10 Best Routers for 200Mbps & 300Mbps Internet in 2021

200Mbps may seem not much because there are higher speeds than that. You should, however, not underestimate its potential, especially if you have a high performing router. In this article, we will give you the best router for 200Mbps internet from our reviews and other high-performance routers too.

Choosing the best router for 200Mbps or 300Mbps means that you need to focus more on the features it comes with.  You will therefore need to make a thorough check on features such as the MU-MIMO technology.

Several internet providers provide this internet tier to their customers. This is because for most families the 200Mbps or 300Mbps is enough for most functions. Moreover, the following best routers for 200Mbps internet will also give you excellent performance for higher internet tiers.

We have therefore compiled a list of routers that will give you excellent service with 200Mbps. Netgear R8000 router is the best router for 200Mbps or 300Mbps internet. Have a look.

Best router for 200Mbps Internet

RouterSpecificationsCheck it out
Motorola MG7700 Cable modem and dual-band wifi gigabit routerBest modem router for 200Mbps internetCHECK IT OUT
Netgear Nighthawk X6 Smart wifi router R8000Best router for 200Mbps internet & 300MbpsCHECK IT OUT
Google Nest WIFI Router AC2200Best mesh router for 200Mbps internetCHECK IT OUT
Motorola AC2600 Smart gigabit routerBest 200Mbps router under $100CHECK IT OUT
Netgear Nighthawk X10 AD7200Best tri-band router for 200MbpsCHECK IT OUT
Asus RT-AX86U Dual-band wifi gaming routerBest gaming router for 200Mbps internetCHECK IT OUT
TP-Link AC1750 smart wifi routerBest budget router for 200Mbps internetCHECK IT OUT
Linksys WRT3200ACM Dual-band open source routerBest DD-WRT router for 200Mbps internetCHECK IT OUT
TP-Link AX1500 smart wifi router Archer AX10Best budget Wi-Fi 6 router for 200Mbps internetCHECK IT OUT
NETGEAR cable modem WiFi router C6220Best modem router combo for compatibility with all ISPsCHECK IT OUT

Motorola MG7700 Cable modem and dual-band wifi gigabit router

We start our list with a modem router from the Motorola brand. It comes with many features that make its performance excellent. You will fall in love with the modem routers tower design that occupies less space.

The router boasts of 4 gigabit Ethernet ports that allow you to connect to your wired devices. It, therefore, makes a fantastic choice for use over wired devices. You will comfortably use gaming consoles, HDTV, and many other devices.

The modem router comes with a dual-band of 2.4GHz and 5GHz. All your connected devices will, therefore, enjoy high speeds and a reliable connection. It also has a maximum speed of 1000Mbps but supports service speeds of up to 650.

Moreover, the router comes with various features that make its performance excellent. It has a power boost, firewall security, WIFI amplifiers, and gigabit ports. These work together to ensure that the router offers you the best service ever.

Being a modem router, compatibility with ISPs is a fundamental principle. It works perfectly with Comcast, Xfinity, Cox, and spectrum. However, if you intend to use DSL, Fiber, CenturyLink, or AT&T, the modem router is not ideal.

The router is built for performance with a power boost of AC1900. It also comes with a modern chipset that plays a role in maintaining the modem router’s security. All your devices and users are, therefore, very safe while using the internet.

Within the range of 1500 sq ft, the router performs at its best. You will not experience latency while gaming, streaming, or surfing. The stability of the network and the boost will leave you amazed.

Finally, the router boasts of any beam WIFI beamforming that works towards ensuring the signal strength. Your signal strength will, therefore, reach all your devices effortlessly.

All the above features make this router the best router for 200Mbps internet.


  • Excellent connection speeds
  • Combined both a router and a modem
  • Supports high-speed devices
  • Has a Broadcom cable-modem chipset
  • Easy to set up and manage


  • Difficult to update the firmware

Netgear Nighthawk X6 Smart wifi router R8000

Netgear Nighthawk R8000 X6 Router: Best for security features

Netgear is a widely known brand for the production of high-quality internet products. The R8000 router model for its high performance and sleek design. It has broader coverage and a stable connection to all its devices.

Enjoy fast wifi performance on coverage of 3500 sq ft with speeds of up to 3200Mbps. You will have a special love with the triband that comes with a combination of rates of 600+1300+1300Mbps.

A total of 50 devices will be connected with each enjoying fast speeds and very reliable internet. Therefore, you will have a chance to connect gaming devices, stream content, and surf the internet without experiencing latency.

For gaming consoles, computers, and streaming players, you will easily connect using the Ethernet ports. It has 4-gigabit ports that allow you to connect your wired devices. For smart home devices, the router still makes the best choice in terms of its support.

Various technologies are used to make the performance of the router excellent. The Dual-core processor, smart connect, dynamic QoS and the six amplified antennas do an excellent job. You will love the range and the high speeds that dominate your internet use sessions.

Moreover, the router has USB connections of 3.0 and 2.0. The two ports make sharing of content within the network fast and reliable. Using the 3.0 port will make the sharing process easy and very useful because of its speed.

Finally, the router has Netgear armor. It protects against threats hence safe for users and devices. The loveliest thing is that threats get frozen even before reaching the routers internet.

With all these excellent features, this device is the best router for 200Mbps and 300Mbps internet plans.


  • Has a lovely design
  • Excellent internet safety
  • Easy setup and management process
  • Smart parental controls
  • Smart connect, beamforming, and dual-core processor for best functionality


  • Has a bulky design

Google Nest WIFI Router AC2200

Google Nest AC2200 Mesh router: Best mesh router for 200Mbps fios

If you are looking for the best router for 200Mbps internet that will cover a broader range, the google nest wifi makes the ideal choice. You will, first of all, love their design and their size. Then you will enjoy how they work towards the extension of the wifi range.

The router comes in two units making a perfect scalable unit. They cover a space of 4400 sq ft eliminating all dead zones in your house. You will specifically love them to eliminate buffers in your house rooms and protect your whole home.

Moreover, the nest WIFI is known for entirely extending your wifi for the whole house. All your devices within the home will enjoy a stable and reliable internet connection. You can also add nest WIFI points to make the coverage more pronounced.

Enjoy the connection of up to 200 devices. You will enjoy a fast and reliable internet for smart devices such as phones. The router is highly compatible with all your wired devices hence an ideal choice for smart homes.

Furthermore, the router works behind the scenes for the best performance. It automatically updates and identifies all existing challenges. The safety of the router is excellent because it detects and solves threats as soon as they appear.

The process of setting up the network is simple and effective. You can easily create guest WIFI and smart parental controls for the safety of users. Managing the network and blocking websites is also very easy.

Finally, the router will offer you outstanding service for many uses. You will easily connect smart devices and stream your content at all times without experiencing latency.


  • Comes in a lovely design hence easy to extend
  • Easy to set up and manage
  • Works behind scenes
  • Strong and reliable network
  • Covers a wider range


  • Require proper spacing for the best functionality

Motorola AC2600 Smart gigabit router

Motorola AC2600 Smart gigabit router: Best router for 200Mbps

When you start looking for 200Mbps internet routers under $100, one of the first models you will get is this MR2600. It comes in a lovely design with four antennas placed facing the four directions, hence extending coverage.

You can easily confuse the router with models that have built-in modems, but it has none. It has more comprehensive coverage and very stable internet. Even at extended distances within the range, the router delivers an excellent service.

When connected, the internet retains stability and gets less affected by noise from neighbors. Unlike other routers, this model can serve in an office or apartment. The signal strength gets maintained even if there are stronger internet signals within the range.

The router boasts of both wired and wireless connections. It has gigabit Ethernet ports that ensure all your devices that need cabled internet are connected.  The dual bands ensure that each device is allocated to a band that will help it work best.

If you have gaming machines, smart TVs, streaming services, and others, you will enjoy very high and stable speeds. You will appreciate the presence of the latest wifi technology that makes its performance excellent.  The MU-MIMO technology is perfect in ensuring that each device has the right speeds and stable network.

The wifi signal range gets a perfect boost from the extendable antennas. Beamforming technology works with antennas to enhance a broader range of connections. Even at the farthest end of the wifi coverage, you will still enjoy reliable and high-speed internet.

Other features that make the router’s performance outstanding include the 3.0 USB port. It ensures that you enjoy fast sharing speeds within the network. You will also appreciate the presence of the parental controls, firewall, QoS, Dual-core processor, and user-friendliness.

Finally, setting up the router is very easy. You will need to connect the router then do a simple configuration process. Troubleshooting a few challenges is also an effortless task. You only need a stable internet, and you will be sorted.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Has a lovely design
  • Covers a wider range
  • Excellent safety due to the security firewall
  • User-friendly design
  • Ethernet and high-speed USB ports for quick sharing


  • Slightly large and occupies and more expansive space

Netgear Nighthawk X10 AD7200

Netgear Nighthawk X10 AD7200 router: Best router for 200Mbps

If you are looking for the best performance, this model from the famous Netgear brands proves to be the best choice. It comes in a lovely design with highly functioning antennas. Coverage is, therefore, more comprehensive hence better performance for both 200 and 300Mbps plans.

Enjoy fast speeds and coverage of 2500 sq ft. It has a triband that will help you to have enhanced performance. The combination speeds are 800+1733+4600 Mbps, with the incredible support of 60 devices.

However, when connecting devices, the router works best with 45 devices. You will, therefore, have an easy time when streaming content of doing online gaming. It makes the ideal choice for upgrading your house to a smart home.

Moreover, the router has excellent support for wired devices. You will appreciate the presence of the Ethernet ports that help in connecting all your smart devices. Plug your gaming consoles, computers, and many other devices without worries.

You will appreciate the various technologies that help the router to perform to its best. It has the MU-MIMO technology that works towards boosting the performance of the device.  A 1.7 GHz dual-core processor works with the beamforming technology and the amplified antennas to increase the network range.

Moreover, the router boasts of smart parental controls. You will find it very comfortable to use the Netgear app to set the router and manage the router’s functionality. Putting a few protocols to the network is a straightforward process.

Sharing content within the network is another reliable process. You will use the 3.0 USB ports, which are generally faster than the 2.0 ports. Storage and retrieval of content are, therefore, effortless with this model.


  • Boasts of excellent quality
  • Covers an extended wifi range
  • Easy to set up and manage
  • Has beamforming, MU-MIMO perfect security
  • Boasts of  a powerful triband
  • Serves wired devices excellently


  • The design seems bulky
  • It comes at a higher-end

Asus RT-AX86U Dual-band wifi gaming router

ASUS RT-AC86U Router: The best Asus Routers for gaming for thick walls and 200Mbps

Enjoy fast speeds and reliable internet for gaming and streaming with the AX5700 dual band wifi router. It comes in a lovely design that makes the performance more enhanced. You will be amazed by the latest wifi technology and a gaming port.

A free lifetime internet security is provided by the router hence more safety. The security protocols used work towards protecting all the users and the connected devices. It is, therefore, simpler to add more controls to enhance the safety of the connection.

The router has the latest wifi technology, which boasts of high speeds of up to 5700Mbps. It also has 1600MHz channels that enhance its performance. Being a gaming router, it has a particular dedicated port which you will use to connect your gaming devices.

Enjoy latency-free gaming session with a gaming mode. You will tap the option on the app that lets you game without experiencing lags and latency. Speeds of up to 2Gpbs make the router’s functionality excellent.

AiMesh support is one thing that will make you go for this model. You will love extending the network with various compatible routers. It has advanced security and simplicity of use hence very adequate controls.


  • Excellent internet speeds
  • Asus AiMesh support
  • Has a lifetime internet security
  • It features a lovely design
  • Set aside gaming port


  • Looks bulky and complicated

TP-Link AC1750 smart wifi router

TP-Link AC1750 Archer A7 Router: one of the best parental controls router for NAS

Archer 7 is known for its best performance and simplicity of use. It comes with a lovely and simple design. Looking for an affordable design all through the article could have been your mission. This model fulfills your needs.

Coming at the lower end does not mean the quality of the router has been compromised.  It is of the best quality and loaded with features and technologies that will help it function best. Compatibility is excellent because it will work with all your wireless devices.

Has a dual-band that upgrades and boosts the speeds of the internet. You will be amazed by the combination speeds of 450+1300 Mbps that makes the router fast and reliable.  No more buffering, hence perfect for streaming content.

Moreover, the router boasts of external antennas that help in boosting the range. You will therefore enjoy long-range wifi with a perfect boost of the internet speeds. The beamforming technology ensures that you want excellent rates over a broader range.

For wired connections, the router features 4 gigabit LAN ports. These will help you access high internet speeds for your gaming devices, computers, and many more.  Each connected device will enjoy reliable rates hence ideal for gaming and streaming.

Finally, the router has a tether app that helps in a comfortable setting and management.  It features USB ports that support sharing content.


  • Excellent quality of the router
  • Comfortable to set up and manage
  • Has USB and Ethernet ports for easy sharing
  • Dual-band fast combination speeds
  • Has antennas that help in boosting the range of the connection
  • Comes at the lower end


  • Exposed to lag when too many devices are connected

Linksys WRT3200ACM Dual-band open source router

Linksys WRT AC3200 Router:The best DD-WRT routers for 200Mbps internet

The first thing that welcomes you and enhances quick decision is the design of the router. It has a great look with a lovely combination of colors and orientation. You will then make your final decision quickly because of its features.

If you have an existing modem and need to upgrade, the router makes the ideal choice. You will quickly configure it up and begin to enjoy fast speeds. The compatibility of the router makes it the best for use in home upgrading.

Enjoy a tristream that doubles your internet bandwidths from 80MHz to 160MHz. When doing your 4K HD streaming, the router makes an ideal choice. You will love the fast speeds that work without experiencing buffering.

Moreover, the router has dual-band WIFI speeds that add up to 2.6 Gpbs. You will love the combination of 2600+600Mbps that makes it ideal for gaming and streaming. Each connected device gets allocated to the band that will serve it best.

Enjoy the use of various technologies that will make your router work best. MU-MIMO technology ensures that you enjoy multiple streaming. Speeds and stability of the network get maintained at all instances.

This router is the best DD-WRT router for your home. It can also be easily used for Tomato or OpenWRT firmware.


  • Easy to set up and manage
  • Has excellent speeds
  • Boasts of a lovely design
  • Provides a reliable connection to all your devices
  • Ideal for the upgrading of smart homes


  • Comes at the higher end though it’s worth the price

TP-Link AX1500 smart wifi router Archer AX10

TP-Link Archer AX10 Router: Best budget Wi-FI 6 router for 200Mbps internet

Here is another model of the TP-link that comes with excellent performance. Archer AX10 is lovely because it has the latest wifi technology and is loaded with various technological features. It has gigabit ports that will help you enjoy the best functionality.

This model allows you to connect to many devices, with each enjoying high and reliable speeds. It has a combination of 1201+300 Mbps that ensures all connected devices enjoy excellent rates. You will be amazed by the work of OFDMA and the MU-MIMO technologies that improve the router’s performance.

The model also features triple-core processing. It works towards ensuring that the connected devices enjoy a smooth and buffer-free connection. You will also appreciate how the model works towards ensuring that there is no interference from other networks.

Moreover, you will appreciate the work of the beamforming technology and the WIFI antennas that ensure you cover a broader range. All your connected devices enjoy fast speeds with a reliable connection.

Enjoy an easy setup process using the TP-Link tether app. You will quickly set up the router and manage all its functions. Setting up is simple because of the compatibility of the router to various software such as windows.


  • Excellent internet speeds
  • Comes in a lovely design
  • Excellent compatibility
  • OFDMA, MU-MIMO, and the beamforming technology for excellent functionality
  • Comes at the lower end


  • Exposed to lag when too many devices are connected

NETGEAR Cable Modem WiFi Router C6220

NETGEAR Cable Modem WiFi Router C6220: Best modem router combo for 200Mbps internet for compatibility with all ISPs

It always wise to start the pace at a high note and end at a high note. Have a look at this modem router from the Netgear brand that boasts of high quality and functionality. If you have cable plans of up to 200Mbps, this model proves to be the best choice.

We start by tackling the compatibility of the modem router. It works perfectly with all the major ISPs except a few such as Verizon, DSL, and DISH. However, it saves on the rental fees hence ideal for network upgrading.

The modem router is built for speeds.  With plans of up to 200Mbps, you will love how the rates multiplied to the extent of serving streaming and gaming devices.

Within a coverage of 1200sqft, you will have a stable and reliable connection of up to 20 devices. The speed also gets maintained at 1200Mbps. You will, therefore, connect both wired and wireless devices.

Moreover, the router is engineered by 16×4 bonding and DOCSIS 3.0. It is, therefore, ideal for high performing services such as gaming and live streaming. USB ports and Gigabit ports help in enhancing the performance of the router.

Finally, the modem router is safe and secure. It provides security to all your connected devices and users. You will love the incredible support for WPA/WPA2 protocols.


  • Excellent internet speeds
  • Easy to set up and manage
  • Safe and secure connection
  • Perfect multiplication of speeds
  • Compatible modem technology


  • seems bulky compared to the routers

Choosing the best router for 200Mbps internet

200Mbps is an excellent speed, especially when you get a perfect router. However, it is not all routers that work with such an internet speed. It, therefore, requires you to do more research for a better option. Below are the areas you should put a close eye on.

Router wifi speed

The ideal router should be able to provide adequate speed amounts. Each speed will be different from the modems but in line with the ISP. It is therefore wise to ensure the rates are very high.


Always ensure that your router has both the MU-MIMO and QoS, not unless it is a modem. Having these technologies is excellent because they will ensure you have prioritization of the bandwidth hence excellent performance.

Triband and dual-band

Having the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz bands is excellent.  Dual and triband make good choices when it comes to performance. Anything below that is poor performance.


You may wonder what the role of the antennas for this case is. The number of antennas and their ability is significant in enhancing the range and the stability of the network. Your antennas should be well placed and effective.

Antennas work best with beamforming technology.

Final verdict

It is lovely to have the best performing routers. They quickly multiply your internet speeds and make them stronger. You will appreciate that high performing routers offer perfect multiplication speeds from as low as 200Mbps to as much as possible.

From our tests and reviews from other experts, Motorola MG7700 is the best modem router for 200Mbps internet while Netgear Nighthawk X10 is the best router for 200Mbps internet subscription.

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