How to get CenturyLink Internet Without a Phone Jack

centurylink internet without phone jack: This is how to connect to CenturyLink fiber internet

CenturyLink is a market leader for DSL internet provision. You are assured of a great connection at a minimal cost since the phone lines are already in place. However, can you get CenturyLink internet without a phone jack?

Yes, you can get CenturyLink internet without a phone jack. However, for this case, you will need to connect to the CenturyLink fiber. The CenturyLink fiber is a high-speed internet connection that will give you speeds of 940Mbps.

CenturyLink has both DSL connections and fiber connections. The difference is in the price, and use of existing infrastructure. You will also notice a difference in ISP speeds between the two.

A DSL connection uses the copper wires already existing in our homes. Therefore, for a DSL connection, you will need a phone jack in order to connect your CenturyLink modem at home or office with the internet.

Do I need a phone jack for CenturyLink Internet?

If you are on CenturyLink DSL internet, then Yes, you will need a phone jack. However, if you subscribe to CenturyLink fiber internet, you will not need a phone jack. This is because the fiber internet connects your router to the ONT box. In other instances, the fiber connection will be through a gateway.

The DSL internet connection uses copper telephone wires to connect homes to the internet. You may get a “naked DSL” where you will not have a telephone service but have the internet connection only.

When you have a “naked DSL” you will not need to pay for the telephone service. This means you will use the telephone lines for internet connection only.

Can you have CenturyLink Internet without phone service?

Yes, you can have CenturyLink internet without phone services. As described above, we refer to this type of connection as “naked DSL”. The connection uses the telephone line to deliver internet services for your home without necessarily connecting to a phone.

Therefore, you will be able to save on telephone costs. This is so important in this day and age where everyone has a smartphone. You do not need to incur the fixed phone charges when it is barely used.

Do I need phone service for Wi-Fi?

No, you don’t need a phone service for Wi-Fi. For DSL connection, you can use the telephone infrastructure such as telephone wires to transmit the internet to your home or office. However, you will not need to subscribe to the phone services when not in need.

For other internet connection types (Satellite, cable, and fiber) you do not need a phone service at all. This is because the different types of connections use other internet transmission infrastructure.

For fiber, the connection is done through a fiber optic cable. This glass cable is able to offer exceptional upload as well as download speeds. In addition, it offers the most reliable internet connection of them all. The fiber connects to the ONT box which is then connected to a fiber router or in other cases it is connected to a gateway.

The cable connection on the other hand uses coaxial cables for internet provision. This cable TV infrastructure is available in most homes thus making it the widely available internet connection method. It supports high download speeds and high upload speeds which are however lower than download speeds.

Satellite internet finally uses the satellites in the orbit for internet provision. They are accessible almost everywhere and thus are widely used in rural areas. The main challenge is the satellite internet latency since the signals have to travel very far.

Will CenturyLink install a phone jack?

Depends on whether you select self-install or not. If you select self-install, then CenturyLink will not install a phone jack but you will have to buy and get a technician to install it. However, if you request CenturyLink to do the internet installation, they will install the phone jack for you.

CenturyLink charge $85 to do the installation of a new jack in your home. It is a one-time charge for the installation if your home does not have a phone jack or you don’t decide to install it yourself.

If you are doing a self-install, you need to know whether the utilities for your house are underground or above ground. For above-ground phone utilities, you will notice that there is an overhead single wire running from the telephone pole to your house.

For underground, you will have to inspect the location of the electric meter. At the same spot, you may notice a rectangular box mounted on the wall. This is the DEMARC.

If you have never installed a wired telephone service, CenturyLink will lay the cable either underground or from the pole to your house. This may be a bit hectic if the utilities are underground as compared to above-ground.

Can I use a cable modem on CenturyLink DSL?

You may have had a cable modem before. Thus, you need to know if you can use it for CenturyLink DSL internet service.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to use a cable modem for CenturyLink DSL internet. This is because the technologies are different. DSL uses ADSL and VDSL modems while DOCSIS cable modems are the ones used for cable connections.

Therefore, you will need to get a CenturyLink certified modem or modem router for internet provision. The good thing is that if you are using a modem, it will be compatible with most routers and CenturyLink Wi-Fi extenders.


You can get CenturyLink Internet Without a Phone Jack. This is because currently, CenturyLink has a fiber internet plan. However, the challenge is that this may not apply everywhere since the fiber infrastructure does not extensively cover every geographical location as compared to DSL or fiber.

However, if you want a DSL CenturyLink Internet Without a Phone Jack, it may be practically impossible. This is because DSL internet uses copper telephone wires for internet provision.

As you choose the internet connection for your home, you will need to consider the available infrastructure and internet needs. Fiber will give you exceptional download and upload speeds. DSL on the other hand is widely available but with slower internet speeds.

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