7 Best Routers for Thick Walls (2021 Expert reviews)

Good buildings have thick; brick, concrete, or other types of durable walls. However, these walls don’t make a suitable transmitter when it comes to Wi-Fi. The good news is that we have reviewed the best router for thick walls that will serve you with the best internet, even on the thickest walls.

The thick wall houses ensure that there is a minimal sound transmission between rooms, the structure is very stable and it requires less maintenance. However, thick walls also affect Wi-Fi transmission.

Based on testing, we have brought you the best routers that will penetrate thick walls with high-speed Wi-Fi. Among the things, we have put in place include the budget, range of coverage, and the overall router performance.

If you choose one of the following routers for concrete walls, you will be assured that your whole home will be covered with high-speed Wi-Fi. We will also compare traditional routers and mesh system routers for internet provision where there are thick walls.

But if you have a large home without thick concrete walls, you can get the best long-range router for your home.

Below are our quick and best wireless router for penetrating walls:

The best router for thick walls

RouterSpecificationsRangeCheck it out
Netgear Orbi tri-band whole mesh Wi-Fi System (RBK50)Best router for thick walls5,000 Sq. ft.CHECK IT OUT
Amazon Eero Pro 6 Mesh systemBest splurge router for thick walls6,000 Sq. ft.CHECK IT OUT
Asus AC2900 Wi-Fi Dual-band gigabit router (AC86U)Best gaming router for thick wallsVery large homesCHECK It OUT
TaoTronics Mesh Wi-Fi router AC3000Best mesh router for lots of devices (200) and thick walls6,000 sq. ft.CHECK IT OUT
Ubiquiti Ampilifi HD system mesh Wi-Fi routerBest long range router for thick walls10,000 sq. ft.CHECK IT OUT
Netgear Nighthawk X6 smart Wi-Fi router (R8000)Best security features3,500 sq. ft.CHECK IT OUT
Gryphon advanced security AC3000 triband routerBest parental controls router for thick walls3,000 sq. ft.CHECK IT OUT

Netgear Orbi tri-band whole mesh Wi-Fi System (RBK50)

Netgear Orbi RBK50 home mesh (The best Netgear router in 2020 for thick walls)

Netgear Orbi tri-band router is known for its comprehensive coverage and its ability to eliminate dead zones. The range of the router is 5,000 square feet and has support for a minimum of 25 devices. You will use the single network name to roam around the house even though the router has satellites.

The routers also have a high speed of connection because it is a triband router. The Netgear Orbi RBK50 gives you speeds of up to 3Gbps. It ensures that each device you connect gets allocated a less traffic band, hence boosting the speed. On congestion, the router can free one band, therefore better functionality.

If you intend to replace an existing Wi-Fi, the model serves best. If you have current modems, the router makes the ideal choice. It is compatible with all ISPs and modems and many more. For replacement or new installations, a router is a good option.

More about this best router for wall penetration is that it has both wired and wireless connections. In case you need to connect a wired device such as a gaming console or a streaming device, it will be a straightforward process. It has a single gigabit Ethernet port.

The safety of the internet is another fantastic thing you will love. Smart parental controls will help you to monitor your child’s internet activities and take action where required. The Netgear armor plays a role in ensuring that your devices are safe from cyber-crime etc.

It is not enough to end the discussion about this router without talking about the technologies it comes along with. The MU-MIMO technology allows simultaneous streaming; beamforming technology works on range extension as smart connect works on the Wi-Fi name.

Finally, the Orbi app makes the set-up process and management very easy. You can check the performance of your router or control the connections even remotely.

The range, performance, and expandability are all the features of the best wireless router for thick concrete walls.


  • Easy to set up and manage the best router for a house with thick walls
  • Powerful and reliable connection
  • Has an awesome design
  • Eliminates dead zones
  • Very safe internet


  • Initial installation can be confusing

Amazon Eero Pro 6 Mesh system

Amazon eero Pro 6 Mesh system: The best router for thick walls

If you want the best router for thick walls and you are not limited by the budget, the Amazon Eero Pro 6 mesh system is the router for you. The 3 pack Tri-band router will ensure that there are no dead spots in your thick walled house.

To cover the thick walls, the 3 unit mesh router will give you Wi-Fi coverage of up to 6,000 square feet. Since the router has 3 units, it can easily be positioned in places in your home where it will ensure excellent Wi-Fi even with thick walls.

The router offers excellent Wi-Fi 6 speeds running up to a gigabit. These speeds will enable you to enjoy your gaming, 4K streaming, and video conferencing among other internet intense online activities.

Since most homes are having more and more devices these days, this best router for wall penetration can support up to 75 devices simultaneously. This way all your devices, wherever they are in the house, will be covered with high-speed internet.

It is easy to set-up the Amazon Eero pro 6 using the eero app. This app gives you control over the connected devices and management of the connection from anywhere.

Furthermore, you can control the router using Alexa voice control. This is because this router has a built-in Zigbee smart home hub. Therefore, you are assured of seamless device and connection management.

You can also expand the system coverage by using any compatible hardware. This means you can use any eero product to increase the range for this mesh router.

The best mesh wifi for concrete walls also features as one of the recommended routers for a story house. The features that make it one of the best mesh routers for thick walls also apply here.


  • The Amazon eero Pro 6 offers excellent performance
  • Connects the router high number of devices at 75
  • It has one of the widest coverage
  • it is easy to set it up
  • Has Alexa control
  • Range can be expanded using compatible hardware


  • Costly but is worth every penny

Asus AC2900 Wi-Fi Dual-band gigabit router

ASUS RT-AC86U Router: The best Asus Routers for gaming for thick walls

Asus brand is widely known for the production of high-performing routers. This model is a dual-band router equipped with various technologies that make its performance excellent—Asus RT-AC86U boats of high compatibility with providers and devices.

The router has a combination of 2.4+5GHz bands that get boosted by the 802.11ac wireless technology. You will enjoy an internet speed of 2900Mbps that gets maintained in devices even after penetrating thick walls.

More about the router is that it has a 1.8GHz dual-core processor that boosts the network range and the router’s general performance. The antennas back up the processor to ensure that the network gets extended and the signal is stable.

The security of the ASUS RT-AC86U router is another fantastic thing. It is powered by trend micro that ensures there is 24 hours’ protection. You will be safe from external threats and cybercrime. You will be amazed by how the threats get detected and frozen before they get to your devices.

The Asus router app makes the initial set-up and management of the router just a breeze. You will have an easy time to have the router set and implement things such as parental controls. The app also provides notifications on the router events.

More about the best router for wall penetration is that it has an adaptive QoS that makes it easy to prioritize your devices. When gaming, the best router through walls allocates one band to your gaming devices, making its performance more enhanced. It also has a solo mode that ensures you experience gaming without latency.

Finally, the best router for a house with thick walls has wired connections such as the 4-gigabit ports and two USB ports, one 2.0 and 3.0. You will connect game consoles, smart TVs, and many more without a hassle. Making your home a digital hub is, therefore, very efficient.

The above features make this router the best wireless router for penetrating walls.


  • Easy to set up and manage
  • Has dynamic QoS
  • This router has awesome security
  • Has lag-free internet
  • Stable and powerful internet


  • Two bands may not be very supportive for a smart home

TaoTronics Mesh Wi-Fi router AC3000

Taotronic Mesh router system AC3000: One of the best routers for thick walls

Featuring is another high-performing model that comes both on a lovely design and high functionality. The router boasts of a broader range of coverage and connectivity. It has both wireless and wired connections, which are vital to excellent performance.

The triband connection maintains strength and high performance with a combination of 2.4+5.0+5.4GHz, known for high speeds when operating within your home. Despite the thickness of your walls, the network’s speed and stability get correctly maintained.

More about this router is that it has full coverage ideal for the removal of dead zones. If you have a house with two floors, it is best to have one router on each floor. 2 piece router will cover 5000 square feet while three will cover a range of 6000 square feet

Enjoy the simplicity of building your smart home with these routers.  Each one will support 200 devices with excellent speed for 4K streaming and all appliances. Each router ensures that the network and high rates are stable when connected.

Moreover, the Taotronic AC3000 router delivers 500 Mbps to the maximum, providing a full wireless band to all your devices. High speeds are, therefore, inevitable once all your devices are connected. In case of speed challenges, all you will do is to upgrade the router.

For both android and IoS,  the best mesh wifi for concrete walls can easily get controlled using the TT mesh app. The set-up process will only take you 10 minutes using a single wire. You will have access to parental controls, device control, safety protocols, and set up private Wi-Fi.

Furthermore, the best router through walls has 4 gigabit Ethernet connections ideal for high speeds in wired devices. You can connect your flash disk and other consoles in an easy process. Sharing to the cloud using the network is another simple task.


  • Has a lovely design
  • Easy to set up and manage
  • Excellent speeds
  • Extended network coverage
  • A perfect support to connected devices


  • The initial set up can be confusing

Ubiquiti Ampilifi HD system mesh Wi-Fi router

Ubiquiti Ampilifi HD system mesh Wi-Fi router: One of the best routers for thick walls

Enjoy an upgrade of your home network with a more stable system from this router model. The router has an HD coverage with two mesh points and 4 gigabit Ethernet ports that make the router excellent.

The fantastic thing is that it has a touch screen display that makes its operations very simple. You will therefore enjoy maximization and perfect elimination of dead zones within the network. Even when the walls are thick, the signal powerfully penetrates the walls.

Another lovely thing about the router is that it has a broader range of connections covering up to 10,000 square feet, which is ideal for large homes. The presence of the two mesh points will ensure that the range coverage is extended and very stable.

Moreover, the router boasts of 802.11 ac Wi-Fi technology that ensures the speeds are high. It also utilizes Wi-Fi antenna technology and multiple-self configuration of radios to make the connection within your home more secure.

You will also enjoy the services of a modern home for 4k streaming, fast downloads and uploads, gaming, and other smart activities. If you intend to work from home, the router makes the ideal choice.

The Ubiquiti Amplifi router has excellent range extenders that you will place at specific points in your house. The outcome is an extended Wi-Fi range and the elimination of dead zones. You will enjoy the optimal performance of the router because of the continuous placement of the router.

Enjoy an instant and reliable network set up from the router with the amplify app that takes only 5 minutes to have the router functioning. Using both Android and IOS smartphones, you will enjoy the quick and reliable setting of the router.

The best router through walls is from a trusted and reliable manufacturer who is a pacesetter in the global manufacturing of internet devices such as routers, range extenders, etc. You will therefore enjoy long term service.


  • Excellent range connection
  • Simple set up and management process
  • Reliable and stable network
  • Perfect elimination of dead zones
  • Has a LED control


  • Comes at a higher-end

Netgear Nighthawk X6 smart Wi-Fi router (R8000)

Netgear Nighthawk R8000 X6 Router: Best for security features

If you are looking for performance in your router, this Netgear model will not disappoint you. It has a lovely design and 3500 square feet and a triband combination of 600+1300+1300 Mbps, which is ideal for high performance. It is one of the best wireless routers for penetrating walls.

With your 50 devices connected, you will enjoy a reliable connection for streaming videos, games, and other content within your smart home. The range of coverage and the triband make it possible for the Wi-Fi signal to penetrate the thick walls efficiently.

Combined with advanced technology, the router will deliver a remarkable experience. The 1 GHz dual-core processor, smart connect, beamforming technology, and dynamic QoS will help make the router’s performance much better.

The connections of the wall penetrating router are not limited to wireless connections. The Ethernet ports get backed up by the USB connections of both 3.0 and 2.0, making it possible to share content with the cloud making it simple to access your data from anywhere.

The Netgear armor guarantees the safety of the internet. You will have access to parental controls and other functions effortlessly without worries about internet threats. Your security for smart devices, malware, and data protection is of a world-class.

Smart parental control features, which are part of the app controls, are excellent. You will have your own time to set internet usage limits, pause devices, and schedule when each device can connect to the network. The app accesses all the connected devices for browsing history hence adequate control to your children.

Finally, the Netgear Nighthawk R8000 router is very safe with WPA, WPA2 security protocols. Accessing guest controls, firewalls, VPN, and more is, therefore, a straightforward process. Gigabit ports are of 4×1 and are perfectly protected too.


  • Lovely wireless range
  • Excellent internet safety
  • Lovely design
  • Has both wired and wireless connections


  • Slightly expensive

Gryphon advanced security AC3000 triband router

Gryphon AC3000 Mesh Wi-Fi: The best router with parental control

When it comes to the safety of your internet, Gryphon AC3000 makes the ideal choice. It comes on a lovely design but well-packed with hack protection, intrusion detection, and ESET malware protection.

More about the protection of the router is that it has a 24 hours’ safety. It will provide you with daily updates about the network, scan all your connected devices, prevent and block all the threats, filter malware, and detect intrusion.

You will also love the simple set-up and management process. With the Gryphon app, you will use the simple guides to have the network set up and running.

Moreover, the router also boasts of intelligent parental controls. You will therefore manage your child effortlessly using the parental control router mobiles app. Consequently, you will have access to various controls and set-ups that help your child utilize the network effectively.

Excellent performance is another thing that the Gryphon AC3000 router provides. The network is stable and very reliable. It has a 3000 square feet coverage with the incredible support of 802.11ac/b/n/g Wi-Fi technology ideal for connection to all kinds of devices.

The triband has a combination of 2.4+5.0+5.0Ghz, which is ideal for speeds and extension of the network.


  • Excellent internet speeds
  • Easy to set up and manage
  • Monster coverage
  • Various performance technologies
  • The wall penetrating router has exceptional parental controls


  • Setting up when extending may be confusing

Buyers guide for the best router for thick walls

Thick walls slow down the speed of the internet and the range of coverage. However, for the security and durability of the houses, these are the best walls.

It should not be a major challenge getting a good router for your thick concrete-walled house. This is because we have done the reviews above and you can also follow the buyers guide.

Using the following points, you will get an best router for thick walls.

Range of connection

The router you but for thick walls must have a broader range of connections. It will help in making the signal powerful hence a reliable network.

The reviewed best wall penetrating routers have some of the best ranges of all the routers. These routers will enable the Wi-Fi signal to penetrate the thick walls or use the mesh Wi-Fi system technology to give you Wi-Fi access in every corner of your home.


It is always wise to consider your budget limits when buying routers. The best router is one that serves you and is affordable.

However, in this case, the budget consideration should come after the penetration for thick walls. There is no need of getting a router that will not serve your whole home with high-speed internet.

Expandability of the network

The router should make it easy to have the network extended. Connecting other routers should be a straightforward process. Therefore, you should either consider mesh routers, routers that are compatible with mesh devices, or routers compatible with some of the exceptional Wi-Fi extenders.

Frequently asked questions around best router for thick walls

How can I boost the Wi-Fi signal if my home has thick walls?

If your home has thick walls, you can get either of the above exceptional routers for penetrating thick walls. However, if there is still a challenge, you can consider getting a good Wi-Fi extender, boosters, or repeater, or add some more satellites if your connection is a mesh compatible connection.

The wireless extenders can work for most routers, unlike the satellite/ nodes that are used for mesh compatible devices. The extenders give an excellent signal extension if you choose the best.

In addition, most excellent Wi-Fi extenders are affordable. This, therefore, gives you good coverage at a great price.

Can Wi-Fi penetrate thick concrete or brick walls?

In our houses, there may be thick and solid concrete walls or thin concrete walls. If the concrete wall is a thin slab, the Wi-Fi signals will penetrate but with signal degradation. For thick and solid walls, Wi-Fi signals may not penetrate at all.

However, there is a difference in the penetration levels for the 2.4GHz band signal and 5GHz band signal. The 2.4GHz signal can penetrate some solid walls better than the 5GHz signal.

Therefore, if you have a dual-band or tri-band router, check the connection of the 2.4GHz band WI-Fi when the faster 5GHz band Wi-Fi signals are not available.

Where do I place my router if my house is made of thick walls?

If your home is made of thick concrete or brick walls, one of the most important things to consider is the place where you will position your wall penetrating router in order to get wide Wi-Fi coverage.

The bricks and concrete walls will either absorb or reflect the Wi-Fi signal in your home. Therefore, for you to get fast internet connections coming from a strong signal, it is important to place your router in a strategic place.

You should consider placing your best wall penetrating router in a central location in your home where the router is not surrounded by thick walls. This way the signal will travel far and wide in your home.

This also works for persons with a story house. Placing the router centrally will enable the signal to be available on all floors.

Final verdict

Having a router whose Wi-Fi signals can penetrate thick walls is excellent. It makes it easy for you to have a smart home with support for most connected devices.

With the guide above and the picks, you will make a quick decision for the best router for thick walls. In our reviews, the best router for thick walls is Netgear Orbi RBK50 because the satellites will broadcast signals in all areas.

However, if you want an excellent traditional router whose Wi-Fi can penetrate thick walls, kindly consider getting the Asus AC2900 Wi-Fi Dual-band gigabit router.

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