Pros and Cons of Tablets for Study in College

College time is a period of learning and fun. That is why we get gadgets such as tablets for study and fun in college. However, tablets for study in college have their pros and cons.

Gadgets are widely used across the world. And it isn’t surprising that we can see tablets in college. This is because students search for useful information here, use apps for training memory, watch interesting videos, and chat with their friends.

If you want to buy tablets for study in college then we have some great advice for you that will make buying them much easier. First, look at reviews online before making any purchases so that you know which one is best for your needs.

Next, decide how important portability is to you because this can affect whether or not an iPad is right for you. Finally, don’t forget about protection plans! You’ll definitely need one of those if something happens to your new device during school.

But some teachers believe that tablets are destructive and should be forbidden at any institution. So let’s explore in detail the pros and cons of using tablets in college. 

Pros of Tablets for Study in College

Why get a tablet for study in a college rather than a phone

So there are many advantages to having this gadget in your institution. Of course, they can be merged into one reason — making the educational process more fruitful. But it’s better to dive into each of them. 

Passing Test Faster

Remember how it was when your teachers checked all tests on their own. It took a lot of time, and you had to wait. In the high-tech era, there is no need to wait while your teacher checks your piece of work — it can be done in a few seconds.

For example, if you pass the history test on the special educational website, its system gets you the score of your test immediately once you finish it. 

This time that you don’t spend on doing tests may be passed by studying or discussing the information that you’ve learned in classes. Passing tests on a specialized website enables you to get free minutes that are in demand in our rat race. 

More Flexible and Integrated Learning

When you should work on the Internet to study something, you should move to another part of your campus to get access to a college computer. But with tablets, you can proceed to study where you’re now.

Resources on the Internet become a great addition to textbooks and teacher’s explanations. 

Apart from it, you can use educational apps or watch videos on YouTube as there are many lectures on this platform made by professors from different universities and colleges. 

Autosave of Information

‘Oh, I lost my work,’ this phrase is very familiar to us because we’ve heard it multiple times while studying. Tablets solve this problem as they enable you to save all your pieces of work in their system.

Also, it’s the main reason to use them in college as if you ask a writing service for assistance, e. g. allassignmenthelp, and can’t print your work, you can download your paper and say that you forgot to do it. It’s an excellent strategy, right?

Lighter School Bag

We take more things than usual textbooks in our backpacks. And sometimes they’re too heavy because of the state of things in it. Thanks to tablets, you’ll set the space in your backpack free, and your back won’t suffer.

This is because many textbooks are available to download; therefore, there is no need to bring them to college when you have a tablet.

Connection to our friends and family

Even though we are talking about tablets for study, connection to friends and family is important. We need to grow mentally, socially, and spiritually. Thus, a tablet for study can be used to connect to family and friend.

You can do video calls on a tablet, voice calls, and connect via text messaging apps. These features make life better. In addition, they reduce the cost of connecting to family and friends.

In addition, you can use the tablet to connect with friends for study. This is important in discussions in light of the working-from-home times.

Cons of Tablets for Study in College

But not all things are ideal. So let’s explore the cons of using tablets in college. 


It’s dangerous to take a tablet with yourself because it can be broken. We have no insurance for situations where you accidentally move your arm and touch a device. You haven’t noticed — but a device is on the floor. 

Yes, it’s a good idea to invest in a high-quality shockproof case, but it’s obvious that they aren’t a panacea from all accidents. 

Less Powerful Than Other Devices

If you’re a gamer who is fond of spending time playing video games after classes, it will be impossible to relish your favorite games on a tablet. The minimum that you can purchase is a gaming laptop. 

You should consider a students notebook when it comes to working on ‘heavy’ programs. For instance, some students have to make presentations on PowerPoint and write paper assignments, but some people need to do projects in AutoCad or Adobe Pro. As you know, tablets are a bad idea for such programs. Moreover, even some laptops are not only good for such software!

Social Media Surfing

One of the main reasons why some teachers dream about tablet prohibition in institutions is spending time on social networks that students can’t control. Sometimes, they can spend hours scrolling through news feeds on Instagram. 

With a student’s dorm router, students are able to access the internet even in their residence.

Yes, some institutions block access to social media on their campuses. But there are many ways to avoid restrictions:

  • use a VPN;
  • use a proxy.

Even if free IPs are blacklisted, students can buy them to get access to any social media. So there is only one solution to this situation: to tell students about how surfing in social networks impacts our brain. 


Do we really need tablets in college?

The Bottom Line If it is needed, it’s possible to find more advantages and disadvantages of having tablets in college. You may choose on your own whether it is profitable for you to use it in your institution or it makes the process of education slower. Try studying with a tablet and without it, and you’ll find the best option for you.

Tablets are a great way to have fun and study. If you can afford it, get one.

I think that if you want to have fun while studying, then go for it! You will be able to do so much more with your tablet than without one. However, there are some things that I would recommend against doing on the tablet (for school purposes).

When using the tablet as an e-reader, try not to use apps like Facebook or Instagram because they can distract you from your studies; instead, try something like Kindle or iBooks. Also when writing papers on the computer versus typing them out by hand is better because it reduces distractions and helps prevent typos.”

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