What is Mesh Wi-Fi: Do You Need Mesh Networking?

What is mesh wi-fi? Do you need it for your home or office?  Mesh wi-fi is a relatively new technology somewhat similar to “signal boosters” of the past. Instead of broadcasting wi-fi from one specific point (a router), a mesh network broadcasts wi-fi from numerous points, improving access to a strong wi-fi signal.  You may … Read more

Mesh vs Access Point: Best Wi-Fi extension method for your home?

Having a reliable internet connection is important. You want to be able to stream your favorite TV shows, play games with friends and family, or work from home without any hiccups in service. To get a good connection throughout the home, which one should be between mesh system vs access point should I pick? A … Read more

Wi-Fi Extenders vs Mesh Systems- Pros and Cons

Are you in need of boosting your home network system? WiFi extenders vs. mesh systems, which one will work for my home or office? Well, this is an effortless activity to do. However, most people get stranded at a point where they have to choose between the mesh network and Wi-Fi extenders. Choosing Wi-Fi systems … Read more

Best Mesh WiFi System for Gaming, Streaming, and Home Devices in 2023

Best Mesh WiFI for gaming

What is the best mesh WiFi system for gaming, streaming, and other intense online activities? We explored several mesh systems and came up with the top mesh Wi-Fi systems for your home and office. There has been an explosion of smart devices in our homes lately. Inside the house and outside the house have increased … Read more