How to Boost Wi-Fi Signal On the Phone (Android and iOS Phones)

Tired of poor Wi-Fi connection on your phone? Here is how to boost the Wi-Fi signal on your phone

It is not rare to have your phone getting a poor signal when connected to a Wi-Fi router or extender. There are many causes for having an unreliable signal to your Android or iOS mobile device. No matter the cause, how can you boost the Wi-Fi signal on the phone?

A possible challenge could be your phone or connection between your phone and the router supplying the internet. It can also be a challenge with the router.

The good news is that connection problems and poor signals have a solution. You can implement specific measures that will result in a quick solution. Many alternatives are available and will help you develop a quick solution to the challenge your phone has.

Below are a few causes of inadequate signal in your Android or iOS phone and the possible solutions.

How to boost Wi-Fi signal on phone

Several solutions can help to boost the Wi-Fi signal of your phone. Any of the methods highlighted below will bring about a quick solution.

Update the phone

Before you implement other solutions, you will need first to ensure that your phone is up to date. Your phone’s software undergoes improvements every time, depending on the maker’s choice.

You must ensure that you do an update to have the latest software requirements. After the update, your connection should begin to function as you expect.

The process of updating the phone software is simple for both iOS and Android devices. However, you have to accept the update if you are to gain the improvements.

Update your router firmware

The next update that may be affecting the phone’s connection is the router itself. It is always good to make sure that your router has the latest firmware because they also keep changing from time to time.

An update of your router’s firmware could therefore make a quick and reliable solution to the challenge of poor signal.

When updating the phone firmware, you will visit the settings option and then pick the option that says about phone. Clicking the system software then update will make everything convenient for you.

Check on the frequency band

The frequency band can also be the cause of the poor signal on the connection. Using the 5GHz band will make you enjoy fast and reliable speeds, while the 2.4GHz band ensures that the internet is more stable.

A good router should manage to operate on the 2.4 and 5GHz bands to let each function on the specific devices they need.

When a device is connected, and the two bands are active, it will be straightforward to choose one that will favor its functionality. You can therefore change if there is a band that is not functioning, then activate it.

The choice of powerful routers with dual or triband makes the band selection convenient. Routers that serve multiple devices will also make sure that there is proper signal balancing.

Relocate your router

Positioning the router is another thing that many people ignore. Selection of the right point to place the router will make everything easier for you, promoting proper signal projection. Select an open place that will maintain the direct link between your router and the phone.

Watching on obstacles such as the oven, freezer, and other electronic devices is also essential. If the router is getting blocked by obstacles such as the wall, you should consider moving it to a convenient place.

Check on the safety of the connection

Most personalized routers only accommodate a small number of users. Therefore, your home router could be capable of serving a few home devices, hence making some have a poor signal. Your phone is a mobile gadget, so it gets exposed to a poor and unstable connection.

There is a high possibility that your connection has intruders. As a result, you will have a very unstable connection because the sharing is too much. Implementing security measures such as the SSID and change of passwords’ will make the connection and signal stable.

Check on the phone status

There is a very high chance that your phone is not in the best physical status. Falling several times makes the internal components of the router loose hence making the connection unreliable. If there are missing screws or loose screws, they could cause a poor signal.

Unfortunately, this process is one that you may not do by yourself. Visiting a qualified and reputable technician will save your gadget. The technician will do some maintenance works that will make the connection once more reliable.

Move closer to the router

Are you doing some work using your phone? You may need to get closer to the router at a point where there is a stable connection. However, this can be a very tedious task because having a phone, especially a mobile one, promotes movement from one place to another. Avoiding areas that have poor connection may make your phone enjoy a proper signal.

Get a router with performance technologies

Some technologies come along with routers aiming at boosting the performance of your devices. The MU-MIMO technology and the beamforming technology are perfect examples.  The beamforming technology will ensure that the signal is stable over an extended range.

The MU-MIMO technology, on the other hand, works on device prioritization. You will have great moments when your router uses it because your phone will directly communicate with the router hence making the connection more stable. Your device will have an opportunity to fulfill your needs.

Get Wi-Fi boosters

Another excellent method is the use of Wi-Fi boosters. These are devices such as Wi-Fi extenders and Wi-Fi repeaters. When you have your internet boosted, it covers an extended range and delivers a very stable signal to many of its connected devices.

Boosting devices work so that when you move from one place to another and the connection lowers, the device picks the connection from the next device. Investing in the best mesh Wi-Fi is excellent as it will ensure there is a stable cloud of connection to your home.

Are your phone settings accurate?

The cause for a poor connection could also the settings on your phone. You may have selected the wrong or deactivated certain features on the phone, especially those related to the connection. Make sure that your Wi-Fi icon is active and all the settings are proper.

Part of the settings is resetting your phone. There may be some settings that have come along with some daily activities, and you cannot trace them. You will need to back up all the information your phone has to the cloud storage or external storage in such a case. You can then reset the phone and restore it so that you start if afresh.

Restart your phone

Is there a possibility that your phone is under 24/7 operation and has no time to reboot? Letting your phone start again makes the functionality outstanding, including picking up the Wi-Fi signal. To maintain the best conditions, it is wise to have the phone rebooting as it will maintain all its features.

Do a regular scan of the environment

You will need to do some analysis of the environment your phone is operating within. A Wi-Fi analyzer app is the best option as it will ensure that you track where the problem of the connection is. By doing so, you will be capable of solving the exact problem, making the signal adoption efficient.

Part of the assessment of the environment is looking at the Wi-Fi access point. If the Wi-Fi access point has a strong signal, you can be sure that your gadgets will have a reliable signal.


A femtocell is a device for a base station that joins the broadband and cellular connection. The tower makes the connection between devices and the signal source reliable and stable.

Using it for your connection is better and more effective as it gives your phone access to a stable connection.

These devices are available in many online stores making their acquisition convenient and straightforward. Installing and setting them up is a simple process as they come with a manual that guides you. Cost-effectiveness is the basic principle that will make you go for these devices.

Causes of poor signal to your phone

There are very many causes of poor Wi-Fi signal on your phone. To ensure that you can easily diagnose and boost the Wi-Fi signal on your phone, you need to know the probable cause. The causes can be classified as below:

  • Obstacles between phone and the router– There may be a few obstacles between your phone and the router that lower the signal’s quality. Some serious obstacles are walls and other devices such as electronics. A simple solution to obstacles is moving to a point where they don’t block or remove them from being close to the router.
  • Outdated phone or router system-The phone system and firmware may also not be up to date. When there is outdatedness in the phones and routers’ functional design, it will probably make the signal perform poorly. If the phone has an outdated system, most of its functions, especially those that need internet, tend to underperform.
  • Phone physical design-  At times, the physical phone design tends to have challenges that block the connection. For instance, if your phone has fallen off several times and its connection tools have become loose, it will not function as you expect. Poor maintenance may be a serious cause of having a poor signal on your phone.
  • Phone settings- Sometimes, you may have a few adjustments on the phone settings. This can happen when you are aware or not, and your phone’s performance will lower abruptly. Under such cases, you will need to have some adjustments and monitoring your phone settings.

We have also explored how to boost mobile hotspot speed on your phone. The tips discussed in the article will help you get the best internet sharing out of your android or iOS mobile device

What if my phone completely fails to boost its Wi-Fi signal?

You may have tried all these methods, and your phone completely fails to work on Wi-Fi. It is, therefore, an opportunity for you to buy a new device. When trying to get a device for use, you need to have considerations like compatibility and the making technology. Getting the router that works with Wi-Fi 6 devices is the best option


Wi-Fi signal is an essential thing when it comes to using your devices for various functions. Your phone is one of those devices that need a stable and reliable signal to function. Before you think of replacing your phone because of poor signal, you should try the boosting methods highlighted above.