How to Change Spectrum WiFi Password and Username

How do modems and routers work? Do you need a router if you have a modem? Can I Use My Own Router with Spectrum and how do I change the WiFi password and username? How fast is Spectrum 200Mbps when connected to these devices?

When you have a Spectrum router, changing the default admin username and password and changing the WiFi password often. The admin username and password enable you to access the Spectrum router settings. On the other hand, the Wi-Fi password enables you to connect devices to the Wi-Fi.

Spectrum is known for delivering high speeds in the devices it serves. When you connect it to the right routers and modems, it delivers the most outstanding service. The challenge with the connection is that it quickly gets congested because of the many users who love it.

Making changes to manage the connection becomes essential. At this stage, the challenge is that many people experience a challenge when making the changes. However, we have come with an easy way to fix it.

We have come up with tips that will make you change the Spectrum WiFi username and password easily. Moreover, our methods are effective and simple to employ.

Changing Spectrum WiFi Username and username

The following are effective and very simple methods to change the Spectrum WiFi password and username where necessary. You can change the Spectrum WiFi name and password from a computer browser, Spectrum online account, and from the Spectrum app.

How to change the Spectrum router password from a browser

Most people are very lucky to have Spectrum routers.  Such models are offered to users who choose to have devices from the Spectrum service. Using the steps below, you will quickly change the password and username of your Spectrum router. Note that you can use any browser be it Google Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox among other browsers to change the login details for your Spectrum WiFi.

How to get the IP address and default admin username and password for a Spectrum router. You need these details to change the Spectrum login details
  • Find the routers IP address

The router’s IP address is easy to locate because you will find it in the login details. The sides or the bottom of the router usually have the IP address. The possible number is, but it changes depending on the router and setup.

  • Open the web browser

Now you need to open the web browser to continue with the setting. You can choose to use browsers such as chrome and Firefox. On the address bar, you will key in the IP address.

You may have a chance to change the advanced settings if the site says your connection is not private. Making the change will allow you to make various changes.

  • Key in the login details

The next thing you do is logging in details, starting with the password and the username. Most spectrum routers will have a default username and password as “admin”.  

After logging in, you will click the advanced option. It is usually located at the top left of the screen. You have an option to skip if it is not available.

Finally, make sure that you are using the right login details since you may have changed the admin login details during the initial installation.

  • Open the band of the router

If you have a dual-band router, there is an option to choose between the two because each has a different network and password. After selection, you will click the basic tab to start making the changes.

  • Change the name of the network

Now you need to change the name of the network. You have to choose a name that is simple to remember.  At this stage, you need to take caution with adding personal information as hackers may get the details.

After setting the name, you enter the new password. It should have a combination of characters, numbers, and symbols to avoid leaking it to hackers. Of course, you should remember the password quickly too.

  • Confirm the password and apply it

The next thing you do to complete the process is to apply the setting. You will confirm the setting and then apply it once you have an assurance that the details are accurate. The bottom right of the screen is where you locate the option.

If you have an existing account with spectrum and want to make changes, you will follow a simple process. You will open the web browser, enter on the address bar, and then click enter.

The next thing you do is sign in using your old details and then click the services option. You can change the password under the forgot password option if you don’t remember it. Next, you will select the internet and then the manage network option. Set the new username and then click Save.

Other methods of changing the username and password of your Spectrum WiFi

It is possible to change the username and password of your Spectrum WiFi using your Spectrum online account and the Spectrum WiFi app. The processes are very simple especially the Spectrum app method.

The following are the steps you can follow to change the username and password:

How to change WiFi username and password using Spectrum app

You can use the following steps to change the WiFi username and Password using the Spectrum app if you have not already installed it on your smartphone or tablet. However, if you already have the app, you can skip steps 1 to 3.

  1. Install My Spectrum app on your smartphone or tablet: To start the Spectrum WiFi username and password change, you need to have the app on your phone. Thus you need to visit the Google Play store or Apple App store depending on your device and download the app.
  2. Once you have installed the app on your smart device, the next step is to open the app and agree to the terms and conditions. It is almost a procedural activity to accept the terms and conditions of all the apps you install on your phone.
  3. Thereafter, use the Spectrum Username and Password to access your app. Once you enter the details, you then are supposed to tap “sign in”. The action will give you access to the app dasboard on your smart device.
  4. Then navigate to the “Services” on the Spectrum app. Most of the times, the “Services” tab will be at the bottom of the screen. However, this may change as more updates are being introduced to the app.
  5. On the services, select “View & Edit Network Info”. The app will give you the ability to view how your Wi-Fi connections are. Therefore, to change the WiFi username and password on the Spectrum router, you will need to navigate to the network info.
  6. On the section, type in your new password and network name. Ensure that the password is not easy to hack. You can introduce special characters, letters and numbers to give your router network more security.
  7. Once you input the new network name and password, tap “save”. The action will lead to a successful change in WiFi login details. You will therefore be required to change the details on every device that accesses the network in your home.

Changing the WiFi password and username on your Spectrum Online Account

  • Log in to the router dashboard

The changes start from opening the Spectrum online account user dashboard. You can get to the user dashboard by opening and then log in. You will need to use the Spectrum login details. If you have forgotten them, you can click on the forgot password option to change them.

On the account management option, you will select the Services option. This is available at the top of the screen.

After selecting the Services, then the next step is to select InternetOn your Spectrum online account, this will be under Services & Equipment.

  • Change the password and username

On the internet option, the next step is to click Manage Network. If you don’t see this option, click the blue arrow under Your WiFi Networks.

After logging in, the next thing you do is change the hotspot’s username and password. You can now choose to put a password that you will quickly remember. This password allows you to log in to the router’s WiFi.

Finding the spectrum router password

You can easily find the Wi-Fi password to make a change. Various methods will help you to locate the password and the username, especially if you have forgotten them. The most interesting thing is that it can be on a receipt that has been in use before.

Below are ways and areas that you can find the password and username.

Router label

The router comes with a label that is either at its base or on the sides. You will find the username and the password on the label. It is also possible to find it written on the router user manual or the receipt.

This is the default router username and password for a Spectrum router or other routers. However, you need to know that the Spectrum representative will request you to change the details at the initial installation.

Therefore, you will be able to use the router label password if you have not changed the details or if you factory reset the router.

Using Windows 8 and Windows 10

If the computer you use has the windows 8 version, you can use it to retrieve the password. The process is as follows and quite simple.

  1. Connect the computer to the internet and then select the start button.
  2. You will then locate the network and sharing link and click on it.
  3. Select the manage networks option, which then allows you to see the network names and lists.
  4. Click the specific network you have been looking for, and then select the properties tab.
  5. You will see the username and the password in the secret key. Select the show password option, and you will get the real characters used in the password.

The windows 10 version also allows you to access the network without a hassle. Following the same steps that windows 8 uses will take you home quickly.

Mac devices

The Mac devices have a slightly different process for getting the log-in details. Using the following steps is a more convenient method.

  1. Open the keychain access app and locate the applications and utility option.
  2. You will then check on the username and password, to key in the mac username and password. Once done, you will click allow.
  3. You can now see the password and username on the tab for easy copying.

Recovering the username and the password of the spectrum

Sometimes logging in to spectrum may pose a challenge. This mostly happens when you lose the username or password. If you do not get a way of recovering, you will not use the service.

To get the password or username, you will locate the log-in point and then select forgot username or password. You will then choose an option that you will reset with.

Recovering a password using the contact info

  1. Select to use the phone number or email address you use to log in. you will verify that you are not a robot in the step that follows.
  2. An email or code is sent to the contact you choose to use. The code is what will help you to make the changes. The alternatives to email are a call or text.
  3. You now use the code you get to log in and make various changes, such as resetting the password and username.

If you select the account option, you will need to enter the account number, and its password then verify that you are not a robot. You can then pick the option you want to get the code through.

Once you get the code, you will key it in on the field provided on the user’s account. It will allow you to make the changes. This method is convenient as it allows you to retrieve the passwords without a hassle.

Why change the WiFi username and password of a spectrum router

The major reason for the need to change your Spectrum router’s WiFi username and password is to limit the number of devices.  Sometimes you have too many people using the connection, which lowers the performance.

1. Network security

The importance of changing the password and username is that it becomes difficult to identify the network. Even if you identify it, getting the password becomes a complicated task. Therefore, your network remains very safe for your use.

In this case, it becomes hard for hackers to get access to your network also. Thus your network will be protected as well as your family and content.

2. Removing network parasites

Sometimes you may get poor internet connections because of people using your network without permission. The challenge is that these people may be using your internet for gaming or 4K streaming or other internet-intensive activities. This may overload the network.

With an overloaded network, you may get lags or buffering when you are conducting important activities.

Therefore, it locks out persons not permitted to be on your network when you change the password. You will also be able to monitor what is happening with the connected devices hence improving the speed and security.

3. Remove devices that are not in use

You can check and remove the devices connected to your network and change the username and password and lock them out.

The password change will necessitate every device to enter the password again, thus blocking unwanted in your network.

You can also use the chance to allocate some devices to the 2.4GHz and others to the 5GHz Wi-Fi bands. It is also a good opportunity to prioritize the devices if your router has QoS.

How do I see the devices that are connected to my spectrum router?

You can always trace the devices that are operating in the spectrum router. After seeing the devices, you have an option to take action for each so that your router remains safe. The process is as shown below.

  • Log in to the spectrum community

Spectrum community is the most convenient way to access the management service.  To log in to the spectrum community, you will visit its portal. Then, you will use the resident letter and password to start managing the various options. Now hit the sign-in button, and you will be in the connection.

  • On the spectrum, community, select the add device option

This option allows you to add any new device. Add the router’s IP address. You will have the router joining the network, allowing you to update and edit the device.

  • View the devices

The next thing you will do is to select the device and then see its properties. Under the properties, you will see the devices that are within the connection.

You can choose to remove them or change the password. Changing the password is the most convenient method because it will automatically remove the rest of the devices.

In case you experience a challenge, the customer care representatives are always there to guide you.

Accessing the Spectrum router settings

Some people also find it quite challenging to access the Spectrum router settings for example to make gaming enjoyable. You may need to check if the changes you made are effective. You can do this by logging in to settings and accessing the areas you visited.

The following steps will allow you to get to the settings conveniently.

  1. Ensure that the device you are using to access the settings has an active connection. You can use the wireless or the wired option for the connection.
  2. Using the browser, search the IP address of the router. You will get directly to the router’s dashboard, which allows you to log in.
  3. Use the password and the username to log in to the router’s dashboard. If you cannot log in using the details you have, then you have to make some changes.
  4. After you log in, you will see the menu option. Scroll down with the menu until you get the settings option. You can then log it to proceed with the changes. If there are some challenges you are experiencing with the settings or when logging in, you have to contact customer care.

Understanding the functioning of the Spectrum router is one of the best things. You get a chance to manage the various challenges that come along with its functionality.


Knowing how to change the WiFi password and username of your Spectrum router is important. It is also a simple task that makes work more convenient as the router begins to perform better.

Of course, the best thing that happens is that the speed and performance improve as the intruding devices get entirely limited. When you change the WiFi password of your Spectrum router, you are also able to keep your network secure.

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