Philippines Best Internet Service Providers (ISPs) & Plans

Internet is becoming essential to many people in the current world. The ISPs are getting deep-rooted to many countries and regions every day. It has cut across in making many activities simpler to do. But which ISP do I choose in the Philippines?

You can now study, conduct business, and get the kind of entertainment you want so long as you have good internet. The Philippines is a region that has good internet and effective providers, which also cover an extended range. In terms of coverage and use of ICT, it makes one of the best choices as it has so far delivered excellent.

Best internet service providers and plans in the Philippines

We have come up with the best service providers that you will have good times with internet provision. Each provider has the best way to deliver the internet and have the service getting to the users. The plans and the cost of service are also different as there is also a variation of the internet speeds.

Philippines ISP Comparison table

Name if ISPPlansData cap limitsMin   speedsMax speedsType
Converge ICT solutionsFibre x
Fibre Xtreme
Unlimited25 Mbps500 MbpsFiber-optic broadband
One SkySky fiber unli broadband sky fiber alternateUnlimited10Mbps200 MbpsFiber-optic broadband
PLDTPLDT home Unli
PLDT Home fibr
PLDT home fibr plus
Unlimited10Mbps300MbpsDSL and Fiber
DITO telecommunitySimcard
Unlimited10GB25GBMobile Simcard
Globe broadbandGlobe at home unli Globe at home Go Big Globe at home LTEUnlimited20 Mbps1GbpsBroadband

Converge ICT

Converge ICT: The newest and best ISP in the Philippines

Converge ICT is the newest and the latest service provider (ISP) in the Philippines. Some people remember it as ComClark and has been in existence since 2009. It uses fiber-optic broadband to have the service get to its customers. By March 2021, the service provider had more comprehensive coverage and had 1.20 million subscribers.

The reason behind having converged ICT getting many customers is their coverage and the speeds that they have. The cost of getting the service is also lower compared to the other ISPs. A good example is the fiberXtreme 7000 that offers unlimited speeds of up to 800 Mbps.

Converge internet plans

A wide selection of the service that starts from Php1,500 is the service that sets up the pace as it offers speeds of 25 Mbps. Some of the best internet plans you will get from Converge ICT include.

  • Fiber X 1500 has a speed of 25 Mbps and is unlimited for the download limits. It costs Php1500
  • Fiber X 2500 is another service that has speeds of 75Mbps. The download speed is unlimited and also goes at a price of Php 2500
  • The Fiber X 3500 is a plan that has a speed of 150 Mbps with an unlimited download limit. It is available for a price of Php 3500
  • Fiber Xtreme 4500 is one of the highest and the most effective plans as it goes for Php 4500. It has speeds of 300Mbps and an unlimited download limit
  • Fiber Xtreme 7000 is the best because it costs Php 7000 and offers 500Mbps speeds with unlimited downloads.
  • There are also higher business plans, with the lowest being the iBiz 10, which offers 10Mbps and goes for Php 4000. The downloads are also unlimited. On the other hand, the highest for iBiz is iBiz 50, which has speeds of 50 Mbps and goes for Php 1500
  • MicroBiz 2000 offers speeds of 25 Mbps and has unlimited downloads. It goes for Php 2000. On the other hand, we have the MicroBiz 3000, which goes for Php 3000 and goes for 30Mbps

Pros of converge ICT

  • Uses pure fiber optic
  • Offers a price of the postpaid DSL connection
  • Performs perfectly for streaming services
  • Has the best value for internet plans
  • Has no data cap and download limits
  • Operations and customer service are online
  • It has broader coverage, although some significant areas are not under the coverage
  • Has best speeds and internet plans
  • Pocket-friendly and higher-end excellent plans

Cons of converge ICT

  • No free bundle services
  • Challenge in getting customer service
  • Limited areas of coverage
  • No landline
  • 24-month lock period

Why use the service

The Converge service is one of the best because of the reliability and the quality of service. Having reliable plans and cost-effective installation and service is the best thing about it.  Having no download limits is what makes the service have the proper reliability and service. If you want to make orders, then the transactions are simple as they are available online.


One SKY is one of the best service providers (ISPs) that use the cable for the provision of services. It has been in existence for a more extended period and offers cable TV. Being high-speed broadband. It comes with additional services such as using the mobile internet service that is efficient and reliable.

The packages are good because they make the service more reliable. Subscribers love the service provider because of the kind of plans that it comes with. Having an extensive customer base is another factor that makes the service provider stand out. They are pretty valuable.

One SKY internet plans

  • Sky fiber unli broadband 999 has speeds of 10 Mbps and has unlimited download limits, and have a price of Php 999
  • Sky fiber unli broadband 1499 has speeds of 25 Mbps and has unlimited download limits, and comes at a price of Php 1499
  • The Sky fiber unli broadband 1999 has a speed of 50Mbps and offers unlimited and costs Php 1999
  • Sky fiber Unli broadband 2499 has speeds of 75Mbps and costs Php 2499, and offers unlimited downloads caps.
  • Sky fiber Unli broadband 2899 has speeds of 100Mbps and offers unlimited download caps with a price of Php 2899
  • The Sky fiber Unli broadband 3799 is another package that costs Php 3799, offers speeds of 120Mbps, and has unlimited data caps.
  • Sky fiber Unli broadband + HD cable has a Php of 999 and offers speeds of 5mbps with unlimited data caps.
  • Sky fiber Unli broadband + HD cable TV 1599 offers 15 Mbps at Php 1599 and has unlimited data download caps.
  • The Sky fiber Unli broadband + HD cable TV1999 offers 30 Mbps speeds and unlimited download caps, which also combine with Php 1999
  •  Sky fiber Unli broadband + HD cable TV 2999 offers 60 Mbps and has unlimited download caps at a price of Php 2999
  • Sky fiber Unli broadband + HD cable TV 3999 offers speeds of 120 Mbps and has unlimited download caps on a speed of Php 3999
  • Finally, we have the Sky fiber Unli broadband + HD cable TV 5499, which is the most superior and has speeds of 200Mbps, and unlimited data download caps at a price of Php 5499


  • It has the cheapest packages under the fiber plans with a Php of 999 per month and 10 Mbps for the HDTV cable.
  • Excellent bundling with the SKY and the demand box, which allows you to have home wifi and others
  • Some of the bundles allow you to use the free service for the local channels.
  • Adequate for streaming as it has high speeds and reliable connectivity all through
  • No limits for data downloads which applies under all the plans
  • It has a combination of fiber optics and other services, which makes the service reliable


  • It works best when using pure fiber optics, which is not the case with this ISP.
  • It does not cover all the areas hence not recommendable for use to many people who need it.

Why do you need the internet service?

The best thing about the ISP is that it uses both fiber optics and coaxial cables to reach many users. Having a combination of reliable and quality plans makes the service delivery better to all classes of people. Having an online service delivery platform makes the best option for service delivery.


PLDT is another service provider that has been in existence for a very long time. You will notice that it has shifted from using the dial-up connections to the use of the DSL. In the Philippines, the ISP is the pioneer for offering internet services.

PLDT, established in 1928 is the oldest telecommunication company in this country with over 2 million broadband subscribers as of 2020. It is available nationwide and offers wired internet service across Luzon. Thus, PLDT has been providing reliable services for decades through constant innovation that will continue into future generations.

PLDT offers internet connections through subsidiaries such as Smart communications, Sun, and TNT.

Having a comprehensive combination of services and plans sets the ISP high above the other service providers. The services stand out because they are among the best and have the most affordable price ranges. Below are the various plans and their prices.

PLDT internet plans

  • PLDT Home Unli Fibre 1299 has high speeds of 10 Mbps and a price per month of Php 1299 with an unlimited download limit
  • The PLDT Home Unli Fibre 1699 has high speeds of 25 Mbps and offers unlimited download limits with a price of Php 1699
  • We have the PLDT Home Unli Fibre 2399, which has an unlimited download limit and a price of Php 2399. The speed of the plan is 50 Mbps
  • Moreover, there is the PLDT Home Unli Fibre 2999, which has speeds of 100 Mbps and is unlimited at a price of Php 2999
  • PLDT Home Unli Fibre plus 2499 is another exciting plan that has 50 Mbps and offers the unlimited Php of 2499
  • PLDT Home Unli Fibre plus 3099 and offers speeds of 100 Mbps at a price of Php 3099. It also has unlimited download limits too
  • The PLDT Home Unli Fibre 4099 is also another plan that offers high speeds of 150 Mbps and costs Php 4099
  • Finally, we have the PLDT Home Unli Fibr 6099 and costs Php6099 and has high speeds of 300 Mbps with unlimited download limits.


  • It has the best and the most comprehensive coverage, which is the best among the rest.
  • It has the best speeds across the Philippines, with an award-winning speed
  • The service comes with free landline and will also have the unlimited download limits
  • Offers free Linksys devices and whole mesh home network service
  • Offers free channels that work closely with even the SD channels and the HDTV


  • The rates are the most expensive which have low speeds of 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps
  • The technical service is not readily available to serve as there is no fast communication method.

Why use the PLDT

The ISP is one of the most reliable with the service that is spread all through the nation- Philippines. You will have an opportunity to enjoy the extras such as the wifi device and the free landline. Although the customer service is not available, the chances of having the internet failing are limited.

PLDT is the oldest telecom company in the country and has over 2 million broadband subscribers as of 2020. It offers wired internet service nationwide, which makes it accessible to everyone no matter where they are from or what kind of device you’re using! You can either get prepaid or postpaid home internet plans from PLDT.

DITO telecommunity

The third major telco player is the DITO telecommunity. It is a service that has good reviews for high speeds and reliability.  So far, the service has had launching in many parts of the nation, which has also contributed to having a widespread you will also notice that the plans are the best because most people can afford them.

The service delivery is also excellent because of the quality of the internet and the identification of the new areas that need to be covered. The beauty is that it has two plans with good coverage and will maintain the best service quality.

Dito Internet plans

  • DITO 99 is one service that has a data download limit of 10GB and comes at a price of Php 99 with high speeds of 27Mbps
  • We then have the DITO 199, which is also high-speed data with a download limit of 25GB. It comes at a price of Php 199

One of the features of this service is that you will not have an average speed that cuts across. If your area accommodates 60Mbps, you will use that while in another area, you will have a slightly different speed, but the plans have the same price.

It is also good to note that the DITO service plans are not permanent and also not temporary. They will change again on September 30th, 2021. More offers are likely to arise at this time which will change the style of service delivery.

The service is available for use on different platforms, with the common one being the official website. You will use the DITO sim card, which is available from DITO itself or the stores that partner with it for service delivery. You also need a mobile phone that is compatible with DITO to have the service available for you.


  • The service has unlimited calls that you can always make to DITO, including 300 minutes available for other networks.
  • It also offers unlimited texts that serve all the networks countrywide
  • Among the other service providers, it stands out to be having the highest minimum and average speed


  • The service is available in some key areas along with the country
  • The service is slightly unreliable as different areas have a different kinds of service they offer
  • 2G and 3G networks which most people prefer, are not offered under this ISP
  • DITO sim cards are only available for the 4G and the 5G networks, which also happen to be available in specific areas only
  • There is no data cap for this service

Why do you need this service

The ISP is among the best that use mobile networks for service delivery. The problem with the service is that it is available in specific areas, but the price is the same. In terms of affordability, it is one of the best and one that you can rely on upon without a hassle.

Globe Broadband

Another service provider (ISP) in the Philippines who has had an excellent reputation is the Globe Broadband. Ayala owns the company. It has been known for having a long-time rivalry with the competitors. However, it stands out as one of the best because of its high-quality service delivery and reliability.

Globe Telecom is one of the largest mobile and broadband networks in the Philippines with over 2 million broadband subscribers (2020). Globe offers wireless internet services, which can be accessed via postpaid or prepaid plans for its subscribers with at home routers given out when you subscribe for a plan!

They are known to provide great Internet coverage throughout all areas covered by this provider; whether you’re looking for download speeds up to 20MB/s or upload ones only 5Mb/s–you’ll find what best suits your needs right here.

In addition, they offer other features like HD streaming videos on Netflix™ anytime anywhere without having an extra charge added onto it unlike some competitors where users have been charged even if using their own devices

Among the rivals, it has been one excellent and reliable provider who has also been the best internet plans.

Globe Broadband service plans

  • First, Globe At Home Unli 1699 has high speeds of 20Mbps and has a Php price of 1699 with unlimited download limits.
  • Globe At Home Unli Globe At Home Unli 1899 offers speeds of 30Mbps and has unlimited with a Php of 1899
  • The Globe At Home Unli 2499 and offers 50 Mbps speeds with unlimited download limits at the cost of Php 2499
  • Globe At Home Unli 2899 is another package that comes for 2899 and offers high speeds of 100Mbps.
  • Globe At Home Unli 3499 is the best plan under this ISP as it offers 200 Mbps at 3499 with an unlimited data limit.
  • The Globe At Home Unli 4999 has speeds of 500 Mbps, comes at a price of Php4999, and is also unlimited for download limits.
  • Globe At Home 9499 is the largest, with high internet speeds of 1000 Mbps with a combination of unlimited download limits at the price of Php9499.

Globe starter packs

Moreover, the service provider has also some starter packs, which include;

  • Globe At Home Starter 1299, which offers 10Mbps and download limits of 500GB at the same price as Php1699
  • Globe At Home big 1699 comes at a price of Php1699 and offers speeds of 20 Mbps with a data cap limit of 600GB for downloads
  • The Globe At Home go big 1899 at 50 Mbps with 600GB download limits and a Php of 1899
  • Globe At Home Go Big LTE 1299 has speeds of 10Mbps and offers 150GN with a price of Php1299
  • Globe At Home Go Big LTE 1599 and offers 10 Mbps speeds with download limits of 500GB and Php 1599


  • It has more comprehensive fiber connectivity that covers the nationwide service delivery.
  • The services come with freebies that include the TP-link routers and the android TV box that allows you to access the various channels.
  • It has the fastest speed that goes to as much as 1gbps for Php 9499, which is not very expensive.
  • The customer service is available any time you want to have some repairs done.
  • Has free trials that come with no lock-up options and serve for three months
  • It has the cheapest plan that offers speeds of 100 Mbps


  • Under the category of 50Mbps, it has the most expensive rates
  • Most plans also have 24 hour lock periods
  • Some of the packages, such as Go Unli plans of 2899 and 2499

Why choose to have this service

The ISP has some of the best plans that have the highest internet speeds, but the price is not friendly. It works for people who want to have the highest internet speeds. It has extended coverage that makes it usable to various parts.

Globe Telecom has a long history of providing mobile and broadband services. They are one of the best providers for Filipinos because they offer internet at home, as well as wireless data plans with free routers!

A major advantage is that Globe offers both postpaid (included) or prepaid options; meaning there’s something available no matter your income level.

Things to know about the ISPs in the Philippines

You need to understand the nature of the service that the ISPs offer so that you get the best service. Below are some specifics you need to have a clue about.

Types of broadband plans

Some of the broadband plans that exist include;

Capped data

This is the data allowance that comes unique in that it has a limited internet plan. Such plans are usually cheaper and will offer a less effective service, as both prepaid and postpaid plans are available.

Unlimited allowances

These plans have a higher price, but the services are pretty reliable. You can also have them wired to fiber, under mobile services, or use wired connections.

DSL Vs. Fiber

There is a difference between the DSL and the fiber. These seem to have the same frequency and the ability to serve. What makes them different is the availability as the service provider needs to connect to the various areas.  DSL reaches 15Mbps while the fiber can reach 100 times faster.

Mobile data Vs. home broadband

Mobile data use mobile devices such as phones. It uses the 3G, 4G, and 5G networks to reach as many people as possible.  

On the other hand, the broadband home uses the model and a router to provide internet services. It can connect over the phone line. LTE routers are some of the alternatives that broadband service providers use.

Choosing the best ISP in the Philippines

Various features make a service worthy of use. Like the United States ISPs, you need to consider each one of them before you pick a service.

Mode of connection- you need a service that you will easily use and work in your place.

Coverage- the best service provider is one that covers an extended area. You need to ensure that the specific place you operate from has coverage.

Internet speeds- an ISP is useless if it does not have the proper internet speeds. You need a service that will satisfy your needs in terms of speed and reliability.

Value for money- We all want an internet plan that will not only serve your needs but also will not drain your pocket.

Promos- the service must come with fascinating and improvement features. These need frequent service.

Philiphines best ISP FAQs

What is the fastest internet provider (ISP) in the Philippines?

As of July 2021, Smart Communications provided a download speed of 47.52 Mbps and uploads up to 20Mbps which makes it one helluva fast service! No other company comes close with PLDT’s 41.75 Mpbs or Globe’s 35Mpbs, but what about your current network? You’ll want to compare those stats too before making any decisions on whether upgrading would be worth it for you personally. This is especially if there are multiple providers available where-as many people can’t get coverage everywhere due to restrictions imposed by landlords/landowners like building codes etc

Why is the internet so slow in the Philippines?

The internet in the Philippines is not as fast and reliable because of its vast geography. The islands make up 7,100 which makes construction more difficult than other countries with a smaller landmass like Singapore for example who only has 621 islands to cover their entire country. Moreover, the internet is slow in the Philippines due to a lack of fixed networks, which makes it hard for ICT infrastructures like cell towers and fiber optic cables.
The fact that most Filipinos live on or near shorelines also means there are many physical obstacles between them and high-speed broadband cables – this includes cell phone towers as well! In addition, private corporations own much infrastructure development which can lead to slower speeds. However, even then it took 29 to 35 permits to build one cell tower thus meaning slow development of infrastructure.

What are the fastest download and upload speeds in the Philippines?

For the households with access to the internet; most locations do not offer download speeds higher than 100Mbps while uploads average at 40 Mbps. However, we have up to Gigabit speed connections that are offered on fibre. However, you will find gigabit plans in one ISP or two in the Philippines.

What rank is the Philippines in Internet speed?

The Philippines is a rapidly expanding market, with more people than ever before online. In a recent Ookla report, rankings by continent and country, fixed broadband was 65th out of 180 countries while the mobile rank is 77th Spot. Thus, the Philippines climbed up to 65th spot out of 180 countries in fixed broadband, and 77th among 137 nations when it comes to mobile internet speed. This means that Filipinos have access not just to the web but also to social media sites like Facebook which post news feeds every hour!

How many ISPs are there in the Philippines?

There are several internet service providers in the Philippines. In 2014, it was reported that 728 providers provide internet access across all regions of our country. Over this time period, we’ve seen a significant increase from just over 100 companies ten years ago! However, most of them do not have a national outlook and have very few subscribers.


The Philippines is one of the nations that have good internet connectivity. It has the service providers that have the best data and internet plans to serve as expected. Many users have subscribed to the services they feel they need to have the most effective internet usage.

The fastest internet provider (ISP) in the Philippines is Smart Communications (a subsidiary of PLDT), with a speed of 47.52 Mbps for downloads and 41.75Mbps uploads! This means that you should always have plenty of room to spare if all your needs are being met by these companies’ services

How does Satellite Internet Work? Should you get it?

Satellite internet is a wireless connection that comes from the satellite that orbits the earth. A dish is used and gets directed to the sky to pick the signal from the satellite. However, how does satellite internet work?

Satellite internet works by sending signals from your service provider to a satellite in space, and those same signals are then sent back down the wire into your computer.

In order for people who live far away from cities with high-speed connections to be able to enjoy all of the benefits that come along with modern technology, companies have found a way around this problem through satellites orbiting above our planet’s atmosphere. A signal is transmitted outwards towards these devices which captures it as data before redirecting its path directly toward an individual’s modem attached to their device at home or wherever else they might need fast access to information. The process happens simultaneously both ways; firstly between us and our service provider and vice versa.

Compared to the other ISP service provision, cables are used, which is not the case with the satellite internet.

The beauty of using the satellite internet is that it gets even to the areas that the cable internet does not reach. It offers an equal service and serves the urban and rural areas without hassle getting the cables and the compatible routers.

In the United States, we have two major service providers Hughesnet and Viasat, however, Starlink being the expected service provider in the future.

Things to know about the satellite internet

You have to connect the receiver to the devices and the router using a cable. Satellite internet uses the cable once it gets to your home. However, the movement of the waves from the satellite itself to your home is wireless.

If there is a barrier between the satellite and the receiver, you will not have the internet functioning as you expect. This means that you will need to make several adjustments to position the receiver. Moreover, you must ensure that you have taken the compatible devices that quickly receive and project the signal for your satellite internet to work.

There are also devices such as routers and wi-fi extenders that you will use inside the house. You need to ensure that you have chosen good quality and will offer the compatibility you need. The beauty of selecting the devices with universal compatibility is that they will make the signal maintain quality across devices.

The movement of the internet waves is from the satellite on the space that comes to your satellite dish. If you have connected the cables, If you have additional wired devices, you will connect them to the internet using the same cables.

Satellite internet will not be affected by the infrastructure. It has a straight connection that will make it easy to adapt when doing the various activities. You are also going to have it delivered the best connection without any form of delays and lags.

Choosing compatible devices is the best thing that you can always do.  Modems, routers, and wi-fi extenders should have high quality and deliver the best performance in terms of the speed and deliverance of quality. Using satellite internet, you have an option to create a local connection and serve several devices as you need.

Relay systems of the satellite internet

Satellite internet will have a composition of several devices that work interchangeably. Some will promote the use of multiple devices, while others promote the effective use of the devices. Below are the specific devices.

Internet-ready device

An internet-ready device can easily access the internet under any service. You need such a device to have an easy time managing the service and other devices.  Some of the specific devices are the ones that you are very familiar with.

A smartphone, tablet, and computer are examples of such devices. They are the ones that you need when you have to access the internet. They receive the data from the modems and the routers and then reach the final consumer after issuing the various commands through the devices.

Modem or a router

Another device that you need to have the connection of the satellite network working as expected is the modem router. Some devices will connect directly using cables to the router or modem, and others will have wireless connections. They make the internet have a usable form and move from one device to another.

The modems and the routers you choose must be those that have the proper wi-fi capabilities. Some of these that will work conveniently are those that will manage to broadcast the high-quality signal. The others must have proper upgrades to work conveniently and support as many devices as possible.

In selecting the satellite routers and modems, there is always an option to hire one that you think will deliver the best service. The problem with these rented devices is that you will have to pay rent frequently.

The best thing is to buy your modem and router as they will maintain the cost-effectiveness.

Satellite dish

Another component of the connection is the satellite dish. You need to ensure that you have got the best dish that will receive the connection conveniently when you place it at the proper position. When doing the installation, you will need a properly trained person to work for you.

When choosing the satellite, you have to get one that meets the needs you want it to deliver. Poor positioning of the dish will make the service you get convenient. you will ensure that you are getting the connection at proper RV traveling speeds.

Satellite on the space

There will be no connection if there is no satellite in space. It is located as far as 22000 miles above the earth’s surface. Viasat and HughesNet are some of the services providers who have been very good at delivering the service.

You can also have the internet working with a card because other providers are very good at utilizing the cards. The basic thing is to ensure that you get a compatible service and will serve you as you expect.

How does satellite internet work?

The working of the satellite internet encompasses many features. It includes the satellite available in space and the satellite dish available on the ground surface. They work together by sending and receiving signals which the service utilizes.

The next thing you do is to have all the devices connected. After connection, you will work on the devices that are within the home or institution you are using. However, there is a task that comes along with the selection of the service provider. Several service providers are available for use and have devices in the space.

Viasat and HughesNet are the service providers you will look for. They have different subscriptions that will make the service you get to stand out. The beauty about the two is that they have high-speed satellites.

A good example is HughesNet that has two operational satellites in space. It has more affordable packages and higher allowances in terms of speed. However, ViaSat is a little bit expensive but offers higher speeds than HughesNet.

On the other hand, we have Starlink. The challenge that you will get with it is that it will have slight challenges such as an inconsistent network. You will also not have a chance to use it in various areas as it has a few selected areas that work with it. You have to see if the IP address you are using is under the service of the provider.

How good is the satellite internet?

Satellite internet is an excellent option. It is a service that will deliver excellent speed and stability so long as you choose the best package. Moreover, the service will have less ping because the service does not have cables, resulting in a few delays.

One thing you need to ensure is that there are no obstacles between the satellite and your dish. You have to be very cautious to ensure that you have placed it in the right direction and the waves get through it. You may need to make various adjustments so that the dish has a proper position.

How does the satellite cable work?

The satellite cable is one that gets the signal from the dish to the modem and then to the router. It functions just like the other internet cables.

A receiver gets the internet from the dish and transforms it into a usable form. It then quickly connects to the modem using the same ethernet cables, making them work as expected.

The cables are essential as they make the performance and the functionality best. You can connect the devices such as the modem and the router and reach places the model cannot reach. Adding wi-fi extenders and other devices such as the second router is something you can conveniently do without a hassle.

Is satellite internet a cheaper option?

Satellite internet is a convenient and cheaper method when you use it as expected. It comes with the satellite dish making distribution easier. First, you will need to have the satellite dish and then get the internet cables to supply the connection.

Modems and routers, on the other hand, are easier to acquire and will deliver an excellent service according to the compatibility. Therefore, it is clear that you can get the cost-friendly and compatible devices to help you share the connection conveniently. It is a friendly method.

Does satellite internet work anywhere?

Satellite internet is an excellent option for rural areas because it’s available almost everywhere in the US. It offers much faster speed than dial-up, allowing you to stream videos online. Moreover, satellite internet providers have some plans that are as fast as DSL or cable internet plans!

All you need to know is where to point the dish in your home and you will be able to access the internet. The initial installation will require a technician from your ISP but after that, you can do it yourself.

The WiFi speeds are not as bad as we think. In addition, new technologies are improving how satellite internet works. That way, you may even get access to a better plan as compared to the lower-end cable or DSL plans.

Finally, latency is one of the main challenges with satellite internet. However, with newer technologies and also using some tweaks, you can reduce latency on satellite internet. This will go a long way in making gaming and live streaming better.

Satellite internet FAQs

Is Satellite internet is too expensive?

Compared to DSL, cable, and fiber internet, it is relatively expensive. However, its monthly costs have decreased over the years making it a somewhat more affordable option (especially if you have no other providers). Nowadays Viasat offers plans starting at $30/mo while HughesNet starts from $59.99. This is almost similar to the DSL, Cable, and fiber subscriptions but at a slower download speed.

Does Satellite internet work when it’s cloudy, rainy, or stormy?

Satellite internet is a great option for those who live in rural areas or in bad weather conditions. While it’s true that severe thunderstorms, heavy snow, or blizzards can temporarily interrupt the transmission of satellite signals; the problem isn’t as significant as some might lead you to believe. Storm-related signal interruptions are commonly called “rain fade” and these problems get resolved quickly after storms pass by so your service gets restored immediately! Cable and fiber internet is also greatly affected by big storms because falling trees, debris, and others can break the cables.

Is the satellite internet too slow?

With speeds of 100 Mbps and 25 Mbps for Viasat and Hughesnet respectively, satellite internet is now much faster than it used to be. Satellite internet has always been relatively slow compared with cable or DSL, but new technologies allow for extremely fast downloads (100+ Mbps), putting the technology on par with many other types of broadband networks. The speeds can be used in gaming, streaming, videoconferencing, browsing, and other common online activities.


The satellite internet is excellent because of the service it delivers. Understanding how it works is an excellent thing because it makes usability stand out. You also understand the devices you need to use and the best ones that will pair up with the services.

Using the satellite internet is something that has now become simpler. You all need to have facts and a clue about the various functions then enjoy the service.

Heavy storms can interrupt satellite internet transmission, the problem doesn’t last for too long. The storm-related interruption called “rain fade” restores the signal as soon as the storm passes by. Thus satellite internet will work as well as cable or DSL internet during storms.

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Knowing your IP address is essential for a variety of reasons, but it’s not always easy to find. When you’re playing online games, using remote desktop connections, or connecting to a security camera DVR you need your public IP address.

How do you know if your IP address changes? What does it mean when you can’t access certain websites? If you’re curious about any of these questions or others, then this website is for you!

We know that many people are not sure where their IP addresses are coming from when they use their computers at home or on their mobile devices while traveling abroad (especially in other countries).

You need to know your public IP address, but you don’t want to spend hours digging through the internet for it. It is frustrating when you lack a simple solution online. Most sites make finding your IP address difficult and time-consuming.

What is an IP address?

An IP address is a unique number that identifies and allows these devices the ability to communicate with each other on either internal (like in your home) or external computer network(s).

It is a unique number assigned to all information technology-connected devices such as printers, routers, modems, and even refrigerators. The IP identifies these devices which allows them to communicate with each other on an internal or external computer network. Any device that transmits or receives internet traffic will be assigned an IP address.

An IP address thus is a number that all computer devices on an internal or external network can receive to communicate. Each device has its own unique identifier so they know what traffic goes where. It also allows them the ability to send internet information between each other, such as printers sharing documents through WiFi routers wirelessly instead of being hooked up by cables.

IP addresses may either be assigned static or dynamic. Static IPs are reserved for an email server/business server. Moreover, these servers get their own address from your internet service provider’s pool of available addresses. The addresses might not always be available in all areas. A static IP will cost extra to the end-user as well.

IPV4 and IPV6

However, in tech terms, private IP addresses are those that can only be used within a local network. Your home router has an external and internal address to pair with your device’s Internet connection. The latter is likely 192.168.1.

You’ll use the same number as your static Router login page too! If you’re using IPv4 then devices on this network will have their own unique version of the other 3 numbers (the last three).

This means they won’t conflict across different networks as public ones do. This could cause issues if someone else accidentally uses them or changes something at another location unknowingly causing it to affect others connected there.

IPv6 starts differently though: instead of having potentially millions upon millions available, each provider assigns. Thus, your devices will be assigned IPV4 and IPV6 because they are the current IP addresses versions.

How to find your router’s IP Address on any computer

An IP address is used to route internet traffic to your computer, it does not reveal where you are. If someone was able to get your IP address they could learn a bit about what type of service provider you use but overall can’t locate you or even find out if there were multiple people in the same house using that connection.

It is easy to find your router’s IP address from any computer. The process may differ between the iOS and Windows devices but it’s almost a similar process.

To find IP address on a router using a Mac OS X

You can find the routing IP address on your Mac OS X using the following steps. The router’s IP address is listed in the “Network” window under TCP/IP. The process of finding it varies depending on your computer operating system, but at a high level: go to System Preferences > Network and select your network connection (e.g., Wi-Fi). In the new “Network” tab click Advanced then find Router in the list of networks that are connected to this device. These steps are as explained below:

How to find IP address on a router using a Mac OS X

It’s easy to find the router’s IP address. To do this, select your connection on the Network window and then click Advanced in System Preferences. When you open up System Preferences, click on Network and then select your connection type (e.g., Wi-Fi).

How to find your router's IP Address on any computer: This is the second step on Mac

The next step is clicking Advanced at the bottom of this window. Once that is done, select the TCP/IP from a list that may pop up in another new window. On the window, you’ll see an option for Router along with your assigned IP address there!

The TCP/IP tab with Router as its title will give you the router's IP address on a Mac

The TCP/IP tab with Router as its title comes along with other important information. You can copy the information down for future reference. The information includes IPv4 Address or Hardware Address if it differs from what is displayed here now.

How to find the Router’s IP address on Windows

You can either use using the ipconfig command or the control panel to get your IP address using windows. The two processes are easy to carry out with the ipconfig command being very easy.

How to find the Router’s IP address on Windows using ipconfig command

You can easily use the ipconfig command to find your router’s IP address. It will be listed under gateway as shown below.

To use the command, just type ipconfig at the Command Prompt. You’ll see a list of all your network connections; look under “Wireless LAN adapter” if you’re connected to Wi-Fi or “Ethernet adapter” if you’re connected to wired networks. For even more details, try using the ipconfig /all command!

How to find the Router's IP address on Windows using ipconfig command

To access this feature quickly and easily on Windows 7 (and Vista), press Windows Key + R, then enter cmd in the search bar that pops up in Run dialog box > click OK.

This will bring up an empty window with black background called Command Prompt – here is where we run our commands by typing them out one after another separated by end of the line.

If you prefer to do so via command line instead: open Command Prompt as an administrator first -> type “ipconfig” then hit Enter-> look for IPv4 Address

Using the control panel

If you would like to find a computer’s default gateway address through the graphic interface, these are the steps:

The most straightforward way to get your IP address is by opening up the Control Panel and typing “network”. Thus you can open the Control Panel then under Network and Internet > View network status and tasks.

How to find the Router's IP address on windows

You will find View network status and tasks link just under the Network and Internet as shown above.

Next, you will need to find out what type of connection you have (ex: Wireless) then visit Connection Details for more information about your router’s IP Address which can be found under IPv4 Default Address or DHCP Client ID.

For Ethernet connections, you will need to click on the Ethernet under the “View network status and tasks”.

To find Ethernet information on your WIndows computer

Under the “Ethernet” then click on the “Status” once it is open. This will give you a list of information that applies to your home devices.

Open the details tab on your Ethernet status to get all the information about your connection to the internet including connection type, physicall address, IPV4 or IPV6 address among others

Once you press the “details” tab, you will get a set of information that is relevant to your connection. This is as shown in the photo below:

Your IP address is listed as IPV4 default gateway on a Windows computer using an Ethernet connection
Your IP address is listed as IPV4 gateway

Your router’s IP address is listed as IPv4 Default gateway as shown in the photo above.

How to find the Router’s IP address on a smartphone

It is also very easy to find your router IP address using a smartphone or tablet. The process is different on iPad or iPhone when compared to Android phones. It is important to note that these devices are only connected via WiFi thus you won’t find the address under Ethernet.

On iPhone or iPad

To get the address on an iPhone or iPad, follow these steps to find the IP address of your router.

  1. On Settings select Wi-Fi.
  2. Tap on the name of your wireless network. You will need to select WiFi connection from the list of connections available. You will see a name for each wifi network you have ever connected (e.g., TheBrownHouse). Tap that option then look at ‘Router” listed under ip addresses
  3. In this screen you will see “Router” listed. The public IP address will be displayed as “Router”. Check the illustration below:

On an Android phone

To find the IP address on an android phone, you can either use the WiFi tab on your settings or you can use third-party apps.

Using the Android device settings

To find the IP address using the WiFi tab, you can follow the following steps:

On your phone or tablet, go to “Settings”.

What is my IP Address on an Android phone?

On the settings, you will see “Connections”. Click on connections to reveal the different types of connections.

Then select “WiFi”. This will give you the current WiFi you are connected to. You can change the WiFi to the router connection in case you have several.

How to access the WiFi option in order to check the IP address of your router

On WiFi then click on the current WiFi connection. This will reveal the IP address as shown below:

How to check the WiFi settings on your Android device (Smartphone or tablet)

Using the third party apps

There are several third-party apps that you can use to identify the address for your network. These apps are easy to use and will give you the correct information.

A good example is the Wi-Fi Analyzer. The app also gives you a chance to rename your WiFi network.

Additionally, you can use the “Gateway” IP address.

IP address FAQs

Do cell phones have an IP address?

Just as every house has a unique street name and number, all devices on the Internet have two numbers: one for public use that you can share with your friends to send them messages or see where they are (your public IP address), and another private number used by other computers connected directly to yours. In addition, just as some houses may not be visible from outside their neighborhood because of higher fences or trees in front yards blocking views down streets, many devices do not give out information about what is inside due to security reasons (like when you connect via password-protected WiFi).

What is the difference between public IP address and a private IP address?

Every device on the Internet has two separate and unique numbers that help identify it. On your home network, you have a public IP address (assigned by your ISP) which allows devices to connect through routers onto the web. You also have an internal private one for each of those connected computers or mobile devices.

Can a cell phone IP address be traced?

Technically, when you access the Internet using your cell phone, it will give an assigned IP address that is either unique or randomly changing depending on how long and what type of connection you have.
Just like what happens when you use your computer to go online, a cell phone also receives an IP address assigned by the network. This could be either static or dynamic depending on how it is configured in your device settings and that of the local network service provider. While some people are concerned about this issue as they may have reasons for not wanting their location data tracked, others might find comfort knowing that all mobile devices come with privacy protections built-in especially designed against any form of abuse related to personal information including geo-tracking capabilities.

Can someone track me by my IP address?

A person’s IP address is used to route internet traffic, but it doesn’t reveal where they live or work. If someone was able to get your IP address then they could learn about what kind of internet you are using and which provider you use for the connection.
While this may be useful information when trying to track down an individual user online, a lot more would have to go into the task before anyone knew exactly who was behind their digital screen at home or in the office. This means that there aren’t any ways for people on one end of the spectrum (with access) from being able to monitor every little thing we do with our devices while also protecting others’ privacy rights and ensuring security measures across different platforms remain intact as well.

What can someone do with your IP address?

There are many things that someone can do with your IP address, but it is very difficult to hack you through this. Using public IP addresses is a very difficult way to get into someone’s computer because ISPs and routers have firewalls. If hackers do manage to obtain an individual’s public IP address, however, they can find out some pretty interesting information about that person – including their city, state, and ZIP code!

The final Verdict

A router is the device that assigns IP addresses to all devices in a home. A private address allows your mobile device to access the Internet, while public means other users can connect with you on social media or apps like Spotify and FaceTime

The process of connecting via an internet protocol (IP) usually involves two network interfaces: one for internal traffic and another used by external parties such as friends trying to contact through Facebook Messenger.

These are known respectively as public networks wherein only registered members have permission; whereas those limited within certain intranets called private ones which require login credentials before being able to stay connected online wherever they may be located at many different places around town/worldwide.

Is Satellite Internet Good: For Gaming, Streaming, and Online Activities?

We all want the best connections to the internet. This may not be possible if you are in a place without cable or fiber internet like in rural areas. However, you can use satellite internet. The question: is it good for gaming, streaming, teleconferencing, and other online activities? Yes, when you don’t have another choice it is good. You have to put up with latency, slow speed, and packet loss.

These days everyone needs to communicate with family and friends in another state.

For those who are living in a rural area where there is no cable or fiber internet available. The only option is satellite internet service from a company like HughesNet, Exede, Dish Network, ViaSat Internet.

Satellite internet may be the best solution for you if you don’t have any other choice when it comes to broadband connection options. There are ways to get around some of the problems that come with using satellite internet but they require time and effort on your part.

We will explain the effect to gamers and other users who need fast connections at all times. This is to get their work done effectively without interruption from lag time or slow speeds due to data loss over long distances between end-user devices and servers hosting

This article will help explain the pros and cons of satellite internet so that you can decide whether this option would be right for your situation.

How to set a router to get a good connection when using satellite internet

What is satellite internet?

Satellite internet can be a great option for rural areas that don’t have access to cable or DSL. However, it’s not the best choice if you live in an urban area and need fast speeds.

Satellite internet is not as simple or cheap as other options such as cable or DSL. It also has higher latency than most wireless connections. If you have a large property and need more than one connection point then it could get expensive really quickly.

What is satellite internet? Satellite internet is a wireless connection that involves 3 satellite dishes; one at the internet service provider’s hub, one in space, and one attached to your property. Moreover, you need a modem and a router to connect your household or office to the satellite internet.

The best router for satellite internet will enable your whole home to be connected. It will also enable you to get fast download and upload speeds. Finally, using a satellite internet router will give you Ethernet ports which are better for streaming and gaming.

Reasons to get satellite internet?

For some people, satellite internet is the only option for high-speed internet. There are many reasons why you might want to use satellite internet. It is not always a good choice though because of its problems with latency, speed, and packet loss.

If you have no other choice than to use satellite Internet then it can be a good solution for your needs if you know how to work around its limitations.

There are many reasons why you might be considering using satellite internet in your home or business. But before you decide to go with it, there are a few things that you should consider.

Satellite Internet is not bad per se; however, it comes with its own set of issues that may or may not affect how well it works for any given individual’s needs. The following guide will detail some important points about satellite Internet service providers (ISPs).

1. Connection in rural areas

In some places, satellite internet may be the only good source of broadband internet. This includes rural areas where there are no cable, DSL, or fiber connections.

In these instances, getting the satellite internet will enable you to enjoy activities on the internet which you could not enjoy if you have none.

This is because depending on MiFi or mobile hotspot is expensive and not reliable. When you don’t have another option, satellite internet is better than nothing. It’s slow but the satellite internet works. In fact, we’ve used it to stream Netflix and play video games online without problems.

2. Satellite internet is faster than dial-up

You are in a rural area and need internet access. The providers of cable, fiber, or DSL services don’t offer services that reach your home.

Satellite internet is the fastest way to connect to the Internet for people who live in rural areas without other options available. It is faster than a dial-up internet connection by far! The satellite has been used as a tool for telecommunication since it was first introduced into use in 1962.

If you can’t get fast broadband because there isn’t any nearby then consider using satellite instead of dial-up or slow DSL or even worse no connection at all from an ISP provider (Internet Service Provider).

3. No need for a phone line or cables

It can be hard to believe that satellite internet could be fast enough for streaming, gaming, teleconferencing, or other online activities such as downloading music files or videos.

The truth is that you can enjoy high-speed broadband speeds when using satellite technology because there are no delays in connection due to the distance from your home to the nearest telephone office. This means you’ll have uninterrupted service at all times of day and night without the need for an additional phone line which makes this type of service perfect for rural areas.

Most ISP’s networks of satellites cover the most populated areas across North America, we provide access to over 100 million people who previously had no options for high-speed broadband services like video streaming, downloads, and real-time conferencing.

4. There are no peak time slow-downs

Yes, satellite internet has its own challenges in latency and packet loss. In addition, it is slower than cable, fiber, and DSL internet. Another problem with using a satellite for an internet connection is that your connection may be slow because of weather conditions like rain and snow.

For these customers of satellite internet providers, there is no need to worry about peak time slowdown. This is because the speeds don’t get affected at any time of the day or night due to congestion on their network. They also enjoy better upload speeds than most other types of broadband services available today!

Cons of satellite internet

The biggest challenge with using satellite internet is finding an ISP that offers reliable service for affordable prices. Many things can go wrong when setting up this type of Internet connection including weather conditions, equipment failure, or even interference from other satellites in orbit around Earth. Let’s explore them in detail:

1. The weather affects satellite internet connection.

Satellite is one of the most reliable and fastest types of Internet available, but it can be affected by weather conditions such as rain and snow. This makes it a poor choice for people who live in areas that get these conditions regularly.

If you’re living in an area affected by bad weather conditions you might experience problems connecting at all times due to rain or snow blocking the signal from reaching your property.

This will prevent you from doing anything on the Internet including watching videos online, browsing social media sites, and communicating with friends via email or text messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Facebook Messenger.

You need a good quality satellite dish cover for protecting your dishes against wind damage caused by strong winds (up to 70 mph), heavy snowfall/snowstorms.

2. Satellite internet has high latency or ping

Internet latency is the time it takes for a packet of information to travel from one point to another. High latency can cause problems when streaming media or playing games online, as well as making VoIP calls and video conferencing difficult.

Satellite internet has high ping rates because the signal travels through space before reaching your property. This means that any issues with weather or interference will affect your connection speed and quality.

Even if you have a good line of sight, satellite connections are subject to interference from anything that emits electromagnetic radiation; such as microwaves, cordless phones, and other wireless devices close to your modem.

High latency or high ping rates are a problem for gamers and online shoppers. Latency is the time it takes for a signal to travel from one point to another. The higher the latency, the longer it takes for data to get where you need it to go.

Satellite internet users want lower latency so they can play their favorite games with less lag or delay in response time and more reliable connections when shopping online.

You can explore options on how to reduce latency on satellite internet. However, because of the distance, it may be almost impossible to have a low ping like the ones experienced in cable or fiber connections.

3. Your connection can be affected by minor obstructions on the dish or cables

The problem is that satellite internet can be affected by trees, buildings, and other obstructions. This will cause a drop in speed. There are ways to fix this problem but they are expensive and take time to get set up properly with an installer.

You also need the right kind of dish installed on your roof or you could just have it mounted outside your house somewhere if you’re lucky enough to have space for one.

4. Satellite internet has bandwidth limitations

Satellite internet is not a good solution for all people. Most of the time satellite internet has bandwidth limitations and slow connection speeds

In addition, most satellite ISPs have either data caps or slow down in the connection when so much bandwidth is used.

Customers normally get frustrated with the speed of satellite internet. They have to pay more than cable or fiber customers but they get much less in return.

5. Satellite internet is relatively expensive as compared to fiber, cable, or DSL connections

Satellite internet is relatively expensive and doesn’t offer the speeds you need. The satellite Internet providers are slow, have data caps, and usually charge more than fiber, DSL, or cable connections.

The problem with satellite internet is that it’s too expensive to use for most people. It can cost hundreds of dollars per month just to get the service installed in your home! And even after you pay for installation, you have to pay a monthly fee on top of that. On top of that, some satellite ISPs will throttle or even block your connection if you go over your data cap!

Is satellite internet good for gaming?

I live in a rural area and have to use satellite internet for gaming. Is this service good enough? It’s slow, it has latency issues and there is frequent packet loss. It also costs more than other providers but my only choice is dial-up. What can I do with this kind of provider?

Low speeds and poor reliability of their satellite internet service for gaming or streaming video games online. If you want to play your favorite MMORPGs or multiplayer first-person shooters like Fortnite or PUBG then you need a better connection that won’t lag every time someone else in your house uses the Internet at the same time as you try to game online on PS4 or Xbox One.

However, satellite internet can be fast enough to play games, but there are some issues with latency, packet loss, and speed. So, you will have to find ways to reduce latency on satellite internet as explained here.

Is satellite internet good for streaming?

Satellite internet is generally slower than other broadband options, but it can be faster in some areas. If you want to stream video from Netflix or Amazon Prime, you need at least 10 Mbps download speed.

You also may experience latency issues with satellite internet because data has to travel a long distance between your home and the satellite. Packet loss is another issue that comes with using this type of service. This occurs when packets get lost along the way or arrive damaged due to weather conditions like rain or snow

However, if you don’t have fiber or cable internet, the satellite is the next best option for streaming as compared to a dial-up connection. It easily gives you more than 10Mbps download speed and thus you can enjoy streaming.

The main issue will be the slight delay in the live streaming of events!


Satellite internet is your only option in rural areas with no cable or fiber options. The question remains if it will be good enough for what you need. Is satellite internet good?

Yes, but some issues come with using satellite internet like latency, slow speed, and packet loss. However, most people don’t have a choice of providers when they live in rural areas so they must choose between this service or nothing at all.

Satellite Internet offers a good option to the customer who wants fast broadband but doesn’t have access to it in their area. It’s very important that you look at your options before committing to this service because there are some limitations you need to be aware of with satellite internet.

If you’re looking for an alternative way of getting broadband into your home without having the lines run through your property or if you just want something faster than DSL or dial-up then this is a viable option.

How to Access my Router from the Internet On-Site or Remotely [5 Amazing Hacks]

We all love having control over the connections on our internet. Getting control over the router can give you an easy way to control devices connected and sometimes prioritize some. This thus calls for the ability to access the router from the internet either at home or remotely.

Configuration of the router is as important as connecting devices to the internet connection. The configuration assures you of security, privacy, prioritization, and even parental controls.

The configuration can also give you remote access to the router. The process of remotely accessing the router enables you to always keep abreast of the things taking place on your network. You can also access router settings from a phone!

Having control of the router is therefore very important for personal and commercial connections. It will also help you in case you need something from your home connection and you are far from home!

Therefore, in this article, we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to access your router remotely through the internet. Let’s dive in!

How does accessing the router from the internet or remotely work?

Have you ever needed something available on your network when you are away? Sometimes, you even want to conduct some maintenance on your network which is available on your personal computer which was left at home.

In this case, to get access to the content at home, you can use third-party services such as, Google Docs, OneDrive, and others. In other instances, you can get another paid service such as “” for access remotely.

However, for all these methods, you have surrendered the control to a third party, have limits on the storage, or you pay monthly or annual subscription fees. This should not be the case if you follow the following steps for accessing content remotely.

In addition, why should you struggle with third-party services which you have to pay when you have your own router. This is especially good for routers with NAS.

However, the correspondence worker needs to have a firewall to ensure the data flow is protected. In addition, you have to make sure that the credentials are only available to the right people.

Why do you need to access your router remotely?

There are several reasons why you would want to do router remote management. The most important ones benefit you and the other approved users of your connection markedly. The following are the main reasons:

1. For convenience

If you have a family or colleagues who may not how to connect, disconnect or troubleshoot your internet connection, then you need to access your router remotely. This ensures you do not have to call professionals to come to your home to do simple troubleshooting or maintenance.

You can easily ensure that your connection is working well from wherever you are. You will also be able to ensure your home devices get the best connection. For this, therefore, you need to know how to control the router remotely.

2. To check the current users of the internet

Sometimes, you need to know who is using your internet. When you are not around, you want to know if the children are using the internet instead of doing their chores.

Otherwise, It will also show you if there are other illegal users on the internet when you are not around. This thus helps to know what is consuming the bandwidth when you aren’t home.

This is a reason to access your router from an outside network!

3. To remove network parasites or guests from the network

Have you had complaints that your internet is slow? This may be due to guests being on the network all the time or having network leeches. However, they may know when the administrator is not around and get on the network.

When you can access your router from the internet from far away, you can easily remove these users from your connection. This will leave only the permitted users on the network and speed up the connection.

Thus you will have control of the devices connected to your router even when you are far from home.

4. To get access to files stored on your router storage

When you have a NAS drive, you may want to get access to the documents stored on the hard drive remotely. In this case, you just need internet access and your NAS router login details to access the files.

Therefore, if you are working remotely or are on a holiday, you can access your router on the internet and use/ share files as conveniently as possible.

You can also retrieve music and video files from your media server especially if you have a favorite playlist or have videos that you want to access every time and everywhere.

5. Watch your home surveillance cameras on the phone

When you have surveillance cameras at home, you can easily check what is happening at home remotely. This is important if you want to spy on the happenings in your home and you are not around.

The modern surveillance cameras can store or have live footage loaded on the home network. Therefore, with the ability to access the router network remotely, you will be able to view them.

You can alert the security forces if there is any breaking into your home or also know the care being given to your children or pets when you are far from home.

How to access the router from the Internet On-Site or remotely

There are a few steps for accessing the router from the internet. For you to be able to access the router remotely you have to ensure that you carry out the right configuration on your connection.

Change the router admin password

For our routers, there are two sets of passwords. One of them is the WiFi password which everyone uses to get an internet connection. The other password is the admin password that is used to access the router’s web user interface.

Access to the web user interface gives you the ability to change the router’s settings. Configuration of the router’s settings enables you to perform several tasks such as prioritizing the devices, changing the IP address, changes the WiFi SSID (network name), change the WiFi password, and other tasks.

Even if you are operating on the default password, other people may not access your router if they are not connected to your network or router.

If you haven’t changed the admin password thus far, you need to change the password. You will notice that the default admin password is indicated on the back of the router. The default password may be “admin” or “password”. You may find that your router may not have a default password.

For you to access the router remotely on the internet, you need to change the default admin password for security and privacy. The process for changing the admin password is as follows:

  • Using the private IP address login into the router. The IP address is indicated on the router’s box or on the manufacturer’s website. The default password is,,, or as indicated on your router.
  • Type the IP address on the address bar of your browser. You should do this on a computer connected to the router via Ethernet connection or Wi-Fi. This will bring a login page.
  • On the login page, enter the admin username and password. The action will give you access to the web user interface.
  • On the web user interface, you can change the password of your router. You can follow these steps to change the router’s password.

Enable login from internet or WAN

After changing the router admin password for security and privacy, the next step is to allow for remote access. This will be done on the router’s web management interface.

To enable remote login for your router, you will have to change the router settings. You need to check for the settings options that enable login from the internet. Thus you will go to the advanced settings for your router on the web user interface.

The settings for remote access will either be labeled “Allow login from WAN” or “Allow login from the internet”. However, you need to check the settings that are specific to your router.

If you can’t locate the settings for your router, you can check the description of the setting from the manufacturer or check it on the internet. To check the settings configuration for your router from the internet, you can search as follows: “Router model + login from WAN”.

Enable logging and notifications

Depending on your router, you may get this option or not. Therefore, it is not a must for you to enable this function on your router.

You will find these settings on the web user interface. You will find the admin / advanced settings section of the router’s web user interface settings. On the settings, try and find “logging” or “notifications”. Other routers have a similar word to describe this process.

Thus, in this section, you can enable logging and notifications according to your preference. Thus when someone accessed your Wi-Fi the router will notify the admin. This may happen on email, on the app, or when the admin logs into the web user interface.

You can easily use the information to monitor WiFi usage in your home. Thus you can keep your router secure even without a password and ensure users use the internet when it is allowable.

Determine the public IP address for your router

Your router normally has a private and public IP address. In our case, we are choosing the public IP address. 
An IP address gives the location and the ability to find your devices when online. You use it to send and receive data over the internet.

Therefore, for you to access the router from the internet, you need to use the following methods to know your router’s public IP address:

Using what is my public IP address to access your router from the internet even remotely
  • By finding out the IP address on your router web user interface or app. It is easy to find the public IP address when you login into the web user interface or app. On the user interface, you can find the address on the “Status” page or tab. Once you locate the status tab/ page, you will be able to easily find the ‘WAN” or “Internet” IP address.
  • You can also search it on a IP finder website. By asking such a website, you are able to easily determine the public IP address. You can use any “what is my IP address” websites as shown above. Some of the websites that can show you the IP address include Google, IP chicken among others.

Kindly note down the public IP address for future use

Note down the IP address as identified by any of the methods above. You will use the IP address to access the router remotely on the internet. It is important to note that the public IP address can change from time to time. The change is because the residential ISPs use DHCP instead of the static IP address for network identification.

However, the change in IP address is not a problem when you want to remotely access the router. This is because you can use dynamic DNS (DDNS) for your router identification. The DDNS will update automatically when your IP address changes.

Setting a DDNS enables you to connect to your router using a hostname such as “” rather than using the normal IP address such as

Therefore the DDNS server will update the public IP address automatically whenever the “” resolves to every time it changes.

Make a test on another internet connection

To know if you have the correct details, it is good to test the functionality. You need to test it on a network that is different from your home network.

This means that you can either use your phone hotspot to check if your remote access works. You can also connect your computer to a neighbor’s connection or work internet connection for the test.

Once you get another source of internet, you will need to conduct the test for remote access as follows:

  1. On a web browser on your computer, type in the public IP address. You can also use a DDNS qualified domain name. Once you key in the IP address press enter.
  2. This will give you a login page for your router’s network. However, if it doesn’t introduce “http://” or “https://” before the IP address.
  3. On the login page, type in your admin name and password. This will give you access to the router’s web user interface.
  4. On this web user interface you can see and manage the devices connected to your router and also change some of the router’s settings.

Access the router remotely

Once you are sure that the remote access is working for your router’s network, you can log in and access your router from the internet anywhere. The process that we have described here will work for accessing your router even if you are on the other side of the globe.

Does this work on all routers?

As we have described in the process, the steps will work for most routers. You will definitely be able to get access to Arris, Netgear, Belkin, Xfinity, AT&T, TP-Link, Linksys, and Sky routers among others remotely by following the steps described here.

There will be a slight difference in the labeling of various steps for different routers but the steps are majorly the same. Therefore, you just need to find the label for the step the means almost the same as the one described here.

In case you get any challenges, you can check the steps with your router manufacturer’s customer care. This will ensure you don’t miss any step in the remote access for your router.


It is really important in this day and age to have the ability to access your router from the internet remotely. This will ensure that you can check what is happening at home and enhance security and privacy.

For the best remote access protection, you may need to enable a VPN and also ensuring that there is WEP/ WPA protection. This in effect ensures that any entry into your router is safe and from a source allowed to!

Finally, you may decide to use TeamViewer for access to your devices remotely.

How to Connect a Landline Phone to a Modem or WiFi router

This is how to connect a landline telephone to a modem or WiFi router effectively an easily

If you have a landline phone, is there a need to continue paying the phone bill if you have a modem or WiFi router? Your guess is as good as mine! You can eliminate the landline phone bill and get the best connection when you connect it to a modem or WiFi router.

A Landline phone can now connect to a modem and even to a WiFi router without a hassle. However, there are a few considerations you need to make as you make the connection.

A modem is an internet device that plays a massive role in the transmission of communication. A landline is a communication device that plays an enormous role in facilitating wired communications. The major disadvantage of a landline is that it is not portable.

Part of the development is having a landline sending voiced communication via the world wide web. Such a process involves plugging the connection cables between the modem and the landline phone. You will therefore be quite sure that you will enjoy a reliable service for your communication.

We have done our duty to make everything clear for you. You can now connect your landline phone to your modem without any complications. Use the guide below to make things happen.

Understanding the working of a landline jack

A landline jack is a connector that joins the landline phone such as the AT&T corded phone (on Amazon) to other devices. The inside part of the telephone is the wiring system that allows for the whole communication system’s connection.

Therefore, the work of the jack is to connect the inside part of the phone to the outside of the sources of communication.

It, therefore, establishes a connection between the telephone jack and the phone network. It is therefore very possible to have it working with your local modem.

Things to consider before connecting the modem/ WiFi router to the landline phone

It is essential to understand a few things about the landline phone and the modem before implementing the connection. The most important factors are as shown below.

Type of connection

The landline does not work wirelessly. You will therefore need to use wired connections to have it properly functioning. Something major is to assess whether the modem can connect to the landline.

You may get discouraged because some modems have a phone jack while others do not. In addition, some modems are too slow when connected to a landline phone. Getting one that has a voice-over IP landline phone is lovely.

Connection speeds

If your internet speeds are high, you will enjoy an adequate connection to the landline. If you have a poor connection, you may have the worst experience when using the voice connection. The location and traffic also play a massive role in allowing for the connection of your devices. It is therefore essential to use models that have high speeds.

WiFi standards

We have various wifi standards that make the connection to your devices reliable. Something that will amaze you is that wifi standards also determine the quality of service you will enjoy. If you have the older modem router versions, you are likely to experience low speeds and unreliable connections.

Employing the use of the latest technology is lovely. You will have the opportunity to enjoy very high and reliable speeds all through the connection.

Ease of maintenance

Maintenance of the connection and connecting your devices should be a straightforward task. You should do something by fixing the small technical challenges that come with the connection. Plugging and unplugging the model should be a straightforward task. 

How to connect a landline phone to a modem

Although there is some technical bit involved in the connection, the process is most effective. The process is as simple as just plugging the jack into the modem and then straight away to the landline phone.

Depending on the type of modem you have, you will enjoy the direct connections. These are the steps that you can follow to connect a landline phone to a modem:

  • Step 1: Plug one end of the first telephone cable into your wall jack. Most of the internet providers have an internet port/ wall jack in most houses to connect your modem.
  • Step 2: Connect the other end of the telephone cable to your modem’s “Line” port.
  • Step 3: Thereafter, you will use the second telephone cable for this action. You need to plug one end of this telephone cable into the input jack of your landline phone.
  • Step 4: Then you connect the other end of the second telephone cable into the “Phone” port on the modem.
    • Please note: On some of the modems, the phone port is labeled using the telephone icon instead of the word phone. So check for the name or telephone icon/ picture.
  • Step 5: Once connected, pick up your telephone receiver. This should give you a dial tone. If you do not hear the dial-tone, check the cable connections between your modem and the telephone or between the modem and the wall jack.

Connecting landline phone jack to Arris or Motorola Modem

If you have an Arris (like Surfboard SB800– on Amazon) or Motorola modem, you can have the connection quickly and reliably affected. If the phone connector gets fixed, you may need a useful guide from the developers. However, the connection process is as follows.

  1. Connect the modem to the internet. Ensure that the connection is reliable and quick. Ensuring that the model you use has proper functionality with all the ports functioning.
  2. Connect the cable. The green connector should act as a guide to ensure that you can comfortably connect one station to the other.
  3. Take note of the dial tone.  You can dial a ten-digit number to assess if the connection is proper and functioning. Using the dial tone is essential as it ensures that you have made the connection properly.
  4. If the deal fails, it means that the process has not been adequately achieved. You will therefore need to have the connection re-done. As you redo the connection, ensure that each part connects without a hassle.
  5. Sometimes the modem connection could be a challenge. You should therefore ensure that the modem has a reliable connection before dialing.

Connecting landline phone to Technicolor/ Cisco modem

The Technicolor modem (like Prism C2100– on Amazon) is also one of those that will serve you conveniently. When connecting, the following should adequately guide you.

  1. Connect the phone cable to the TEL 1 port and the other end to the base station. The next process after that is for the two devices to configure. It should automatically happen.  
  2. Give the modem time until the port on the TEL 1 turns blue. This is an indication that the modem is connected and ready to function. Once on, you will enjoy the reliable ad quick connection.
  3. Once the setup is a success, you will hear a dial tone that will make everything ready for you. If you cannot hear the dial tone, consider redoing the connection. Ensure that the ports get correctly plugged. 
  4. The second and third steps are the ones you should be very conversant with. They will even help you to implement measures once the connection and the functionality fail.
  5. Connection of the jack involves putting it on the ports on the modem and the phone. Once the configuration process gets achieved, you will be ready to do your stuff.

Connecting landline phone to a WiFi router

The process of connecting a landline phone to a WiFi router is not complicated. You can use the router for connecting your Landline to the internet because the voice signals are converted to digital signals by your router for transmission.

The digital signals can then be transmitted on the internet like other data. The process described below will work for DSL internet connections or other high-speed internet connections.

Step 1: Power off the router

For you to connect your landline to a WiFi router, you need to connect the devices. However, it is not recommended that you connect the devices when the router is on.

Therefore, you need to remove the router’s power cable from the power outlet. Kindly ensure that you do not unplug any cables before removing the router from the power supply.

Step 2. Connect your router to a computer

Once you have disconnected the router from the power supply, connect your router to a personal computer using an Ethernet cable. Note that this will be in addition to the Ethernet cable used to connect the router to the modem.

The Ethernet cable is connected to the LAN port on the router. Most of the routers have one or several Ethernet ports for connecting wired devices.

Then connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on your computer.

Step 3. Connect the landline phone to the WiFi router

This is the next step in connecting the landline phone to the WiFi router using a cable. You will need to connect the cable to the router at the port either that has a phone icon or is labeled “phone 1”

Some WiFi routers have a phone adapter port while others do not have. Therefore, if your router has a phone adapter port, the process is as simple as these steps.

After connecting, the landline phone is now connected to the WiFi router. You can thus use the phone!

Step 4. Power the router and the computer

Once you have connected all the cables, it is time to turn on the router and the personal computer. Plugin the power cable to the power outlet for the router and computer.

The action will turn on the power indicator light. Once the router has fully booted, the indicator light will stop blinking and become stable.

Step 5. Test your landline

Once the router is powered up, it’s time to test if the landline is working. You can test the landline by lifting the receiver and listening for the dial tone. However, the test is not complete if you do not make or receive a call.

You can call any of your preferred numbers to make a test. These include toll-free numbers or even your smartphone.

How to connect a landline phone to a modem router

In our homes, we may have either a separate modem and router or a combo. The combo is also referred to as a gateway by most internet service providers.

If you have a modem router for internet connection in your home, the following are the steps you can use to connect a landline phone:

  • Switch off the modem router: You can easily do this by disconnecting the modem router combo from the power supply. This will ensure you do not spoil any of the equipment and also for your personal safety.
  • Connect the landline phone to the phone jack: To connect the landline to the phone jack on your gateway, you will first need to locate the port. It is found at the back or the base of your modem router combo. Then use the telephone cable to connect the phone to the gateway by plugging one side to the phone and the other to the modem router.
  • Switch on the modem router combo: When you have successfully connected all the cables, then plug the gateway back to the power supply. The indicator lights will show you if the modem router is powered or not. When the power indicator lights are stable, then your devices are ready to use.
  • Make a test call: You are ready to use the telephone once the indicator lights become stable. You can lift the landline telephone receiver and listen for a dial-tone. In addition, you can call your preferred number to test if the connection is successful.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between Ethernet cables and phone cables?

When looking at the Ethernet cable and phone cable, you will note a difference in size and plug. The Ethernet cable is wider than phone cables. In addition, the Ethernet (CAT) cable has eight wires while the phone cable has four wires. On performance, Ethernet cables have a larger bandwidth as compared to phone cables. This means you can transmit more data and faster across the Ethernet cable as compared to a phone cable. Finally, a phone cable is used for DSL connections while the Ethernet cable is used to connect devices to a router or modem. The Ethernet cables connect IP networks and computers to each other and to the internet.

What cable do I need to connect a router to a phone line?

With a good quality DSL cable, you can connect your router to the phone line for DSL internet. If you need an extension cable, use one of the best DSL cables (also known as ADSL) on the market. These enable your modem-router to be connected seamlessly with your home’s phone lines for better internet connectivity!

Can I connect a second router to my phone line?

It is not possible to set up a second router on the same line because that would create interference and decrease your wireless signal. If you want better wireless coverage in your home or office, run an Ethernet cable from your home hub or use a wireless repeater that can boost the existing signal. You can also use a mesh router for the best coverage.

How do I connect my landline phone to my broadband?

To connect a landline phone to broadband, plug the handset phone jack into your modem through VoIP 1. You need to use the grey telephone cable that came in the router box! Now you’re able to make calls straight away.

Can I plug my landline phone into my router?

Yes, you can! You can do so by connecting your landline phone via an Ethernet port to the router. Plug one end of your Ethernet cable to the backside Ethernet port on the router and another along with the modem. Connecting a Landline phone is as simple: Plugging in the other end is easy; just make sure it’s got a strong signal before connecting with either wire type: thick or thin coaxial networks work well! You’ll also want another cable so that we can establish a connection between our computer on the local network as well as connect landline phone lines together using their respective ports at backside paneling where there are 3 cables available – labeled “Router,” “Phone” & “ADapter.” Check if the phone is connected.

Can you plug an Ethernet cable into a phone line?

This might be difficult because the jacks are of different sizes. Ethernet cables are thicker and have a wider cable spectrum than phone jacks do, so they won’t fit snugly into most phone jacks. If you’re trying to connect two different types of networks together or if your computer has an Ethernet port that can be used as the main connection for Internet access while other devices rely on WiFi connections instead (such as printers), then this might not matter!


Using a landline phone on your internet connection is an excellent way of communicating and saving costs. Once you know how to connect a landline phone to the modem or router, you will have the most relaxing time to achieve the objective.

Connecting a landline phone to a modem or router is straightforward so long as they are compatible. Therefore, you may need to get a router or modem with a phone jack.

Why is my Cox Internet so Slow? Causes & Fixes!

Why is my Cox internet connection so slow: The following are the main causes and solutions for a poor Cox internet connection

If you are on a Cox connection, sometimes you may experience slow internet. You need a guide to troubleshoot the challenges with the connection. With our guide today, we will be able to check out the causes for a bad Cox connection and the solutions.

Cox internet is known for excellent prices but slower speeds. As seen on the internet service provider reviews, most of the ISPs do not offer the 10 Mbps internet plan as Cox does.

The budget-friendly low end plans are what makes the ISP the best choice for most people.

However, Cox still has high-speed connections such as 500Mbps or 940 Mbps download speed plans. These plans come at a similar or sometimes higher price as compared to other ISPs.

What are the reasons for picking Cox internet?

There are several reasons for picking Cox internet for your household or office. Depending on the location, it may offer the best plans for your needs. The following are the reasons why you should pick Cox internet:

  • Cox offers low-end and budget-friendly plans: Not many ISPs in the US will offer speeds of 10 Mbps. But that what Cox does. Therefore, if you need a connection for basic browsing and internet use, why not pick the budget-friendly service.
  • Cox has a variety of plans ranging from low to high: We have discussed the low-end internet plans. However, you can pick up to a 940Mbps plan for your home or office. Therefore, you can choose a plan that will suit your needs and have room for an upgrade.
  • There is no contract for plans exceeding 50 Mbps: Most of the ISPs will offer an annual contract for most of their plans. This is not the case for Cox. Cox does not require a contract for plans exceeding 50 Mbps.


There are some disadvantages that come with the Cox internet. In addition to complaints that the Cox internet is so slow, the following are the other cons:

  • The Cox high-speed plans (500 Mbps and 940 Mbps) are highly priced as compared to other ISPs.
  • The customer service is not so great.

Why is my Cox internet so slow?

Cox internet may be slow due to home network challenges or ISP connection problems. This means that the reasons for poor Cox connection may be because of the gadgets and connections at home or due to challenges from the ISP side.

The following are some of the main reasons as to why your Cox internet is so slow:

1. You have a very slow internet plan for your needs

Cox offers low-end to high-end internet plans. The plan you have chosen will determine your connection speeds. If you have chosen a very low download speed connection, don’t expect it to perform like a gigabit connection.

Therefore, you need to check if your needs exceed your internet plan. If you have multiple devices or would like to enjoy gaming or streaming, then the low-end internet plan will not work for you.

If you think that this is the problem, the solution is to get an ISP plan upgrade or reduce internet usage. I know reducing the number of devices or limiting gaming/ streaming may not work.

Therefore, it is good to get a higher subscription to ensure you continue enjoying the internet connection in your home or office.

2. Network peak hours congestion

If you know that the internet plan is good enough, then the other main cause is Cox peak hours congestion. This happens mostly in the early evenings or over the weekends when everyone is at home.

The peak hours congestion affects most of the major cable and DSL internet providers in the US.

Overutilization of the neighborhood node is very common for cable connections. This is unlike DSL or fiber which do not utilize a neighborhood node.

If you think and prove that the internet speeds are slower at these peak hours, there are a few things you can do:

  • Schedule downloads at other times. Huge downloads and other activities requiring a huge bandwidth can be scheduled for late at night or during the day. At these times, there are fewer people on the network.
  • Avoid being online at the peak hours: If you have done a check and have noticed a pattern, you can avoid being online at those peak hours. Additionally, you can only be using the internet for basic things at those times.
  • Make a complaint to Cox: Even though their customer service is not the best, they still respond to complaints. Therefore, if the peak hours congestion is unbearable report it.

3. Damaged or poor quality data cables

If you are having problems with your internet connection, it is possible that the cables or connectors may be damaged.

Damaged or poor-quality cables may be the cause of a bad Cox connection. This is because damaged cables can prevent the good transmission of the internet from one device to another. Thus the internet can’t work well if cables are damaged.

The main problem is that most people don’t know how to test their internet cables for damage or poor quality. This leads to bad connections and slow internet speeds.

You can easily identify if the cable has been damaged by checking the Ethernet cable ends, they should be intact with no fraying or cuts in them. Also, you need to check the wire jacketing as it should not have any cracks in them. If there are visible damages then you will have to replace the cable immediately before it causes more havoc.

The solution is simple; use the cable tester that comes with this product to ensure that all of your cables are in good condition before connecting them to any device. If they do not pass the test then replace them immediately as they could cause damage or disruption within your network over time.

You will need to contact Cox if your coaxial cable is damaged. This will ensure that there is no packet loss in your connection.

4. Network parasites/ sponges

Poor internet speed is the main problem that most users face when using Cox.

The truth is, your internet connection may be slowing down because someone in your neighborhood has tapped into a cable or connected to an unsecured wireless network. This parasite will slow down everyone’s connection and even cause outages due to increased traffic on the network.

A network parasite can use up to 80% of your bandwidth and cause problems with streaming or gaming.

You will therefore need to closely monitor the devices connected to your Cox internet. You can do this through the user interface dashboard or by switching off all the devices and checking if there is still a connection on your network.

In addition, ensure that you change and use a strong Wi-Fi password for your connection to reduce hacking and network parasites.

5. Your router or devices are infected by malware viruses

Malware can easily consume the whole bandwidth as they look for weaknesses in your system. This means that they can slow the Cox internet completely.

For your Cox network, you can ensure that the devices are not affected by viruses by doing the following:

  • Installing a firewall/ antivirus on your network. You can easily set up a firewall on your system to ensure that it is not infected. Additionally, you can also scan and remove all viruses from your computer or router.
  • Setting a strong password: One of the easiest ways to get a router infected is by sticking with the manufacturer’s set username and password. Therefore, you can solve this by ensuring you have a strong password for your network.

6. Your router is not positioned optimally for your connections

One of the best ways of boosting the Wi-Fi signal when using Cox is ensuring that the router is well-positioned. If this is the problem, you can try a few solutions:

  • Ensure that your Cox modem router is centrally located in your home. However, ensure that it is not surrounded by thick walls.
  • You should also not place the gateway in a metallic or wooden cabinet.
  • Move closer to the router. If your devices are far from the router, they may experience a slow Cox internet connection. Therefore, you can move the devices nearer the modem router.
  • You can also get an excellent Cox Wi-Fi extender to ensure that all your devices have a high-speed connection.

7. Your ISP has connection challenges

Sometimes, the challenges with your internet connection emanate from the ISP. Cox may be experiencing some downtime. Alternatively, the ISP may have challenges with the infrastructure or software.

Thus, with this, you may experience a poor Cox internet connection at home or in the office. Thus, you can contact Cox to report the matter if you have not been notified through the different communication channels.

You can check if these issues are reported on Cox’s social media pages, forums, via text, on the website, and other channels.

8. Your equipment needs a reboot

With frequent uninterrupted use, every device undergoes wear and tear and also gets some moments of weaknesses. This is also true for routers, modem routers, or modems for Cox.

You may need to reboot the devices to get the internet working optimally again. This means you use different methods to restart the devices for the best connection.

Rebooting enables to reduce equipment overheating and also gives the devices time to work better. The process may speed up your Cox connections.


We have listed the main causes of a slow internet connection from Cox. We have also elucidated some of the solutions if your Cox internet is poor.

You can try all these methods to ensure that you get the best connection for your office or home. As you have learned, if you have a slow Cox plan, then you may need to upgrade to enjoy the best connection.

What to Know About Card-not-Present (CNP) Transactions for Merchant Services Purposes

Your merchant services program can help you collect credit and debit card transactions from people both in-person and online. But there might be times when a customer doesn’t have one’s physical card on hand. That customer might need to complete a CNP or card-not-present transaction.

A CNP transaction is a part of online merchant services that entails collecting card data while online or over the phone. Such transactions have become increasingly important in today’s merchant services world, as more people are doing their shopping from home. Mobile phone shopping also makes CNP deals essential, as more people can access their cards through their phones instead of carrying their physical cards with them everywhere.

CNP deals give you more power over how you can collect customer data and process transactions. But the process isn’t always foolproof, even if the CVV number in the transaction keeps the plan under control.

How a CNP Transaction Works

Online merchant services can handle CNP transactions in moments. You can set up an online store and accept CNP transaction payments through a shopping cart platform. You could also collect payments by phone if you prefer, as you can transfer that data you get by phone to an established database or recording system that keeps track of your payments.

The customer will manually enter one’s data into the website on an order form. The form will include spaces for the card number, the name, the expiration date on the card, and the CVV number. The CVV is critical for CNP transactions, as it helps verify the card for online transactions.

The card data will move on the network, and the card company will review the details on the card to ensure its accuracy. The analysis will include the CVV to confirm the customer’s identity for a CNP transaction.

Can You Save the Card Data?

You can save the card data you collect from a CNP transaction as part of a customer’s account. The data can be saved for future purchases the customer wishes to complete. You only need to collect the CVV content once. After that, you can secure the customer’s card data in an encrypted network database that meets PCI compliance standards.

Your online merchant services account must remove all CVV number data after the initial transaction. The CVV confirms the customer’s identity at the start. But the CVV should not be included in future transactions, as removing the number from your records ensures no one who tries to review your credit card details will have access to every piece of data. It becomes harder for data thieves to steal CVV data if they cannot reach every feature in a transaction.

What Is the Cost to Use?

It will cost more money for you to manage a CNP transaction than it will for you to handle a traditional deal. For example, an average Visa card will have a typical interchange rate of 2.1% plus 10 cents for each transaction. A CNP deal on that same Visa card can be 2.5% plus 10 cents.

The added cost comes from the network being unable to physically validate the card. Since the card isn’t there, the risk of someone potentially stealing a card and using it without someone’s permission is higher.

Can This Prevent Fraud All the Way?

card-not-present (CPN) for Merchant services: How to prevent fraud when conducting CNP

While the CNP transaction process can work for merchant services purposes to prevent fraud, it doesn’t always stop the issue. Some people may still use cards without the original owner’s permission, leading to potential chargebacks. The chargeback can cost you money, as you might pay extra to reimburse the customer and to facilitate the process within the credit card network.

These people who illegally use these cards are often related to the actual cardholders and might have physical access to their cards, or at least to one’s card-linked account for making a purchase. This problem makes it where a CNP transaction will cost more for online merchant services accounts to manage.

Be cautious when handling CNP transactions. This part of merchant services is useful for helping you collect payments and to protect customers’ data. But it is not foolproof, and it will cost more to process a CNP deal.


We all want the best safety and security online. This is especially important when information related to our finances is concerned. It is for this reason that we want to protect our computers from malware threats.

Therefore, as described here, you can use the method above to avoid fraud and ensure success in your transactions. You will be able to conduct CNP Transactions For Merchant Services without a major hindrance.

How to recover deleted files on Mac without software: 5 Effective ways!

We’ve all deleted files from our Mac computers at one point. It’s even worse when you accidentally lose important data. The challenge is that we want to recover the files on the Mac, and may not know the options available. Do you need Mac data recovery software to recover your deleted files? Maybe not!

Whether you’re using an old Macintosh or the latest MacBook Pro, you’re never truly exempt from accidental data loss. Naturally, this is always a stressful time, especially when you don’t have the slightest clue how to recover your lost data.

Your best bet is to try and recover your data as quickly as possible before you lose it forever.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can recover deleted files from your Mac – even after emptying your Trash. In this post, we will share with you some steps to recover accidentally deleted files on your Mac without using additional software:

How to recover files on a Mac without a software

1. Restore Deleted Files from Trash Bin

Whenever you delete a file accidentally on your Mac, the first place you will look is the Trash. That’s because all your recently deleted files will be stored in the Trash temporarily. You won’t have “deleted” your file yet. In that case, you can use the following simple steps to recover your deleted files quickly from the Trash of your Mac without using third-party software:

  • Open the Trash Bin icon
  • Here, you can see all recently deleted files
  • Scroll through all the deleted files, select the files you want to recover, and drag them to your desktop
  • Another alternative is to right-click on the selected files then click on the “put back” option
  • The files will be returned to their original location.

Finally, check to see if all your files and folders have been recovered successfully.

You can also use the Terminal app to access your Trash and recover all deleted files. This process may require the use of some commands. Therefore, you can use the method above for easy recovery.

2. Recover Deleted Files Using the Undo Option

There comes a time when junk and other temporary files fill your Mac computer leaving you with little to no space. Then, in the middle of deleting your files, you accidentally delete important data.

The lovely thing about a Mac is that it keeps track of everything that you do!

Come to the scratch disk. This is a virtual space that stores parts of your working documents and editing history. Clearing your disk space gives you enough space to recover any files you deleted accidentally. Unfortunately, not many people know how to clear it and leave it untouched.

You may have to clear your photoshop cache and remove temporary files to allocate enough space for the recovery process.

If you accidentally delete important files, you can restore them easily using the “Undo” option. As with all file recovery options, you should do this immediately after discovering you deleted the wrong files from your Mac. This process will be invalid if, in any case, you remove the files from the Trash Bin or delete them permanently.

Here’s what you can do:

  • After deleting the files, go to the “Edit” option
  • Select the “Undo” option
  • You can also use the “Command+Z” key to undo the delete command

If the process is successful, all your files will return to their original folders.

3. How to use time machine to restore files

Time Machine is one of Apple’s best backup solutions for Mac. But this process also only works when you have the Time Machine Backup enabled. The Time Machine backup allows you to recover deleted files even when you’ve emptied the Trash Bin.

NOTE: This process is useless if you didn’t create any backup before initiating the delete command. The backup can be onto the cloud, on a WiFi router with a hard drive, or other backup methods.

Follow these steps to recover your files using Time Machine Backup:

  • Launch the Time Machine program on your Mac. You will find it in the menu bar and choose Enter Time Machine Backup. Alternatively, you can open the folder where your deleted files were last located in Finder. Then, select the Time Machine icon as explained above. You can also search for it using Spotlight. Opening the Time Machine enables you to get access to the older versions of your document.
  • Here, you can find specific files you want to be restored. You should note that the Time machine will give you the most recent version of the deleted folder. However, if you want an older version of the folder, you have the option to use the two buttons and the timeline on the right. Once you find the files, you can preview them by pressing the spacebar.
  • Once you are sure you found the deleted files, click the “Restore” button. The button is found at the bottom of the screen.

The deleted files will be returned to their original location upon successful file recovery.

4. App-Specific Recovery Features

A quick scan of the Mac apps will show that most of them have a recovery process. This enables you to recover deleted files from your Mac without using a software. The reason is that you may have deleted the files unknowingly.

You can for example recover deleted photos in the Photos app. The built-in photo recovery feature is included on Mac OS X Yosemite and newer versions.

However, of note is that the deleted photos have a time lapse. You can only recover them from the Recentrly Deleted Album within 30 days. Afterwards, the photos will be gone from this folder.

Thus, if you want to recover the photo after the 30 days grace period, you will have to use recovery software majorly from a third-party source. The following are the steps for recovering deleted photos from your Mac without using software:

Step 1. On your Mac access the Photos App and then select the Albums tab

How to recover deleted photos from a Mac: The recently deleted photo can be recovered from the Mac without using a third-party software on the in-app recovery features

As stated above, the deleted photos can be recovered in Mac OS Yosemite or the newer versions. On this Mac, you will get a preinstalled Photos App. Therefore, click on the phots app found in the applications folder.

You can also use a shortcut to get access to the Photos app by pressing (Command + Space) Spotlight and then type “photos”. Once you do this, press Return.

Step 2. Go to the Recently Deleted Library

As you will see in the recovery process, the Photos App is very easy and straightforward to use. Once you access the Photos App, you will see two panes on Mac’s main window.

The left pane shows all the libraries, albums, and projects. The right pane shows the recently access library, album, or project. Therefore, on the left pane, select the Recently Deleted library. This action will open the Recently Deleted library content on the right pane.

How to recover a recently deleted photo on a Mac without using a third party software: If you are within 30 days, you will find the file on the Recently Deleted folder on your Mac

Step 3. On the Recently Deleted album, choose the photo/s you want to recover and hit the Recover button

On the Recently Deleted library, you will be able to see all the photos deleted within the last 30 days. In addition, it will show you the days that you have until the photo is deleted from the library.

Therefore, to recover a photo or group of photos, click on them individually. This will tick them as you select. Once you have selected them all, click the Recover button. You will see the Recover button situated at the top-right hand on your screen.

Once you press recover, the photos will return to their original folder in the Photos library.

5. iCloud Drive

One of the most beautiful things about a Mac other than the design is the direct connection to the iCloud Drive. The Apple cloud storage feature makes it easy to access your files everywhere and easily recover them in case of accidental deletion.

However, for this solution to take place, you need to set up your iCloud Drive. When set, you can change the settings of your Mac to automatically store files from some folders on the cloud. This makes it easy to get access to documents or files saved in these folders everywhere and on any device.

When the backup is done, you can easily recover the documents from the cloud even if they are deleted from your Mac. However, you will require an internet connection for backup and recovery to be done.

Steps to restore a file deleted from iCloud

Before we start, note that the deleted files backed on your iCloud Drive can be recovered within 30 days following the deletion. The following are the steps you can follow to restore the deleted files:

  • On your Mac, go to You will get a login page where you need to type your Apple ID or password.
How to recover deleted files from your iCloud Drive on your Mac without a Software
  • Then, open iCloud Drive and select the Recently Deleted folder. You will find the folder in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • Finally, select Recover All if you want to restore the whole folder or select the files you would want to restore and then click Recover.

Recovering the files/ documents deleted from other applications

It is also easy to restore files or documenst deleted from an app on your Mac. The following are the easy to follow steps to restore the deleted data:

  • On your Mac, go to Using your Apple ID login to the iCloud.
  • Once logged in, check on your profile’s drop-down menu. There, select Settings followed by Advanced.
  • On the Advanced menu, select Restore Files.
  • Select the files you want to restore if you want to restore specific files or Select All if you want to restore all the deleted files.

For this recovery method, we have a similar challenge that we get in the trash bin recovery method. This is you can only recover the files deleted from your Mac without third-party Software within 30 days of deletion. The other limitation is that for you to use this recovery method, you need to be using the iCloud.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why is it possible to recover permanently deleted files on a Mac?

It is possible to recover permanently deleted files on a Mac because even though the Mac deletes the files from the folder, it does not physically remove the document from storage. It however marks the space as available for any other document. Thus, if there is no document that has occupied that space, you can recover the file. This you can only recover a file if the data is not overwritten.

Which is the best data recovery software for a Mac that is free?

There are several data recovery software for both Mac and Windows. The best include Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery, Disk Drill Data Recovery, EaseUS Data Recovery, and TestDisk Data Recovery. The recovery software gives a good success rate in the recovery of data that has been deleted from your Mac or destroyed by malware.

Where are recently deleted files on Mac?

The recently deleted files on a Mac are found on the Trash Bin on your Mac. You can easily access the Trash on the desktop of your Mac or on the applications folder. From the folder, you can drag the documents you want to recover or press Put Back to restore the files to their original folder.

Are permanently deleted photos gone forever?

If you want to restore the photos within 60 days, you can easily get them from the Trash Bin of your Mac or Recycle Bin on your Windows device. Otherwise, you will lose the photos if you had not backed up the photos on iCloud or Google drive. Therefore, if you do not want to lose the photos forever, you need to activate back up & sync on your device.


There you have it. You can use the steps mentioned above to recover your deleted files on your Mac without using third-party software. The Time Machine backup option is probably the best recovery option when all other retrieval efforts fail.

Ultimately, the best strategy is to back up your Mac to prevent accidental data loss. This way, you never have to worry about losing your important data again!

What is Gigabit Internet? Is 1Gb Internet Worth it?

What is gigabit internet? Check out the fiber connections, DSL and cable internet speeds and coverage

You’ve probably heard the word “gigabit internet” floating around lately. But what is gigabit internet?

If you’re looking for faster downloads and uploads, less buffering, and smoother streaming then it’s time to switch to gigabit internet. You’ll be able to enjoy all your favorite content without interruption – no matter how many devices are connected in your home. And since it uses a fiber optic network, there will never be any dead zones again!

Gigabit internet is a term for high-speed broadband that can deliver data at speeds of 1 gigabyte per second or more. It’s 10 times faster than the average home connection in America, which means you can download an HD movie in less than 2 minutes and upload a photo to Facebook in about 3 seconds. That means you can download a two-hour HD movie in about five minutes!

Therefore, gigabit internet is a term used to describe the fastest available broadband speeds. It’s an upgrade from the current standard of 100 megabits per second (Mbps). Gigabit connections can deliver data at 1,000 Mbps or more.

Gigabit internet is the fastest, most reliable connection available. It’s perfect for gaming, streaming and other online activities for a number of devices. But before you go any further, let us ask one more question- do you have gigabit internet?

Do I have Gigabit internet?

Gigabit internet is a term used to describe the speed of your connection.

It’s not just for gaming, streaming, and other online activities. In fact, it can be used in many different ways! To confirm if you have a gigabit internet connection, you need to conduct an internet speed test.

A speed test for a Gigabit connection will show download and upload speeds exceeding 750Mbps. However, for the best results, connect your testing device to the internet via an Ethernet cable.

Your speed test when using an Ethernet cable for connection should be within 80% of the advertised speeds. Thus your speeds should be above 750 Mbps if you are on a Gigabit subscription from your ISP.

In addition, you will need to test the speed of your connection severally at different times. This ensures that you do not do the check when the speed is the highest or lowest.

There are a number of internet service providers in the US that offer gigabit internet. This depends on the location since gigabit internet is offered via fiber connections.

Gigabit internet is good for gaming, streaming, and other online activities. You can do all of these things with a number of devices. But how do you know if your provider offers it?

Which internet service providers offer gigabit internet?

There are several ISPs that offer gigabit internet in the United States. This is because fiber connections in urban areas are widely spread. For rural areas, however, you may have to either settle for cable, DSL or satellite internet depending on the infrastructure.

In the US, the average fixed broadband speed in 2019 was 120 Mbps download and 41 Mbps upload according to

However, since then, there has been an increase in fiber connections throughout the united states. The following providers offer gigabit internet in the United States:

Internet Service ProviderCoverage (Connections) *StatesFiber speeds
AT&T Fiber37,756,60921940 mbps
Verizon Fios34,765,00510940 mbps
EarthLink Fiber33,369,566211000 mbps
CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit25,040,007531000 mbps
Frontier Communications9,540,52761000 mbps
Windstream3,984,818491000 mbps
Google Fiber2,682,69391000 mbps
Metronet2,172,35771000 mbps
Optimum by Altice1,617,40741000 mbps
C Spire Fiber1,546,62981000 mbps
Cincinnati Bell1,497,893201000 mbps
Ziply Fiber1,386,0982100 mbps
Consolidated Communications1,330,699171000 mbps
ACDnet1,124,17111000 mbps
Armstrong1,023,84461000 mbps
Hawaiian Telcom763,32411000 mbps
Sonic710,85212000 mbps
Shentel702,58552000 mbps
Wave G683,05231000 mbps
TDS Telecom674,651241000 mbps
Veracity Networks658,965110000 mbps
En-Touch Systems567,86911000 mbps
Ultimate Internet Access523,95811000 mbps
Point Broadband420,83861000 mbps
EPB363,79641000 mbps
Hotwire Communications360,388151000 mbps
Allo Communications339,89421000 mbps
Peoples Telephone Cooperative332,94811000 mbps
North State Communications328,83511000 mbps
Midco266,56321000 mbps
EATEL249,26611000 mbps
CTS Telecom242,80211000 mbps
Horry Telephone Cooperative229,97211000 mbps
GoNetspeed226,44921000 mbps
Arvig216,01811000 mbps
Columbia Energy211,7311100 mbps
Watch Communications211,42511000 mbps
Campus Communications Group201,23951000 mbps
Massillon Cable TV199,3991100 mbps
CentraCom195,68211000 mbps
Ritter Communications186,23831000 mbps
LocalTel Communications177,2361100 mbps
US Internet177,20611000 mbps
Comporium Communications176,60921000 mbps
OzarksGo170,30431000 mbps
Hargray Communications169,88241000 mbps
Bristol Tennessee Essential Services156,82311000 mbps
Greenlight Networks155,10411000 mbps
MTCO Communications153,68511000 mbps
i3 Broadband147,17111000 mbps
Empire Access145,96211000 mbps
Consolidated Fiber144,62811000 mbps
Vexus138,12421000 mbps
Douglas Fast Net134,53011000 mbps
Morris Broadband131,91211000 mbps
Summit Broadband131,69411000 mbps
LUS Fiber128,05411000 mbps
Mercury Wireless126,90411000 mbps
Twin Lakes Telephone116,70211000 mbps
CarolinaConnect116,62811000 mbps
CDE Lightband113,98411000 mbps
GVTC Communications113,47111000 mbps
Brandenburg Telecom113,10311000 mbps
Mainstream Fiber Networks108,54912000 mbps
West Carolina Tel105,86521000 mbps
Socket Telecom105,68921000 mbps
Plateau105,49821000 mbps
Dalton Utilities102,59911000 mbps
Air Advantage102,44511000 mbps
Benton PUD97,36011000 mbps
Owensboro Municipal Utilities96,65611000 mbps
Midwest Connections96,64821000 mbps
Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative92,99211000 mbps
Nex-Tech92,71821000 mbps
Home Telecom91,16811000 mbps
Paul Bunyan Telephone90,63011000 mbps
Skybest Communications86,26931000 mbps
Great Plains Communications85,37041000 mbps
City of Longmont84,64711000 mbps
Pineland Telephone Company76,55411000 mbps
Troy Cablevision75,43611000 mbps
South Central Rural Telephone74,84611000 mbps
Jackson Energy Authority74,52411000 mbps
OEC Fiber74,22011000 mbps
United Services73,67721000 mbps
FTC73,64211000 mbps
Ben Lomand Connect72,83211000 mbps
Ocala Telecom71,09811000 mbps
Co-Mo Connect69,47911000 mbps
Orbitel Communications68,99211000 mbps
Community Fiber Solutions68,66921000 mbps
Acentek68,65431000 mbps
Ting67,51751000 mbps
WK&T65,79621000 mbps
Randolph Telephone Membership Corporation64,70611000 mbps
Race Communications64,46811000 mbps
Golden West Telecommunications64,09021000 mbps
Bulloch Telephone Cooperative63,35311000 mbps
Highland Telephone Cooperative63,04221000 mbps
Smithville Communications62,93111000 mbps
Note: The users/ connections are for all ISP plans and not for Gigabit plan only*

However, you will need to check your location to ensure that the ISP is offering gigabit internet in your locality. This is because these ISPs may be offering gigabit internet connections in other areas as shown in the number of states that they are active in.

Is gigabit internet worth it?

Absolutely, gigabit internet is worth your money if you work or live entertainment based on the internet. It does not come on the cheap. The price for gigabit internet varies from one provider to another with AT&T offering Gigabit internet at $59.99 while others go as high as $200 per month.

Gigabit internet for gaming

It is the best internet connection for online gamers whether for fun or as a form of livelihood. In this case, you can use a VPN service and still will not get a ping. Additionally, you will be able to play any online game, even the most demanding ones, without getting latency challenges.

Casual gaming requires internet speeds of more than 25Mbps. However, if you are a serious gamer with VPN and gaming on high-internet consuming gaming, a close to a gigabit connection is necessary.

Therefore, you will be able to have the best gaming experience if you have gigabit internet. This is because gigabit internet has the least latency, high upload and download speed, low ping among others. However, for the best gaming, connect your gaming devices to the internet via a wired connection.

Gigabit internet for streaming

It is exceptional for live streaming on either 4K or 8K high-definition movies, events, and games. As discussed, you can use the service to download an HD movie within minutes. Therefore, you will be able to stream any content without latency.

It is not only excellent for streaming, but also it is exceptional for multiple streaming devices. You can simultaneously have 9 devices streaming an HD video or 2 devices streaming a 4K Ultra HD content.

This is not possible for any other connection. Multiple HD streaming devices on non-gigabit internet will cause buffering and low-quality pictures. Thus you will not be able to enjoy the experience.

Gigabit internet for uploading and downloading content

One gig internet runs at 940 Mbps. This means that you will be downloading data at a rate of 112.06 MB/second.

A gigabit connection will thus allow you to download a 500 MB video conference in around 4 seconds. In addition, you can upload a 4-minute HD video in 1 second. This means you can create content easily and share it on the internet without worrying that it will take a whole day to upload.

Furthermore, you can upload 10 photos in less than 1 second. This is excellent for the current settings where live images and media stories are so important.

Finally, you can download a 1GB file in less than 1 minute. This is because with fiber-optic internet unlike cable, DSL, or satellite internet, upload speeds are as high as 840 Mbps, freeing up bandwidth. This means you do not have to schedule downloads to times when there is less network congestion as seen in cable connections.

Thus, a gigabit connection will support up to 100 workers without getting lags or buffering.

Gigabit internet and privacy

It is not overwhelmed by VPN services for increased privacy. This is excellent for gaming, privacy, and online security.

It has been noted that VPN slows down the internet. However, for fiber gigabit connections, this will never be a challenge.

Gigabit internet connection and multiple devices

One of the most important facets of gigabit internet is the ability to connect multiple devices simultaneously without buffering or lags. However, you need to have the right equipment for the job including DOCSIS 3.1 modem, Ethernet cable, and gigabit router. For example, you will require the best router for Verizon Fios gigabit internet for excellent service.

A gigabit internet will support as many devices as there are in your home. However, for devices requiring high bandwidth such as online gaming, the connection can connect up to 3 simultaneous online gaming machines without lags.

What are the benefits of gigabit internet?

There are several benefits of gigabit internet as compared to a connection with a lower bandwidth. These include:

  • Ability to use more devices: These days, there are more smart devices at home as compared to any time before. These range from refrigerators, gaming machines, streaming devices, alarms, thermostats, TVs, Coffee makers, laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, printers, smart sprinklers, and others. Every household has more than 10 smart devices. Therefore, getting an internet connection that will not disappoint with all these devices is necessary. That’s where gigabit internet comes in!
  • Reduced latency and Ping: For gamers, online meetings, or streaming, there is nothing as disappointing as getting latency or ping. It is also disturbing when you are downloading content and it takes ages. Thus, getting gigabit internet will solve this since it eliminates latency and ping.
  • Increase in upload speeds: Most people are working online these days. It means you may need to upload photos, videos, and other forms of content online. This is a hard task when you are using satellite, DSL, or cable internet. However, for fiber connections that offer gigabit connections, both upload and download speeds are above 940 Mbps.
  • Enjoying entertainment online: With gigabit internet, you can have family members enjoying their gaming while you are also streaming. This is done without any lags, buffering, or ping! Therefore, gigabit internet offers the best entertainment for multiple users.
  • Use of the current networking equipment: With gigabit internet, you can easily use a DOCSIS3.1 modem and a Wi-Fi 6 router in addition to the current generation Ethernet cables. If you use the current technologies on lower connection plans, you will be underutilizing the equipment.
  • Increased reliability: Since fiber connection cables are made of glass, it is able to transmit the internet using light signals. This is different from copper cables used in DSL or cable internet which transmit electrical currents. The light signals travel faster. In addition, the copper cables break when 25 pounds of pressure are applied as compared to fiber which can withstand even 200 pounds which is 8 times the amount needed to break copper cables. This means they can withstand harsh weather conditions and protects against external interference. Furthermore, fiber connections are not affected by the distance they have to travel, unlike copper cables where packet loss is higher with distance increase.


Getting a gigabit internet, is the best decision you can make for your household or office. It may not add many benefits if you are just streaming or browsing the internet. However, for high-definition streaming, online gaming, and multiple users, it is the game-changer.

You also need to realize that gigabit internet comes from fiber internet. This offers more reliability, lower latency, and upload speed as compared to any other connection type. A fiber connection matches both download and upload speeds.

Finally, you can conduct a speed test to be sure that you are getting a gigabit internet if you have subscribed to one. The speeds in your house or office are however influenced by the equipment such as routers, modems, Ethernet cables that you use!