Is 400Mbps Fast? For Multiple Gaming, Streaming Devices

You want to know if 400Mbps is fast enough for you.

It’s a fact that the average American household has more than 7 devices connected at home, and most of these are wireless. The faster your internet speed is, the more devices you can connect without lags in streaming or gaming.

If you are a family of four, and you want to stream 4K content from your gaming console, the streaming device (Roku, Apple TV), and also use your laptop for work. You might have problems with speed on the network.

400 Mbps speeds are adequate if you have the correct number of devices and a reliable router. There are very many tasks that the internet can conveniently do. However, some limits come along with the type of devices you choose to use and the tasks that the internet will pursue.

Each ISP comes with its packages that have the speed. So your work is to assess the various ISPs and get the package that favors you in speed and performance. However, the speeds come independently depending on the router you chose to use and the type of ISP.

We all know that most families have 300Mbps speeds or less from internet service providers at best. So how fast is 400Mbps? What does it mean in real life? Is 400Mbps enough for my family?

To answer this question we did some research by testing different devices on our own home network. This article will help you decide if 400Mbps is fast enough for your needs or not.

What can 400 Mbps speeds do

The truth is that you can’t know if 400Mbps will be enough until you try it out. Every home and family has different needs, so each person should find out what works best for them before making any decisions. We created this guide to help our readers understand how much bandwidth they need, and also give some tips on how to improve their online experience.

Several tasks can work conveniently with 400Mbps. Some of the common tasks that you will have an easy time doing include;


Is 400Mbps fast for gaming? Is it possible to have multiple gaming devices on 400Mbps internet? Yes, you can enjoy gaming, 4K streaming, online meetings, and other activities on 400Mbps ISP internet plan

The 400 Mbps speeds are adequate for gaming. You will have an opportunity of doing various tasks with multiple devices. Light games such as those operating with computers are simple to implement and will provide an easy time.

The nice thing with gaming is that you will have an opportunity to apply the various measures hence having productive sessions. Chances of having lags and latency get minimized to a great degree.


Another enjoyable task that you will do with such speeds is the streaming of content. You will have an opportunity to stream your online players without a hassle. Watching content from youtube and other streaming platforms with several devices is also possible.

Even 300Mbps are fast for streaming!

When streaming, you will enjoy the best quality for videos and music. However, you will have to check on the number of devices as they create delays when the connection is overloaded. Streaming more than 100 devices is possible with such a connection.

Video calling

The service you will get from the 400 Mbps service is more than adequate for video calling. Simple tasks such as WhatsApp calls will take place without experiencing any challenge. Accommodation of devices is also something you will have remarkable moments with.

Other activities such as video conferencing using zoom and google meet will also occur without a hassle. However, there is a limit that the internet will accommodate. If you exceed the limit, the performance will lower drastically hence delivering an unreliable performance.

Internet coverage

The coverage is something that you will also enjoy. When you have the right router and extension devices, you will have an easy time doing the various tasks despite the range. Moreover, while operating within the range, you will have a chance to connect multiple devices without a hassle.

The speeds are also adequate to accommodate different devices. You will have an easy time doing gaming, streaming, and video calling without a hassle.

Types of connection that work with the 400 Mbps

You will enjoy using the various types of connections when you have 400 Mbps. The speeds will maintain better when you have the proper cable connections. Some of the connections that come along with the 400 Mbps speeds are as follows.

DSL– the DSL connections work better when you use the plan. It is another word for digital subscriber line. What makes the DSL unique is that it has a make of copper that makes it stronger and good for connection. On the other hand, the infrastructure of DSL makes it slightly slower hence delivering slightly poorer than the rest.

Coaxial cable– this is the same cable that the TV uses. Using it is nice because you will enjoy better speeds and more stable connections. The quality of service that you will enjoy from the DSL is lovely and quite dependable. It also has a variation with the service provider.

Fiber optics-If you are looking for a modern way of connection, fiber optics make an ideal choice. They are the most recent types of connection and will make your work simpler and convenient. In terms of speed, they make the most reliable choices as they are swift. In addition, the cables are pocket-friendly and most reliable by many ISPs.

Satellite connection– 400Mbps plan is a subscription plan that is not availed by satellite internet providers such as Viasat or HughesNet. However, new companies like Amazon satellite (Project Kuiper) have a prototype that delivers 400Mbps plans. Starlink Internet has plans to provide a 300Mbps plan. The ground infrastructure plays a massive role in ensuring that the connection is stable and dependable.

You will love the satellite for its cost-effectiveness and simplicity when connecting the various connection devices. However, satellites have a major challenge. They have latency issues. Therefore, there are very high possibilities that the connection will keep fluctuating.

Mobile networks– mobile networks such as phones are also good providers of 400 Mbps on a 5G network. The greatest disadvantage that comes along with the connection because they need to have a connection from the ISPs. Most people love using them because they offer both speeds and reliability.

If you want to use the 3G or 4G mobile network for gaming, you will not have an easy time. If there is a 5G mobile data, DSL, cable, or fiber optics connection, you will be safer with the connection.

Wired Vs. wireless connections

The wired connection involves the use of cables such as coaxial cables, DSL, and fiber optics. On the other hand, the wireless connections will involve wireless technologies such as satellite and mobile devices to supply networks.

The major advantage of wired connections is that they provide a more stable connection. You will enjoy an easy time because the quality of the connection will favor the use of various devices. Maintaining the internet speeds when using the wired connection is a lovely thing. Chances of having lags and latency minimize to a great degree.

Is 400Mbps fast?

Figuring out the right Internet plan can be hard. How many devices will you use at once? Do you stream or play video games online? Will your kids have a Netflix account and what about YouTube and Hulu?

If you have multiple users at home and want to stream high-definition video simultaneously, while gaming, having Zoom meetings, and downloading content, then you need to check your internet plan for speeds of 400Mbps or more.

Generally, the 400 Mbps speeds are fast for various activities. Most of the things you aspire to do online will make you have an easy time. Below is a guide on how better the internet can perform.

Is 400Mbps good for gaming?

If you are a good gaming fan, 400 Mbps is an option you need to consider. The speed is adequate for maintaining high speeds and reducing the rate of latency when connected. Specific games such as Fortnite and free fire. Those that have the support of computer technologies will also be quite simple to manage.

The level of ping reduces by a great degree under these speeds. Once connected, the connection remains stable and fast. If you choose to use multiple devices, you will have an easy time. Choosing to have multiple players is something you will also enjoy as the internet has great potential.

If you have an excellent router to handle multiple devices, you will enjoy gaming and other activities on this internet plan. This means that you can use the plan for an active family where some members are gaming while others are streaming or are online.

Is 400Mbps fast for streaming?

Streaming content and music using the 400Mbps speeds are possible. One thing that you will enjoy is high-quality streaming. In addition, the chances of having delays are usually minimal, and you can use multiple devices for streaming.

Moreover, when streaming, you can also do other tasks such as gaming simultaneously. The greatest part is that the speeds will remain fast, and none of the tasks will delay. However, you need to focus on having devices that will accommodate the highest number of devices and the range.

You need to consider getting routers that serve multiple devices so that the service is dependable. Apps such as Netflix and YouTube will run under the connection without having any form of struggle. If you have to stream music, the speed makes an ideal choice to support all the tasks conveniently. 

Is 400Mbps fast for zoom?

The speed is adequate for zoom. Apart from zoom, there are many activities you will conveniently do concerning video conferencing. Moreover, you will have an easy time making the calls as the connection maintains stability.

The rate of lags and latency reduce to a great degree. The outcome is that you will not experience any form of poor clarity when communicating with other people. The best thing about it is that you can use more than 100 devices simultaneously, and the speeds will remain constant all through.

You will need good and advanced routers to make the connection stable and reliable for the best performance. In addition, an ideal router for such a service must have high speeds and compatibility.

ISPs that offer the 400 Mbps internet speeds

Several ISPs offer high speeds of 400 Mbps and below. However, other ISPs specifically have 400 Mbps plans.

Spectrum is one good reliable, and convenient ISPs that offer the plans. Their Spectrum Internet® Ultra 400Mbps internet plan costs $69.99 per month for 12 months subscription. The package provides download speeds of up to 400Mbps and upload speeds of up to 20 Mbps. You will require a good Spectrum modem router or separate devices to get the best from this connection.

Suddenlink also has a 400Mbps plan that costs $50 per month for a 12 months package. The unlimited data package also comes with a built-in security offer for the package.

Xfinity blast! Pro is another 400Mbps plan that offers up to 400Mbps download speeds and up to 10Mbps upload speeds. The cable package costs $69.99 per month. You can check the best router for Xfinity to ensure you pick a router that works for this plan.

Other ISPs have higher or lower download speed packages. You can check the different internet service provider list for the package that will work for your home.

When buying the service, you will need to assess each ISP to get those that will work with the plans. You can also consider the cost and the coverage.

Why are the speeds different from the ISP advertised 400Mbps plans?

The speeds have a variation because of the obstacles and physical factors. So you will have lower speeds than those advertised. Therefore, the speeds are average and will serve on the advert, but the real speeds will have higher or lower speeds. If you use wired connections such as coaxial cable, DSL, or fiber, you will have the speeds remaining stable.

In addition, the devices at your home may throttle the internet connection. These include having a non-optimal modem, router, and cabling among others.

At home also, there might be objects or materials that block or interfere with the internet signal. These materials may include thick walls, devices ( such as microwaves, baby monitors, and others), metals, water bodies, and distance from the router among others.

Therefore, if you need the best connection at home, you need to consider getting the best router for your home. You will also require to get a good DOCSIS 3.0 modem or DOCSIS 3.1 modem to ensure a fast connection to your 400Mbps ISP plan.


400 Mbps are fast speeds that will serve multiple tasks effectively. You will enjoy the high speeds so long as you have chosen the routers that have the potential to deliver the most outstanding service. Various ISPs have the service and will offer you remarkable moments.

We created this guide to help our readers understand how much bandwidth they need, and also give some tips on how to improve their online experience.

400Mbps is perfect for most households. If more than one person uses an internet-connected device in your household at once, then this high speed ISP package is probably best for you.

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