10 Best VPN Routers for Small Business in 2021

Every single business or home requires safety, security, and privacy online and offline. In this era where there are several bullies, hackers, and malicious people, getting the best VPN routers for a small business will help in security and anonymity.

In our other reviews, we had a discussion about the best DD-WRT routers for your home or office. DD-WRT or tomato firmware provides extra security and privacy as compared to the manufacturer’s firmware. This, therefore, necessitated a review of the best VPN routers for a small business.

For these reviewed routers, our first consideration was the safety, security, and anonymity. This is in addition to the routine review items such as internet speed, wide coverage, and support for several devices.

As a small business with a limited budget for firewalls and staffing, any breach in the router security can be disastrous. Therefore, it is great to ensure you do not compromise on the router quality.

For your small business, you require a VPN provider that will give you excellent service. Getting one of the VPN providers will give you all the privacy, safety and security required. For routers in your small business, NordVPN is the best. In case you want a VPN for streaming and gaming, you can choose FastestVPN. For low prices, you can choose IvacyVPN and if you want an overall excellent VPN, you can pick ExpressVPN.

The following are the best VPN routers for a small business. They will ensure that you do not get security breaches and will not compromise on speed, range and number of devices supported.

Best VPN routers for a small business top picks

RouterSpecificationsCheck it out
Netgear Nighthawk R9000 X10 routerBest VPN router for small business (Speed- 7,200Mbps, 6 LAN ports, 45 devices & 2500 sq. ft.)CHECK IT OUT
Asus RT-AC5300 RouterBest for wide coverage (Range- 5,000 sq. ft., speed- 5,334Mbps, 8 antennas)CHECK IT OUT
Linksys WRT3200 ACM RouterBest for DD-WRT software (Speed-3,200Mbps, 4 Ethernet ports)CHECK IT OUT
Asus RT-AC87U AC2400Best VPN router for small business for intuitive controlCHECK IT OUT
Netgear Nighthawk X6 R8000 AC3200Best VPN router for multiple devices (50 Devices, speed-3,200Mbps, 3,500 sq. ft.)CHECK IT OUT
Asus RT-AC56U AC1200Best Budget VPN router for small businessCHECK IT OUT
Cisco RV325 routerBest wired router for small business (16 Ethernet ports)CHECK IT OUT
D-Link DSR-250Best for VPN choicesCHECK IT OUT
DrayTek Vigor2952 firewall routerBest for multiple concurrent VPN tunnelsCHECK IT OUT
Netgear Nighthawk R7000 AC1900Best for businesses in a medium houseCHECK IT OUT

Netgear Nighthawk R9000 X10 router

Netgear Nighthawk R9000 X10 router: the best VPN router for small business

You are looking for one router that will offer you an excellent connection and a perfect service. There is no good reason to continue searching because this model is the ideal choice for you. Netgear nighthawk is perfect when it comes to technological features and is a highly rated brand.

This model comes with fast internet speeds covering a range of 2500 square feet and a triband speed of 800+733+4600 Mbps. The 60GHz band devices use the 4600Mbps band to get fast speeds and internet reliability.

More about the router is that it accommodates five devices perfectly with each device getting directed to the band it works best with. The MU-MIMO technology ensures the simultaneous use of devices, while the beamforming technology ensures a broader range of coverage.

One thing that will make you acquire this router is that it has excellent compatibility with the wired and wireless devices. Therefore, you will have a connection to game consoles and all the devices that use wireless and wired technologies for streaming.

Moreover, you will appreciate this router because of the technology that is used to make it functional. Apart from the MU-MIMO and the beamforming technology, the router also has a dynamic QoS, 1.7GHz quad-core processor, and four antennas that help extend the wireless range.

Furthermore, the router will leave you amazed because of its ability to share content with devices within the network and store your data on the cloud. It features dual 3.0 USB ports that help in sharing with the drivers etc.

Finally, the parental controls of the router are excellent. The general safety apart from the parental controls is excellent. It has a nighthawk app that allows you to set the security and filter harmful content hence a safe network for both users and devices.


  • Excellent connection
  • Beamforming technology
  • MU-MIMO technology
  • High compatibility
  • Works with Amazon Alexa


Slightly bulky

Asus RT-AC5300 Router

Asus RT-AC5300 Router: The best router for long range

This model is a gaming router but proves to be an excellent choice for use in small businesses. You will appreciate that the router has excellent speeds and a very stable internet connection, primarily when operating within the wireless range.

One unique thing about this router is that it is loaded with various technologies instrumental in enhancing the router’s performance. You will specifically appreciate the presence of the beamforming technology that ensures that you have an extended wireless range that will penetrate all your offices.

The router has a triband of dual 5GHz and a single 2.4GHz  bands with speeds of 5334Mbps on a range of 5000 square feet. It features as one of the excellent routers for wide Wi-Fi coverage. You will love the MU-MIMO technology presence that plays an instrumental role in managing the devices and directing them to the most suitable band.

Moreover, the compatibility of the router is excellent. You will connect to al wireless devices and the wired ones too. Any operating system, such as Mac OS, Windows,  and Linux, makes perfect sharing with this model.

Apart from use at the office, this router was designed gaming. You will therefore enjoy various games using the wired and the wireless connections. For use at the office, you will love the multi-use that allows you to connect to your printer and many others.

Furthermore, the router makes an excellent choice because of its security. It is powered by the trend micro that proved excellent safety to the router. Therefore, you will not be exposed to harmful sites, and your child will be safe with parental controls.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Excellent security
  • Excellent wireless range
  • Loaded with various technologies


  • May have a challenge with the 2.4GHz band

Linksys WRT3200 ACM Router

Linksys WRT AC3200 Router:The best DD-WRT routers

If you are looking for one router that will offer you excellent service when it comes to speeds and signal strength, this model is perfect. The router makes it possible to penetrate its signals through walls and other obstacles hence a continued supply.

When used in offices, the router delivers excellence in terms of sharing and supporting internet use. You will be amazed by how the router uses its technological features to have its internet flowing. With a home size office, you will enjoy a powerful signal.

The best DD-WRT router quickly works with any existing modem. In terms of compatibility, it also perfectly works with Windows 10, 8, and 7 and also the MacOS. You will therefore connect all your wireless devices and other powerful wired devices such as printers and game consoles.

Moreover, the router boasts of dual-band speeds of 2600+600Mbps speed, which is excellent. However, there features a tri stream 160 technology that doubles the internet’s bandwidth by a double.  You will therefore have 80MHz doubled to 160MHz.

When connected, you will love how the router maintains its network stability. You will therefore enjoy 4K streaming, playing games, and any other activity as per your needs. All through the connection, you will not experience buffering.

Featuring is the MU-MIMO technology that allows multiple sharing. High speed is maintained. Each connected device gets connected to the right channel. You will, therefore, have several functions enjoying a perfect internet supply.

Finally, the router has excellent stability that makes it easy to penetrate through the walls. You will therefore have all your offices in the business correctly connected with the internet.  The beamforming technology ensures that within the range, all your devices get a perfect service.


  • Excellent signal strength
  • Easy to set up and manage
  • Gigabit router
  • High compatibility


  • Not as powerful as other routers in the category

Asus RT-AC87U AC2400

Asus RT-AC87U AC2400: One of the best VPN routers for a small business

This router model is known for its smart parental controls and excellent security features. Therefore, you will admire using it because of its ability to keep your business websites and content safe. All the information you create a cloud backup on gets perfectly protected.

More about the router is that it has extra fast wifi with excellent data rates. The speeds get maintained at 2334Mbps for the dual-band data. You will therefore enjoy how your devices get redirected to the less congested channel for better functionality,

The router is loaded with technological features such as MU-MIMO technology and beamforming technology. You will, therefore, enjoy simultaneous streaming and a more extended range with perfect stability.

Moreover, the router has an awesome sharing ability within the network. It has USB ports that allow you to share content within the network devices and store your content in the cloud. For a business backup, the router serves an excellent role.

Featuring is a 3.0 USB port that has ten times speeded faster than 2.0. The cloud lets you access your information from any point. You will, therefore, find it ideal for your office use.

Finally, the router is perfect when it comes to safety. It is secured by trend micro that offers triple strength to your network. Your data is, therefore, very safe with the internet. Cyber-crime and malware are kept at bay by the Aiprotection.

Parental controls are also another excellent thing that features on the router. If your office is operating from home, you will control your office stuff from children using the parental controls. The users and the devices connected to the internet are also very safe.


  • Excellent security
  • MU-MIMO Technology
  • Beamforming technology
  • Excellent internet speed


  • Dual-band instead of tri-band

Netgear Nighthawk X6 Smart Wifi router

Nightgear Nighthawk X6 Router (The best NordVPN Router for multiple devices)

Featuring is another model of the Netgear nighthawk known for its performance and excellent speeds. You will also love the elegant design that makes the router excellent for office aesthetics.

The router boasts of excellent speeds of tri-band of 600+1300+1300Mbps. You will therefore love the ability of the router to manage several devices since it is one of the best routers for multiple devices. You will also like the extended range of 3500 square feet.

Moreover, there features beamforming technology that works toward extending the range of the wifi. The stability of the network is maintained for all devices. Your devices will all enjoy a maintained speed.

MU-MIMO technology is another feature that keeps the router up and performing. With 50 devices’ support, each will connect to the most suitable band that is less congested.

All the connected devices have simultaneous streaming, with each performing to the maximum. When in the office, you can connect your game consoles, surf, and other smart devices to run your office.

Furthermore, there are also Ethernet ports that help you to connect wired devices.  You will therefore have a connection to all your computers at the office. An alternative to the wifi connection is therefore provided.

A beautiful thing about Ethernet ports is that they usually have a more stable connection that the wireless connections. USB ports make it quite easy for you to share content within the internet to your connected devices and the cloud storage,

More technological features include dynamic QoS, Smart connect, Amazon Alexa, amplified antennas, smart connect, and the1GHz dual-core processor.

Finally, the security of the router is perfect. The parental controls allow you to offer security to your children and users. It has WPA2 wireless protocols that offer advanced security.

The Netgear armor also enhances the security of the router further.


  • Excellent speeds
  • Beamforming technology
  • Dynamic QoS
  • MU-MIMO technology
  • Perfect security


  • Needs more advancement in supporting devices

ASUS RTAC56U Wireless AC1200 Gigabit Router

ASUS RTAC56U Wireless AC1200 Gigabit Router: Best budget VPN router

Featuring is a high-performing gigabit router from ASUS. This model is known for its perfect design and an android operating system.

The router boats of high speeds in terms of sharing and internet connectivity.  It has the best performance in both the 5GHz band and the 2.4GHz bands. The band has a combination speeds of 867+300Mbps, which is perfect for use at the office.

There is a 3.0 USB port for data transfer, which has a  transfer speeds of 10 times faster than the 2.0 port.  Therefore, you will have an awesome moment to share data with your connected devices and share them with your storage device.

Finally, the router uses the Asus app to get set. You will therefore find it quite simple to set the router and control the functions using the app. Sharing and streaming content is very simple, especially by the use of the app.


  • Easy to set up
  • High speeds
  • Smart app


  • Needs update in security features

Cisco RV325 Dual Gigabit WAN VPN Router

RV325 Dual Gigabit WAN VPN Router: One of the best VPN routers for a small business

Featuring is another gigabit wired router that is known for excellent speeds and general performance. The router is perfect for business because of its ability to balance the load hence perfect business continuity.

Using this router is advantageous because of its ability to create a stable backup and offer adequate support to your business. More about this router is that it can offer the management of large files.

The USB port and the Ethernet port enable sharing with the wired devices. The speed of sharing content is 100 megabits per second.

Your employees become very productive and perfect in service delivery because of the excellent support in handling files. Sharing content within the network is excellent. The reliability of the router is, therefore, excellent.

Moreover, the router has awesome flexibility. You will enjoy connecting your staff in multiple locations using the VPN.

The security of the router is also excellent. It has a firewall that keeps the internet and the data very safe.


  • Excellent speeds of sharing
  • Excellent security
  • Reliable internet
  • Perfect performance


  • Needs an update on performance features

D-Link VPN Router DSR250

D-Link VPN router: One of the best VPN routers for a small business

This router is known for its perfection when it comes to filtering content. It has 8-gigabit ports that are instrumental in maintaining the speed of sharing and reliability. You will be amazed by how the router supports your business performance.

Moreover, the router has 8 gigabit LAN ports and 1 WAN port, And a USB port. All these work towards ensuring that this gigabit internet wired router has excellent speeds in supporting data sharing with the wired devices.  Enjoying the 20000 concurrent sessions is inevitable with the router.

The router has high speeds that have an integrated VPN tunnel. You will therefore have a very secure connection that works perfectly even in remote areas. The configuration guarantees the security of the router with the firewall rules.

Furthermore, the router offers excellent support to 25 devices, which can be used simultaneously. In a small business, you will have all your devices working perfectly.  All your offices with computers will have a stable connection.

The router is very cost-effective. You will find it convenient for use because it consumes less power. In case you are using the router at home, you will enjoy safety to the users because of the ability to block certain websites.


  • Excellent internet speed
  • Excellent security
  • Content filtering ability
  • Integrated VPN tunnel


  • Needs advancement in features

Draytek Vigor 2952 dual WAN  Router

Draytek Vigor 2952 dual WAN  Router: One of the best best VPN routers for a small business

Featuring is another firewall router that boasts of both excellent security and speed. You will therefore love this router because of the stable support it offers to your business, especially when it comes to linking various offices under one roof.

The router boasts of excellent internet speeds when it comes to sharing. One unique thing with this router is that you will enjoy how it easily connects to your devices using wired and wireless devices.

Under wireless connections, you will comfortably share using Bluetooth technology.  On the other hand, the Ethernet ports will support wired devices such as computers and many more.

One good thing about such routers is that they use wired connections. Such wired connections are usually more stable than wireless connections.

Finally, the security of the router is excellent. It is secured with WPA2, WPA, and WEP. The firewall is, therefore, very secure.


  • Excellent internet speed
  • Perfect internet security
  • Stable connection
  • Supports Bluetooth


  • Needs an advancement in security features

Netgear Nighthawk smart wifi router R7000 (AC1900)

Netgear Nighthawk X4S R7800 Router: One of the best routers for home automation

Last on our list is another high-performing smart router by Netgear. You will love using this router because of its high speeds, compatibility, and extended wireless range. The security of the router is also excellent.

The router has excellent speeds with a combination of 600+1300Mbps, which is a dual-band. Under the bands, you will have all your connected devices enjoying fast speeds and a very stable network.

Moreover, the router is loaded with awesome technologies such as the dual-core processor that ensures its performance and its excellent speeds. The amplified antennas ensure that there is a wide range of coverage.

With the assistance of beamforming technology, you will love how the range of connections gets extended. Featuring also is the amazon Alexa that offers voice controls and the smart connect.

Moreover, the router has wired and wireless connections that make it very easy to enjoy the pairing. You can comfortably connect using the Ethernet ports to the devices that need extra internet under cables.

The USB port also plays a big role in ensuring that you can share content with other network devices. You will also find it quite easy to get connected to your cloud storage.

Furthermore, the router is perfectly secured with the WPA2 wireless protocols. These allow you to offer guest wifi, DoS, VPN, and a firewall. You will also find it so convenient to set and implement parental controls.

This router is ideal for both small offices and also for people who work from home. It is excellent for most VPN providers and on testing, it came out as of the best routers for ExpressVPN.

Why you should pick the Netgear R7000 router

There are a few things to look out for when shopping around for a new router. The 5 listed below are the reasons why you should pick this router:

  • First, check the speed of the device – this is measured in megabits per second (Mbps).
  • Second, see if it has an Ethernet port so you can connect it directly to your computer or laptop.
  • Third, find out what type of wireless connection it uses – 802.11ac is newer and faster than 802.11n but they both have their pros and cons depending on how far away from your modem/router they are located.
  • Fourth, see if there are any special features like parental controls or guest networks that might be useful to you.
  • Finally, consider whether or not you need support from customer service because sometimes routers can be tricky devices!


  • Excellent security
  • Comfortable to use
  • Smart parental controls
  • Content filtering


  • Speed not very high


We considered all the factors and features that make an excellent router and strongly feel that purchasing a Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Smart WiFi Router will serve your home well. This device has everything we’ve mentioned plus some really cool features like Beamforming+ technology which helps eliminate interference between multiple devices connected at once as well as Guest Networking which allows guests access without giving them full access to your network! It also comes with 24×7 technical support so should anything go wrong with setup or usage our team will help troubleshoot remotely over chat anytime day or night! Plus its sleek design looks great sitting on a shelf or when wall-mounted.

Buyers guide for the best VPN Routers for small businesses

When buying a VPN router for your small business, several factors need to be considered. To make it easy to get one, we have compiled a criterion that will help you through.


The basic principle for the selection of these routers is the presence of the VPN.  Ensure that there is a VPN in your router before looking at the other factors. The best VPN routers for a small business reviewed here will provide the best VPN features.

VPN features enable you to have maximum privacy when you are using your network. That way you will be able to protect your data, privacy, and that of your children when they are online.

Internet speed

The router should have excellent internet speed. Both browsing and sharing of information should be easy and fast. Since VPN features also tend to use some of the bandwidth, it is good to consider a router with good internet speed.

A router with excellent internet speeds will be able to handle all tasks simultaneously. This means that the current home where there are several devices is covered by internet.

Ethernet and USB ports

Your business may require devices that do not need wireless technologies. These connections will need to be supported by the Ethernet ports.

When sharing content, you will need USB ports. These make the connection between the devices easy and the content sharing much faster.

Security features

Apart from the VPN, there should also be other security features. These include parental controls, firewalls, and others. Their presence guarantees safety.

Final verdict

VPN routers play an excellent role in supporting the running of small businesses. Having one offers a guarantee of smooth running of the business and guarantees of reliability in delivering services. You should therefore have one of the reviewed routers for the best performances.

Therefore, by choosing one of the best VPN routers for a small business using the buyer’s guide above, you will be assured of privacy, speed, and reliable internet.

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