Internet Service Providers in Florida

Florida is one of those states that have wide internet connectivity. It has become possible because of the presence of many providers. These providers have come with different internet plans and ways of reaching customers. Which internet provider should I choose in Florida?

The most amazing thing is that the internet providers have engaged the use of various types of connections. You will also appreciate that the providers have brought about reliable packages that make the adaptability of the connections convenient and simple.

Our work today is to make your decision-making simpler. Therefore, we have brought you the various service providers and the methods they use to make the service accessible. You will learn the speeds, internet type connections, and the internet plans that you can subscribe to.

Internet Service providers in Florida

Several internet providers are servicing the state of Florida. We will highlight a few providers and then mention the ways that they use to deliver their services.


Xfinity Internet service provider is famous because of the rocking they have created in the internet market. The service has 20 internet plans. Cable and fiber connections are the services’ methods to reach customers in various parts of the state.

The good thing with the fiber connection and the cable is that they use wires. You have an assurance that you will get high speeds and a very stable connection. The speeds will not let you down. The price range for the services is $34.99 at the lower end and $299.95 at the upper end.

You can choose Xfinity if you want a reliable and fast internet connection. Xfinity provides up to 2 Gbps in Florida, the fastest internet plan for use of multiple devices simultaneously.

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AT&T is an internet service provider that has had a good reputation and offers a reliable service more so for Florida. The amazing thing with the service provider is that it uses various types of connections to reach the users. The users have access to 26 plans that allow them to make various choices.

It uses fiber, mobile broadband, and VDSL, which ensures that you reach the users. On the lower end, you will get the service at $45 and to the maximum at $199.99. It has high speeds of 1Gbps, which is powerful and can allow you to stream content without a hassle.


Spectrum has wide recognition for delivering high-quality internet services. It serves 12 plans under the cable connection. Under the connection, you will get various services that range from $49.99 to the lower end and $152.97 to the higher end.

The speeds of the service provider stand at 400Mbps. You will end up doing the various tasks under the speeds because they are very high. Spectrum has many packages that make the service delivery simple and convenient.


Enjoy a wide connection with 16 internet plans from cox. It uses the cable and the fiber connection, which is a great service. The use of cable and fiber is a good choice because it ensures a reliable and stable connection. The speeds are very high and range because of the use of wires.

The prices have a range that is considerable hence making many people have access to the internet service. The lowest package from the ISP costs $29.99 and has 1000GB of data. At the higher end, you will get $129.99, which also has 1000GB of data. The speeds remain constant at 1Gbps.


Frontier is another ISP that has proved to be a great service delivery with 33 powerful plans. ADSL, ADSL2, and fiber are some of the services you will get from the service provider, making the service quite stable.

You will get the lowest plan at $20 and the highest plan at $135. 99. It hence provides a wide base for the users to assess and select the service that will deliver the most outstanding service. The speeds maintain at 90 Gbps.

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You must have been looking for a service that will serve the rural and the city areas. The broadband connection is what will make you achieve the mission conveniently. T-Mobile is a mobile broadband service and offers speeds of 90 Mbps.

On the lower end, you will get the service at $10, and on the higher end, you will get the same service at $85.  Speeds of 90 Mbps will dominate the service with a lot of internet stability.


another service that has gained a lot of fame with reliable service delivery is Centurylink. It serves with only four internet service plans which are quite dependable. The services get wired to the users through the ADSL and the fiber.

The service provider is an excellent one because it has 1 Gbps speeds which are adequate for even making the uploads and streaming content. The lowest plan has $65 and contains 1000GB of data. On the higher end, you will get 1000GB of data at $125. It has great reliability for delivering high-quality internet service.

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Internet providers by connection type

You also need to have a clue about the internet providers by the connection type. You need to know that the providers use various methods to reach their clients, and each plan type has the number of plans it supports. They include the following.

  • DSL has 151 internet plans supported by 3 internet service providers.
  • Cable is service provision type that supports 77 internet plans and has 5 internet service providers.
  • Fiber has 70 plans and 4 internet service providers
  • Mobile broadband, on the other hand, has nice support for 32 plans and 4 service providers
  • Satellite internet, finally, has gained fame because of its availability everywhere. We have 12 plans and 2 service providers.

Starting internet packages in Florida

Type of internetSpeedsStarting package priceContract periodProvider
Satellite12 – 100 Mbps$49.99/month6 MonthsHughesnet
Fiber50 – 940 Mbps$29.99/monthMonthsFrontier
Cable Internet60 – 1,000 Mbps$29.99/month12 monthsXfinity
DSL15- 100 Mbps$50.00/mo.12 monthsCenturylink


The cable infrastructure has been in service for a very long time. Internet providers have found it to be very effective as it makes connecting and reaching many clients easier. It also works best when you have to deliver broadband to homes.

The advantage of using it is that you get high-speed internet and have a lot of stability for the connected devices. Using the cables makes it easier to achieve the top speeds of 1 Gbps. However, there is a slowdown that comes along with the slow internet connection.

Getting faster plans for the cable connection is the best thing as they ensure that you have the speeds you need. The providers who use the cable connection are Xfinity, spectrum, Mediacom, wow, and cox. Under the top speeds, you will get 1Gbps.

Cable internet plans

Wow, internet 100 Mbps

This package has speeds of 100 Mbps and uses a cable connection to deliver the services. It does not have a termly contract and charges a monthly fee of $29.99. it has no termly contracts.

Cox internet starter 10 Mbps

You can also enjoy 10 Mbps speeds with cox as the provider as it has a cable connection. You will enjoy the service worth $29.99 per month. However, it has a contract that goes for 12 months.

Atlantic basic internet

The Atlantic basic internet has speeds of 50 Mbps and uses a cable connection.  It has a price tag of $34.99 per month and delivers a contract that runs for 12 months. The good thing about it is that you will also save some money from the service discount deal.

Xfinity performance 25 contract

This internet plan is captivating because of the promotional deal that runs for the first year. It has high speeds of 25 Mbps and has a contract that covers 12 months. It charges a service fee of $39.99 per month.

Mediacom internet 60 Mbps

This package plan allows you to enjoy high speeds of 60 Mbps and uses the cable connection with a contract of 12 months. It costs $39.99 per month and comes with a promotional deal for the initial year.


The digital subscriber line is famous for delivering good quality internet and utilization of the existing cables to make the service reachable and convenient. Considering that the DSL service has undergone proper establishment is a nice thing because it makes the connections easier.

The challenge with DSL is that it has a slightly higher charge when you compare it with the cable and fiber internet.  The range for the speed gets to 15 Mbps to the average, and when at the peak, it gets to 100 Mbps. The speeds are the highest if you are operating closer to the main lines.

On average, Florida residents get 5.8 Mbps on their DSL internet plan. The fastest speeds homes can get is 7Mbps but some homes only get 1.5Mbps.

The service providers who use DSL include Earthlink, AT&T, Windstream, and the frontier.  All these have the potential of getting to the top speeds of 100 Mbps.

DSL internet plans

AT&T internet 100

This service is from AT&T and delivers speeds of 100 Mbps, and uses the VDSL. There are no term contracts, and you will pay $55 per month. A deal reward card worth $150 also comes with the service making it more user-friendly.

AT&T internet 25

Under the same service provider, you will get another plan that goes for $55 per month. It uses the VDSL connection and has a reward card of $150. It does not have any contract.

AT&T internet 18

Here is another package that comes from the same service provider as the preceding ones. It comes for $60 per month and has a deal pf reward card of $150

AT&T internet 75

Under this service, you will get 75 Mbps and use the VDSL connection. It charges $60 per month and has no termly contract.

EarthLink hyperlink 80 Mbps

Under this service, you will get 80 Mbps speeds and use the VDSL connection. It charges $69.95 per month with a contract that lasts for 12 months.


Fiber optics are not rare and have the speeds and the reliability. You will conveniently have the service getting to your home without a hassle.  For the past few years, fiber technology has undergone a lot of growth which has done a lot of improvement.

In Florida, you will get Fiber internet from Xfinity, Cox, Century Link, Spectrum, and AT&T among others. If you have the highest speeds, you will have great moments with the 1 Gbps speeds. Xfinity even has a 3 Gbps fiber internet plan.

You can choose your fiber internet provider in Florida based on your location and speed.

Fiber internet plans in Florida

Xfinity 3 Gbps

Xfinity: The fastest internet provider in Florida and other States in the country

Xfinity has some of the fastest fiber speeds with the 3 Gbps plan. The good thing about the plan is that you get 3,000 Mbps download and upload speeds. The plan costs 299.95/month and you will need to agree to a 2-Year Agreement.

For most homes, this plan is overkill. However, for busy offices, the internet will enable your team to work without limitations.

AT&T internet 300

This package is nice because of the 300 Mbps speeds and the $150 reward card that comes with the package. It uses the fiber connection and charges $45 per month. Connection is purely using the fiber cables.

Frontier fiber optic 50 Mbps internet

Under this service, you will get 50 Mbps speeds and a contract that runs for 12 months. The amazing thing about the service is that you will get a deal of a $100 visa rewards card. It has a price tag of $49.99 per month.

AT&T internet 500

This service allows you to get 500 Mbps speeds and uses fiber connections to maintain the quality. It costs $55 per month and has no term contracts.

Centurylink internet 1 Gbps

This is a package that many users have desired to use. It has high speeds of 1 Gbps and uses the fiber connection to make things work. It charges $65 per month and has a promotional price which is also interesting.

AT&T internet 1000

This is a service that has speeds of 1 Gbps and uses a fiber connection. It has a deal of HBO Max. Part of the deal is the reward card worth $150. The whole package costs $70 per month.

Satellite connection

Users in the rural areas of Florida have a reason to smile because of the satellite connection. This connection uses the satellite dishes that are pointed to the sky to reach the signal that the satellite delivers from the sky.

The challenge is that sometimes it needs some special attention from the technicians to do a proper installation. People also fear the use of satellite connections because the monthly rates seem to be slightly higher.

When performing at best, the service has the potential to reach as much as 100 Mbps. The reliable satellite internet providers in Florida are Viasat and HughesNet. Viasat provides faster internet speeds while HughesNet is more cost-effective.

Satellite internet plans

Hughesnet 10GB

This internet plan has a high speed of 25 Mbps and uses a satellite connection with a contract of 24 months. It costs $49.99 per month to get the service.

Viasat unlimited bronze 12

This internet package has 12 Mbps with a satellite connection, costs $50 per month, and offers a free installation.

Hughesnet 20GB

This package has speeds of 25 Mbps and uses the satellite connection with a 24-month contract. It costs $59.99 per month, which is excellent.

Viasat unlimited silver 25

This package has speeds of 25 Mbps and uses a satellite connection and a service for 24 months. It costs $70 per month and will also offer professional installation.

Hughesnet 30GB

For $89.99 per month, you will get the package with a speed of 25 Mbps. It uses the satellite to connect to the end-user and has a contract of 24 months.

Broadband connection

Florida has the rank of being the 16 states with the best internet connection. However, it still has a large percentage of people who have no internet connection. Availability of the broadband connection helps in bridging the gap and making the internet more accessible.

The good thing with broadband is that it is available and reliable for use. The subscription rates are fair and support the use of many devices. People in Florida will prefer to use broadband connections because of the 35% reliability, 29% speed, and 29% affordability.  

Best rural internet provider in Florida

The rural areas of Florida have not been left out for the internet service provision. Connections in rural areas are established, and several service providers have made the internet connection reliable in these areas. Some of the best providers are as follows.


Viasat has the best coverage in the rural areas of Florida and has a price range that manages between $30-$150 per month. You will get reliable download speeds that range between 12 and 100 Mbps which is more than adequate. This internet service provider has the best availability in the rural parts of Florida.

Rise broadband

Rise broadband is another service provider that has had good internet penetration into the Florida rural market. It has packages whose prices range between $45 and $65 Mbps. The download speeds are also good as they vary between 25 and 50 Mbps.

This service stands out because of the value that it comes along with. You have an assurance that you will have a reliable connection in both the rural and the urban areas.


Windstream has a packaging range that covers between $27 and $85 per month. It has an unlimited data cap and delivers download speeds of 25 Mbps to 1000 Mbps which is adequate.

T Mobile home internet

With $60 per month, you will have great moments with the T Mobile home internet. It has download speeds that range between 25 Mbps and 100 Mbps. The package is also unlimited.


The AT&T service is one of the most reliable because of the high unlimited speeds. It has a range of 75-100 Mbps speeds. The unlimited internet has 1 TB, which is very high.

Other providers

Many other providers have managed to deliver services that reach rural areas. They include Earthlink,  HughesNet, LTE, Verizon, Centurylink, Suddenlink, and the Xfinity service.

Best internet provider in Jacksonville

If you reside within Jacksonville, the largest city in Florida, you have to know who is the best internet provider. It is essential because you will need a reliable service. The city has providers who have played a good role in reaching the biggest population.

Here are the best service providers


Xfinity service is from Comcast and has great speeds. It has an availability percentage of 98. It uses the cable connection, which serves the largest population in Florida. The speeds are high as they go to as much as 1200 Mbps.

Hotwire communications

Hotwire communications have speeds of 1,000 Mbps (1 Gbps) and use a fiber connection. It has an availability rate of 1.2% but is very reliable. Moreover, you can combine the internet with phone service.

However, the internet service provider is limited in coverage for other parts of Florida.

AT&T internet

With high speeds of 940 Mbps and various connection methods, AT&T covers an extensive area.  It uses the IPBB and fiber. Fixed wireless and has an availability rate of 92.6%   


Another service provider who has served the rural areas well is Earthlink. This ISP has been good because of the high speeds of 1000Mbps and uses the DSL and fiber. It has an availability rate of 79.8%, which is also great.

Choosing the best internet provider in Florida

Florida has the 14th best internet connectivity because of its accessibility. When choosing a service provider, there are many factors that you will need to put in place. Some of the best include the following.


Each service provider has a specific place that they serve well. You will need to access the accessibility of the service provider before selecting so that you get one that will meet your needs. You also need to ensure that you have done a proper job during the selection to have one who uses the proper method to reach your locality.


The convenience part of a service provider has to do with how friendly they are. Their packages must be the ones which a popular. You also have to ensure that you pick one who uses the common method you can avoid. Maintaining the speeds and the performance must e a simple task.


An internet provider who has covered a wider region is good because they make the accessibility of the network great. it is very wise to ensure that the service provider you pick will give you room to use services as you move around the state.

Internet plans

Another thing that everyone wants to look for in a service provider is internet plans. You will always need a service provider who has internet plans that will favor you.

When assessing the internet plans, you have to be intentional about the quality of service that they produce. You have to choose plans that are convenient with the kind of service you want to get. It is wise to make sure that you have gone for the provider who offers a wide range of packages.

Connection type

The service providers who use wires for the connection have the best role to serve with service provision. They are good because they ensure that you have picked the compatible and convenient service with your area of operation.

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Florida has a wide internet coverage that needs you not to worry. The only thing is to pick the internet provider whom you know will meet your internet needs. Service provision and the packages available are the features that make each service provider unique.

To choose the best internet service provider, you will need to explore your needs, check their plans, availability in Florida, decide on the connection type, and reliability.

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Florida internet service provider FAQs

Who has the fastest Internet in Florida?

The fastest internet in Florida is provided by AT&T, Frontier, and Centurylink Gigabit fiber connections. You will get excellent download and upload speeds when using the service. At your home, Spectrum (Time Warner Cable) will provide the fastest cable internet since the uploaded the internet infrastructure in 2014.

How much is monthly WiFi in Florida?

Monthly WiFi in California ranges depending on the speed plan and internet type. The lowest monthly subscription is $29.99 per month available on fiber, DSL, and high-speed internet plans. Most of the cable plans start at $39.99 per month. However, as you choose your internet provider and plan, ensure you get a plan that can satisfy your internet needs.

How many Internet providers are in Florida?

We currently have 26 internet service providers in Florida but the list is increasing. The good thing is that this has increased access to broadband internet ( 25 Mbps or more) to over 99% of Florida residents. Florida is the 14th most connected state.

Can I get fiber in Florida?

Yes, you can get fiber internet in Florida but the availability is limited to major cities and towns. AT&T, Frontier, Centurylink, and Spectrum among other providers support the fiber internet plans.

Is Xfinity available in Florida?

Yes, Xfinity (Comcast high-speed internet) is available in Florida for both cable and fiber internet. It provides some of the highest internet speeds with the 2 Gbps fiber internet plan but also has other lower speed plans.

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