How Businesses Can Benefit From Outsourcing NOC

Benefits of outsourcing NOC: You will love the security, scalability, easy usage and the ability to concentrate on running your business. But the disadvantages are losing control and how to engage a NOC partner

A NOC or a network operations center is a place where IT staff provides support and remote management. The IT technicians track the endpoints, deal with problems, and prevent future issues. There are several benefits of outsourcing NOC and a few drawbacks.

Outsourcing NOC for starters just makes financial sense. Running a NOC effectively means having to constantly keep up with the technology curve – which can be costly! And don’t forget about those pesky technicians who need constant training so they stay current on all of their equipment.

For instance, monitoring tools have been evolving at an exponential rate over recent years. Upgrading them isn’t something you want to be left until the last minute if there are issues in production already

Businesses that handle high-level security operations are aware of the importance of these services. How will your business benefit from outsourcing the NOC services? In this post, we share the advantages of having an external team working for your company. 

Why NOC is necessary for businesses

Networks which support your business are complicated and expensive to manage, but they are crucial for the operations. Whether it is a small business or enterprise, outsourcing NOC services will be of enormous help to comprise continuous IT infrastructure monitoring, its defects’ prevention, and quick fixing. The role of this service is to evaluate, secure, and manage the networks. 

Establishing an internal NOC would take time and resources, so that’s why many business owners avoid an in-house center. Outsourcing will lower the costs but also deal with operational problems and improve the work process.

Benefits of outsourcing NOC

Outsourcing this service will allow you to have complete control over the scope of support. This leaves you with enough time to focus on the crucial business aspects. In addition, we share the benefits of outsourcing NOC.


Outsourcing is a cost-effective option in many aspects of the business. Moreover, it is one of the primary advantages of outsourcing NOC. Obtaining the service from an experienced company will help you overcome the skill and resource gap in your company. This helps you to leave enough time and funds to focus on essential business aspects.

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In addition, outsourcing NOC is pretty flexible in terms of scaling up and down. If your needs change, you can get the needed service without further investments in staff. Companies which offer this type of service are pretty flexible, so you can improve your business without building a NOC.

Focus on your business’s growth

While maintaining a network is a crucial activity, it isn’t the core of the business. Outsourcing the NOC service leaves the tedious tasks in the hands of professionals. Therefore, this leaves you time and resources to focus on your business growth.

Outsourcing your NOC is the best way to scale rapidly and efficiently. As your business grows, so do its infrastructure needs. Thus, an outsourced team can respond quickly with innovative solutions that will accommodate growth spurts or support new initiatives without compromising the quality of service.

A great thing about outsourcing this responsibility onto an expert company like ours? They have experience building scalable systems from scratch. This means they know what you’re going through: dealing with the complexity involved in managing everything yourself while still making sure deadlines stay on track!

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24/7 availability

Problems can occur when you least expect them. Knowing that your in-house team is only available during working hours, solving urgent issues can be a significant pain point. However, for skilled and experienced NOC engineers, it would be simple.

A company that offers NOC services has a professional engineer team available 24/7 to make sure your business is covered with top-quality service at any time. If you want to bring that expertise in-house, it will take you time and resources.  

High-security standards

Once you obtain NOC services, you won’t have to worry about security. Your service provider will ensure all the security standards are met, powered by their expertise, technology, and equipment. Knowing that security is well taken care of, you can assign your staff to deal with their complex issues. 

We know that storing customer data and privacy rules are prone to constant changes, so keeping track is time-consuming. However, it is your provider’s specialty, and they make sure to keep up with the latest updates.

Thus even if you have a NAS router, outsourcing NOC can give you high-security standards.

Financial Factors

Setting up and running an effective NOC for service providers is expensive, but outsourcing the task has a lot of benefits. One major financial consideration to make when going this route though?

Outsourcing your IT operations can be costly – so make sure you know exactly what it’ll cost before committing!

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Outsourcing has many benefits including making this OPEX expense ongoing instead of one-time purchases with the capital budget at risk (in case something goes wrong).

Disadvantages of outsourcing NOC

Outsourcing your own on-site NOC operations can provide many benefits, but it is not without its downsides. For example – you are now dependent upon a third party for key business functions.

These involve the upkeep of core delivery infrastructures which were previously handled internally. This may be a risk due to their importance within any company employing them.

Thus, you give up control and become dependent on a third party for exercising key business functions involving the upkeep of core delivery infrastructure. These include managing networks or maintaining servers in order to host websites. This is something you used to do yourself before deciding that outsourcing was right for your company!

1. Its challenging finding the right NOC partner

One of the main disadvantages of outsourcing NOC is getting the right business partner. Some of the partners will promise much but deliver very little.

Therefore, getting the right partner is involving when you consider the evaluations but even then you may end up with the wrong partner.

We all know the NOC is a key component of each company’s ability to execute on a daily basis. Thus you are getting a partner rather than a service vendor.

Finding a good quality service provider to work with is essential for any company looking into outsourcing their network operations. Since your outsourced Network Operations Center (NOC) will play an integral part of daily business, it’s important that they have access and expertise on hand at all times.

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2. Comprehensive Service Level Agreement development is a challenge

To avoid any potential issues, it’s important to have a comprehensive service level agreement with your NOC-managed partner. This will help you both understand what is expected of each party in the relationship. Therefore, set expectations right upfront for how things are going to be done; after all, there can never be enough clarity!

Therefore, it is a challenge developing this SLA since there is too much you need to cover in a document. From what to do, when to do it, how to measure them, how to report, frequency and others.

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3. Being in control

As the management of a company, there is one thing that is really frustrating- not being in control. This sometimes can lead to poor performance if not well controlled. However, with a great company and a comprehensive SLA, you should be in control.

You may also need to engage a partner who will co-manage NOC with you to enable you to feel in control.

Final thoughts

Outsourcing NOC services means that you will have more time and resources to focus on your business strategy. Despite saving you money, it will help your business grow in the long run. In order to enjoy the advantages of outsourcing NOC, companies need to pick the right provider. Make sure to pick an experienced provider while focusing on efficiency instead of costs.

The NOC is a vital and important part of an organization, as it keeps track of all the information that needs to be monitored. The best thing about them? They don’t come cheap!

When we’re talking about upgrading tools like monitors or updating processes with newer technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence), things can get quite pricey very quickly. This is especially if you want top-notch personnel who are trained enough in their field. These people know how much time should actually pass before something gets fixed instead of wasting resources on false alarms.

The process isn’t just costly financially either: keeping up means having access not only at the home base but also remotely across different sites. Outsourcing your operations can be an attractive option, but there are also some potential drawbacks.


What is NOC outsourcing?

NOC outsourcing is the process of getting a third-party vendor to support your centralized management location in which complex IT networks are monitored all the time of the day and week.

How can I be a good NOC technician?

There are a few components of a good NOC technician qualification including being controlled when under trying situations. The technician should have IT security know-how in addition to knowing scripting and networking protocols.

What is the advantage of NOC?

For your centralized management location, if you need to maintain a high availability and top performance, you need to have a functional network operations center (NOC). It gives you security, stability, and functionality. This is done by monitoring and maintaining your IT infrastructure all the time.

How do you start a NOC?

The following are the 4 Key Components as you plan to start your NOC. The gather your support requirements (and those of your customers), determine the service levels necessary for support (SLOs), decide what metrics NOC will need to measure success with this effort, and finally calculate the total cost. This will help you to produce an accurate report on whether or not it’s worth starting one at all.