What is a Bluetooth speaker? Do I buy a Bluetooth or a Wired speaker?

What is a Bluetooth speaker? And the types of Bluetooth speakers

In the current trends, you probably have encountered Bluetooth speakers. You also have come across many speakers, subwoofers, and even smart devices that have Bluetooth. The question that remains is trying to know what precisely a Bluetooth speaker is.

There are many kinds of speakers that have different technologies. Each of them is suited towards the performance of a particular function. In modern technologies, many speakers are getting equipped with Bluetooth technology.

Today we will learn about the specifics of a Bluetooth speaker. We have gathered information about a Bluetooth speaker, how beneficial it is, and its functions.

What is a Bluetooth speaker?

A Bluetooth speaker is a speaker that has used Bluetooth technology to eliminate the use of cables. Traditionally, people used cables to connect sources of audio to the speakers. But Bluetooth speakers have done the eliminated by creating a wireless interface between devices using Bluetooth technology.

Once a Bluetooth speaker is connected to your device, you have an opportunity to stream your audio directly. In case you are using your phone, you will play your music from the phone wirelessly and have the speaker’s sound output.

A Bluetooth speaker gadget does not need to be carried from one place to another. You will, therefore, need to carry the audio source and enjoy music. Alternatively, if the speaker is portable, you can opt to carry it along as you enjoy the music. This means that you can have for example the best outdoor Bluetooth speaker for you to enjoy music outdoors.

Once the two devices are connected, each can control the functions of the other.

Types of Bluetooth speakers

There are different kinds of Bluetooth speakers you can buy from. They are as follows.

Mini Bluetooth speaker

Mini Bluetooth speaker

A mini Bluetooth speaker is portable and has a rechargeable battery. You can comfortably carry and move along with it. It makes an ideal choice for working from home or within the surroundings.

An amazing thing with these speakers is that they can go uncharged for 6-8 hours. Apart from Bluetooth connectivity, the speaker also uses the aux port and an aux wire so that you can choose what to use.

You can get many speakers from different brands that will serve you perfectly.

Capsule-shaped speakers

Capsule-shaped Bluetooth speaker: What is a Bluetooth speaker?

It is a Bluetooth speaker that has taken the shape of a capsule. They are small and can easily make you get confused because of their big sound. If you are a fan of partying with small groups, this model is the ideal choice for you.

The amount of bass that is produced by this speaker is fantastic. It is enormous with a lovely resonance.

Trolly Bluetooth speakers

Trolly Bluetooth speakers

A trolly speaker comes on a larger size and can be comfortably moved from one place to another. In case you have an outdoor party, it makes an ideal choice. The speaker is controllable over a remote control and has a big sound.

What makes the trolly Bluetooth speaker unique is its ability to make partying fun. You can quickly put a microphone in it and use it as a PA system.

Soundbar Bluetooth speaker

Soundbar Bluetooth speaker: What is a Soundbar Bluetooth speaker?

This is a Bluetooth speaker that comes as a soundbar. It is long with a sleek design that will make you enjoy a bigger sound. They have a lovely design that makes your home aesthetics look great. Connection to these speakers is both by wired technology and Bluetooth.

Turtle shell speakers

What is a Turtle shell Bluetooth speaker?

These speakers are also called spectacular speakers. You will love the bizarre design that makes it unique and high performing. Sound production by these speakers is excellent as it delivers a giant bass.

It has many colors and a rugged covering that makes it durable and waterproof.  The design is lovely because once it falls in the water, it floats. If you go underwater, you will still enjoy the music.

Shower Bluetooth speakers

Shower Bluetooth speakers

If you are a bathroom singer or dancer, this kind of Bluetooth speaker is perfectly suited for you. The speaker is waterproof and easy to place at a suspended point. It has excellent sound quality that will make you enjoy your showers.

You can have in-ceiling shower Bluetooth speakers to ensure you enjoy music as you shower. This is for example for people who like singing in the shower.

Tower Bluetooth speakers

What is a Tower Bluetooth speakers?

This Bluetooth speaker is known for working with your TV. You will enjoy the fun with the cinematic experience. The remote control comes with it helps you adjust the speaker’s settings in terms of volume and operations.

At the comfort of your coach, you will have an easy time and fun moments.

Advantages of a Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers have come with various benefits that make them stand out from the rest. Some of the advantages are as follows;

  • Offers simplicity in connection
  • Easy to control
  • Most of the speakers are portable
  • No cabling work required
  • Some have a built-in microphone for conference calls
  • A good number of them have a rechargeable battery
  • Can serve you even in remote areas
  • Getting one with a powerful battery can charge your devices using the USB port
  • It has an AUX port
  • They are easy to use so long as your device is compatible

Disadvantages of a Bluetooth speaker

Every good thing must surely have one demerit. The following are the main disadvantages of a Bluetooth speaker. The issues may inform the choice of a wired speaker or a hybrid speaker when required.

  • At times it may have compatibility issues
  • The range is limited to a specific coverage
  • Gets interfered by obstacles such as walls

How to use a Bluetooth speaker?

Using a Bluetooth speaker is very simple as it has a straightforward process. You will follow three steps.

Step 1- Turn on your speaker and tune it to Bluetooth mode.

Then Step 2- Turn on your audio device and tune the Bluetooth mode.

Step 3- Connect the Bluetooth device to the speaker by pairing. You will open the Bluetooth mode on the device and then select the pairing option. Once the speaker is connected, you will get a voice confirmation and begin to use the speaker.

Why a Bluetooth speaker?

A Bluetooth speaker is better compared to other traditional speakers. You will enjoy using it because of the compatibility with both wired and wireless devices. The good thing with a Bluetooth speaker is that it can connect over an extended range.


A Bluetooth speaker is a lovely device because it allows you to get connected quickly over wireless technology. A wide range of applications in terms of compatibility is something you will enjoy. Get a Bluetooth speaker today and begin to enjoy the moments.

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