Why is my Netgear Router Internet Light Orange?

Netgear Router Internet Light Orange: Causes and solutions for orange light on your Netgear router

Having internet connection challenges on your Netgear router? This may be indicated by an orange light on the internet indicator section of your Netgear router. If you get the orange lights, this is how to troubleshoot and solve the causes for the best connection.

Netgear is a trendy brand because of having routers that deliver in terms of speed and connectivity. Most people have routers and excellent reviews about their performance. However, the routers are not perfect as they sometimes fail or develop technological challenges.

One of the challenges that the users experience is the orange light. Sometimes it can be frequent hence making the users wonder about the ideal solution. This challenge should not worry you because we have done the research and understood the cause. We still have good news that there is a solution to the problem.

The meaning of the orange light on a Netgear router

The main reason why you see the orange light is that your router has a problem with the connection. In most instances, the light is usually blinking and will also bring about delays in connection. It is so bright that you will see it in your eyes.

The orange light can be on various indicator sections of a Netgear router. For example, the LEDs may be the ones producing the orange light. It can also be on the LAN ports or have one of the ports lighting orange. When you see the orange light on the performance LEDs, then the challenge could be massive.

Before we create the actual solution to the challenge, we need to know the cause that brings about the connection problem.

Netgear router lights meaning

Netgear router lights mean the current status of the router with regards to performance. It is an indication that the status of the router is not proper and needs to have a fixing action. Each light that the router shows have a specific meaning.

When it is green, the router is okay. Any other color means that there is a slight challenge that is hindering the functionality of the router.

Causes of connection problem in a Netgear router

Outdated router firmware

There is a possibility that the firmware or your router is out of date. Such a challenge will cause a problem, not only to the connection but also to challenges such as poor device performance. In addition, lags and latency will also dominate the connection if the router’s firmware is outdated.

Modem connection challenge

There are chances that the modem could be the one having the challenge. For example, if the modem connection has a problem, the router will experience a serious challenge when trying to relay the signals.

Router set up challenges

The router itself could be a challenge because of the set-up problems. You may have picked settings that cause problems with the router. At times, the challenge will be the security features causing the problem hence an unreliable connection.

Hardware challenges

One of the challenges that could be why the router is not performing could be the cables. First, the Ethernet cable needs to be firm and properly fixed. If the connections are loose between the router and the mode, then the problem will persist.

Operation out of range

If the router is too far from the modem, there will be a challenge. This s a common problem for the routers that are using wireless technologies for relaying signals. The presence of obstacles and interference from other networks will make the router pick an unreliable signal.

Solutions to the orange light on the Netgear router

Internet orange light on the Netgear router

Update the router’s firmware

The first thing to do is to get a quick solution is to update your router’s firmware. The process is quite simple as you will use the Orbi app to do the update. First, visit the settings option and then choose the update option to update the router to a better state.

Once you finish updating the router’s firmware, you will have to restart it to adapt to the new update. The Netgear router orange internet light should go off immediately after you finish updating the router’s firmware. If it fails to change the color, you will need to take extra measures to solve the challenge.    

Restart the modem and the router

Another method to quickly fix the challenge is to restart the modem and the router. You will start by turning the router and modem off, then give it around 10 seconds. When switching on, you will start with the modem and then the router.

The problem should automatically get a solution at this stage. However, if you see that the orange light is still persistent, consider disconnecting the cables and then connect them again. Once you finish, restart the router and the modem and see how they behave.

Reset the router

If updating the router firmware and rebooting the router do not work, you can consider resetting the Netgear router. This can be done in two ways: Using the reset button and using the web user interface.

Resetting the router restores the factory settings. This will most definitely solve connection challenges if the router was functioning well before.

Ethernet orange light

This problem comes from having a poor connection due to interference, or the firmware is out of date. You will start by updating the firmware and then see the behavior of the router. In case the problem persists, you will disconnect the Ethernet cable and then connect it again.

The second solution is to remove the obstacles that are around the router. Ovens, treadmills and microwaves are some of the things that make the connection very poor and unreliable. Removing them will make the connection stable and reliable once again. You can also consider changing the position of the router.

Orange light on specific ports

This challenge comes along with the router having loose fixing on the ports or the cables have a problem. Device adapters could also be having the challenge as they may need an update.

To solve this challenge, you will begin by fixing the Ethernet cable properly. Then, restart the router after fixing the connection. If you continue experiencing the challenge, you may have to work on the drivers to see if the challenge is still present.

Update the routers drivers to solve the challenge. You can achieve this mission by logging in to the user interface and solving updating the various options of the router. All the adapter should be up to date for the router to function as you expect.

If the orange light is still present, then the cable has a problem. You will need to get a new cable as the existing one may have damage. However, the problem may get a solution at this point.

Orange light on LAN ports

If the LAN ports have an orange light, the problem will likely be with the cable and the connection. Therefore, you will need to have a small troubleshooting process. First, confirm that the connection is working correctly.

Connect the router to a computer and then launch the device manager option. Visit the power management option and then look at the option that says save power. Deactivate the option if it is active. Immediately you work on the option; you will have the routers LED lights turning green.

Orange Power light

When the power light has a solid orange light, the problem is with the power connection. The firmware could also be outdated. Quick solutions are to check the power connection and assess if it is working as normal.

Redoing the connections may be a quick method to do the fix. If updating the firmware does not solve the problem, you will need to reset the router to start afresh. You can press the factory reset option so that any defaults that tamper with the connection go off.

Flashing orange internet light after updating the Netgear router

After doing the firmware update, the router may still have a challenge. You will need some complex troubleshooting measures which should make the functionality back to normal. Some of the measures that will solve the challenge as follows.

  • Get new cables or fix the existing ones properly. The challenge can arise from the cables as they may have been in use for a more extended period. They may also have scratches that may make the performance poor. A replacement, in this case, is perfect.
  • Check on the firmware update. There are possibilities that the firmware you are using is not proper. For example, you may have done an improper installation of the firmware. Uninstall the firmware update and then get a proper one that will work as you expect with the router. Next, recheck the version that you want to update again.
  • Check the status of the router. Another possibility is that the router is not in a proper state. For example, the router may have stayed for too long, and its functions are becoming obsolete. It is also possible that the routers Wi-Fi standards are not current hence in need of a replacement.
  • Work on the security of the router. The poor connection and performance may happen because of poor security. You need at this stage to update the security of the router. You will need to use the Netgear app to change the security key and the SSID of the router.

The advantage of changing the security key is that you will have a secure internet and eliminate all the chances of having hackers and other online predators in the connection.

How to avoid the orange light on the Netgear router

Avoiding the challenge of having the orange light on the router is an effortless task. You will need to ensure that the following are always in order.

  • The router is in the latest and proper firmware update
  • The cables are correctly fixed on the ports
  • All the ports adapter updates are in order
  • The security of the router is in the proper state
  • The connection between your devices and the router is secure
  • No obstacles are hindering the router from projecting the signal
  • The modem is in the best and updated state
  • Frequent servicing to remove the ports that are damaged and not functioning


Most people love using the Netgear brand because of the quality of its devices. However, when challenges arise, the solutions are simple to implement. The orange internet light is one of the most common challenges that users experience with a Netgear router. Our solutions are, however, effective and cost-friendly.

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