What is a Bluetooth speaker? Do I buy a Bluetooth or a Wired speaker?

What is a Bluetooth speaker? And the types of Bluetooth speakers

In the current trends, you probably have encountered Bluetooth speakers. You also have come across many speakers, subwoofers, and even smart devices that have Bluetooth. The question that remains is trying to know what precisely a Bluetooth speaker is.

There are many kinds of speakers that have different technologies. Each of them is suited towards the performance of a particular function. In modern technologies, many speakers are getting equipped with Bluetooth technology.

Today we will learn about the specifics of a Bluetooth speaker. We have gathered information about a Bluetooth speaker, how beneficial it is, and its functions.

What is a Bluetooth speaker?

A Bluetooth speaker is a speaker that has used Bluetooth technology to eliminate the use of cables. Traditionally, people used cables to connect sources of audio to the speakers. But Bluetooth speakers have done the eliminated by creating a wireless interface between devices using Bluetooth technology.

Once a Bluetooth speaker is connected to your device, you have an opportunity to stream your audio directly. In case you are using your phone, you will play your music from the phone wirelessly and have the speaker’s sound output.

A Bluetooth speaker gadget does not need to be carried from one place to another. You will, therefore, need to carry the audio source and enjoy music. Alternatively, if the speaker is portable, you can opt to carry it along as you enjoy the music.

This means that you can have for example the best outdoor Bluetooth speaker for you to enjoy music outdoors.

Once you connect the two devices, each can control the functions of the other.

Types of Bluetooth speakers

There are different kinds of Bluetooth speakers you can buy from. They are as follows.

Mini Bluetooth speaker

Mini Bluetooth speaker

A mini Bluetooth speaker is portable and has a rechargeable battery. You can comfortably carry and move along with it. It makes an ideal choice for working from home or within the surroundings.

An amazing thing about these speakers is that they can go uncharged for more than 6 hours. Apart from Bluetooth connectivity, the speaker also uses the aux port and an aux wire so that you can choose what to use.

You can get many speakers from different brands that will serve you perfectly. Most of the budget Bluetooth speakers are mini speakers. Such include the top Bluetooth speakers under $20.

Capsule-shaped speakers

Capsule-shaped Bluetooth speaker: What is a Bluetooth speaker?

It is a Bluetooth speaker that has taken the shape of a capsule. They are small and can easily make you get confused because of their big sound. If you are a fan of partying with small groups, this model is the ideal choice for you.

The amount of bass that most of these speakers produce is fantastic. It is enormous with a lovely resonance. Moreover, these little beauties produce an unimaginable amount and range from deep bass all the way up silken trebles. This is without any distortion at high volumes thanks to both their sleek design as well as how versatile they are with what type of device you use them on – whether that be your phone or laptop!

If that sounds like something up your alley, then this model might be perfect for what you need. This is because it produces fantastic basslines which will leave any party lover satisfied (and maybe even wanting more).

Trolly Bluetooth speakers

Trolly Bluetooth speakers

A trolly speaker comes in a larger size and you can move them comfortably from one place to another. In case you have an outdoor party, it makes an ideal choice. The speaker is controllable over a remote control and has a big sound.

The trolling system makes it easy and comfortable to move around. You can control your music from a remote, or use one of these in place if you have an outdoor event.

What makes the trolly Bluetooth speaker unique is its ability to make partying fun. You can quickly put a microphone in it and use it as a PA system. Thus with, a microphone AND bass amp at once. This is done by having two separate channels inside each unit designed specifically according to how much power they need, you will have fun indoors and outdoors.

Soundbar Bluetooth speaker

Soundbar Bluetooth speaker: What is a Soundbar Bluetooth speaker?

This is a Bluetooth speaker that comes as a soundbar. It is long with a sleek design that will make you enjoy a bigger sound. They have a lovely design that makes your home’s aesthetics look great. Connection to these speakers is both by wired technology and Bluetooth.

Soundbars are a revolutionary way to enhance your home theater experience with the latest technology. Soundbar Bluetooth speakers allow you to enjoy rich, surround sound effects on one compact device. Moreover, they won’t take up too much space in front of all those big-screen TVs!

These sleek & stylish units also come stocked with features like easy pairing and NFC connectivity. Thus, they’re simple enough for anyone who wants better quality audio without having wires running everywhere or taking up valuable countertop real estate (I mean what’s more important than style?).

Soundbars are a great way to get better sound from your television or computer. They come in all shapes and sizes. Thus, there’s bound to be one that fits the space where you’re trying to install it!

The Bluetooth models have been around since 2007. However, now they also offer wired connections for those who don’t want an open wireless setup near their expensive wiring cabinet just because of convenience sake

Turtle shell speakers

What is a Turtle shell Bluetooth speaker?

These speakers are also called spectacular speakers. You will love the bizarre design that makes it unique and high-performing. Sound production by these speakers is excellent as it delivers a giant bass.

These speakers have a unique design that makes them high-performing and different. It has many colors and covers to match any style or mood you are looking for in your room!

Sound production by these tiny but loud speakers is excellent. Thus they deliver a bass that will make your ears ring! The coverings on this speaker range from beautiful colors to rugged designs so you can find one to match any room in the house.

It has many colors and a rugged covering that makes it durable and waterproof. Thus, no more worrying about spills or accidents while playing music for friends over Skype (or other video chat). The design is lovely because once it falls in the water, it floats. If you go underwater, you will still enjoy the music.

This type of loudspeaker has been around since at least 1965.

Shower Bluetooth speakers

Shower Bluetooth speakers

If you are a bathroom singer or dancer, this kind of Bluetooth speaker is perfectly suited for you. The speaker is waterproof and easy to place at a suspended point. It has excellent sound quality that will make you enjoy your showers.

You can have in-ceiling shower Bluetooth speakers to ensure you enjoy music as you shower. Both come with excellent sound quality. Thus you will not have a boring time since there will be no bad tunes any longer. This is for example for people who like singing in the shower.

Moreover, these days you can employ a Bluetooth Showerhead to enjoy music in your shower.

Tower Bluetooth speakers

What is a Tower Bluetooth speakers?

The Tower Bluetooth Speaker does exactly what its name says – linking seamlessly between Bluetooth devices like TVs/ smartphones/ tablets for music listening in places where there isn’t space near enough around.

This Bluetooth speaker is known for working with your TV. You will enjoy the fun with the cinematic experience. This sleek and stylish unit features an intuitive remote control that lets you adjust volume, change the song, answer calls, or other operations easily from your coach with ease!

This speaker is the perfect addition to your living room or game room. You’ll love using it with both TVs and computers, giving you an immersive experience that will make any film come alive!

The remote control lets you adjust volume levels quickly while also changing settings on these speakers. This helps whether you turn up too high (or low) before playback begins- without ever having to touch them yourself.

At the comfort of your coach, you will have an easy time and fun moments. Finally, it is easy on the eyes thanks to its minimalistic design. The design can blend right into most modern décor aesthetics including wood flooring floors like mine at home (I know because I’m partial).

Advantages of a Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers have come with various benefits that make them stand out from the rest. Some of the advantages are as follows;

  • Offers simplicity in connection
  • Easy to control
  • Most of the speakers are portable
  • No cabling work required
  • Some have a built-in microphone for conference calls
  • A good number of them have a rechargeable battery
  • Can serve you even in remote areas
  • Getting one with a powerful battery can charge your devices using the USB port
  • It has an AUX port
  • They are easy to use so long as your device is compatible

Disadvantages of a Bluetooth speaker

Every good thing must surely have one demerit. The following are the main disadvantages of a Bluetooth speaker. The issues may inform the choice of a wired speaker or a hybrid speaker when required.

  • At times it may have compatibility issues
  • The range is limited to a specific coverage
  • Obstacles including walls can interfere with the Bluetooth connection

How to use a Bluetooth speaker?

Using a Bluetooth speaker is very simple as it has a straightforward process. You will follow three steps.

Step 1- Turn on your speaker and tune it to Bluetooth mode.

Then Step 2- Turn on your audio device and tune the Bluetooth mode.

Step 3- Connect the Bluetooth device to the speaker by pairing. You will open the Bluetooth mode on the device and then select the pairing option. Once the speaker is connected, you will get a voice confirmation and begin to use the speaker.

Why a Bluetooth speaker?

A Bluetooth speaker is better compared to other traditional speakers. You will enjoy using it because of its compatibility with both wired and wireless devices. The good thing with a Bluetooth speaker is that it can connect over an extended range.

Moreover, you can easily use Bluetooth speakers indoors and outdoors. You will find most Bluetooth speakers to be easily portable. Moreover, some of them have batteries giving you a long playtime.

How do Bluetooth speakers work?

The Bluetooth speaker uses wireless technology to communicate with your devices. However, even though they are wireless, they will still have a charging cable or wireless charging capabilities.

If you need help in getting your Bluetooth speaker, check our reviews based on the area they will be used, how they will be used, and other features.


A Bluetooth speaker is a lovely device because it allows you to connect devices quickly over wireless technology. A wide range of applications in terms of compatibility is something you will enjoy. Get a Bluetooth speaker today and begin to enjoy the moments.

Moreover, Bluetooth speakers enable you to avoid using several cables in your home or outdoors. This makes them more tidy and easy to use.

However, you can make regular speakers wireless. This process can turn your old stereo into a Bluetooth speaker. However, you will need a wireless adapter to effect this change.

Bluetooth speakers FAQs

What is the purpose of a Bluetooth speaker?

A Bluetooth speaker is an excellent speaker that offers a connection to multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, TVs, and other audio players giving you flexibility, compatibility, and portability. They are less pricier than WiFi speakers and most of them have a long-lasting battery. Moreover, some are waterproof.

Do Bluetooth speakers need WiFi?

No, Bluetooth speakers do not need WiFi to perform. They use Bluetooth technology to connect the audio device to the speaker. WiFi speakers, on the other hand, use the internet to connect the speaker to the devices or play music from the internet. All you need for a Bluetooth speaker connection is a Bluetooth-enabled music player or audio device.

Which is better WiFi or Bluetooth speakers?

WiFi speakers are some of the current models of speakers and offer better sound quality. This is because Bluetooth compresses the data more than WiFi technology. However, they are not as versatile and portable as Bluetooth speakers. You will not be able to use a WiFi speaker where there is no internet, unlike Bluetooth speakers which you can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device.

How far will a Bluetooth speaker work?

Depending on the size, style, and Bluetooth technology used by your speaker and the audio device, the Bluetooth speakers have a range of 30 feet (9 meters) with some offering up to 100 feet (30 meters).

Are wired speakers better than Bluetooth?

The wired speakers offer a finer control of the speaker as compared to the Bluetooth speakers. Many audiophiles also claim that wired speakers have better sound quality. This is because Bluetooth can only handle so much information through its signal.