn’t as difficult as you might think. Read on for some tips on how you can organize your own successful gaming night with friends.

1. Make sure to invite more people than usual

To spend some quality time during a game night, you’ll need to invite as many people as you can. Yes, this might seem like a lot of work, but with more people, you’ll have more options to choose from, and you can pick games that include almost everyone’s participation.

This also allows for formatting teams, and even numbers can be easily divided into smaller, equal groups of four or pairs of two. It is also a lot funnier than just having 3 or 4 people around, limiting your options and reducing them to maybe a few board games. 

One interesting idea is also to make up a sort of questionnaire, which essentially helps you gather ideas from the others and look at what they prefer or would like to play. This can help you make a better final decision. 

2. You can always make up your own games 

One interesting twist for a game night is to create your own games, unique and completely new. This can come as a shock to your guests, and they certainly will not expect it. Board games are the most fun and easy to make, as you’ll have a variety of options to choose from. 

You can always get the figures and dice from a local party shop, and when it comes to the board, you can either make your own or maybe print something.

It is recommended to include some gifts as well, for example, the winner or winners might get custom TCG playmats (thankfully these can easily be made and your gamer friends will be more than grateful as it is an extra addition to their gaming setup), and maybe free drinks or some snacks.

Money rewards are not a bad idea, although they should not be encouraged as they can become highly competitive and some of your guests might even get into a quarrel. 

You can also make it interactive, maybe divide your guests into pairs or groups, and look up some other ideas online. If this is too much for you, maybe a more subtle approach is preferable, and instead, you can simply go with the regular games, such as taboo, guess the celebrity, or mafia. 

3. Make sure to include food and drinks 

Games take at least a couple of hours to complete, so a good host will always prepare some food and beverages ahead of time. You do not, however, need to prepare a formal lunch.

Because your dining table may already be occupied for the activities, consider a buffet, or maybe set up a few tables of your own, or maybe you could pay someone to be the waiter that night and serve the guests. That way, the food stays in the kitchen and a professional will serve it on demand.  

It is encouraged you make easy meals, finger foods, something that is more of a snack or a bite rather than a three-course meal. You can go with pizza rolls and French fries, maybe some nachos with various dips, and of course, dessert is a must. 

Just make sure your guests aren’t allergic to anything specific, as this can drastically influence the whole night. The last thing you need is to call an ambulance on game night. Therefore, avoid or you can inform about some “risky” ingredients, most notably nuts. 

4. Have some talkatizers 

Similar to appetizers, you’ll need something to talk about before the game starts. Never make your guests immediately play. You should first make sure they are comfortable, relaxed, and in the mood to play.

A great way to do so is to start the night with some casual talk or conversation, maybe even hand out cards with some questions and let your guests introduce themselves to each other, or walk around and meet someone. 

Also, you are encouraged to make sure there is some music playing in the background. Maybe you, as the host, could hold a little speech before the games start, and you can hand out name tags as well, just in case. 

Once the games start, you should be clear about the instructions as much as possible. Therefore, avoid any vague language or unknown phrases. 

5. Decorate the room 

Of course, decorating the room does not fall behind food or drinks; it is equally important and can play a huge role. Nothing too shiny is recommended, as it only serves as a distraction.

Keep it simple yet entertaining. Maybe a few balloons or some glitter here and there. It is also advised to play a bit with the lights and make the room a bit darker. 

It comes down to your imagination and what you prefer and think is creative, and whatever it is, your guests are surely going to love it.

As you organize a gaming night with friends, you also need to ensure that your room is clean and well done for gaming. Some gaming may require a dark mode while others require a well-lit area.

6. Have the right equipment

For enjoyable gaming, you need to have the right equipment for the job. This may mean the best console, gaming PC, gaming monitor, and other requirements for gaming.

You do not need to bore your visitors with boring gaming. Therefore, you will also need to have some of the newest and most enjoyable games available on your equipment.

Moreover, you can ask your friends to come with their gaming equipment so that it becomes a truly lit gaming session.


With the rise of streaming services like Twitch, it’s never been easier to find people with similar interests as you. However, we all have those friends who are not quite as immersed in the gaming scene.

For many, video games are just another hobby that they enjoy from time to time. But for those of us who see video games as more than an occasional activity, how do we get our friends interested?

The answer: a fun and organized gaming night! A gaming night is a gathering of friends with the primary intention of playing video games together. It doesn’t take much effort to throw one together, but if you want your friends to walk away asking when the next one is happening again, you’ll need a plan.

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