10 Best Modem Router Combo for Cox in 2021

Paying monthly rental fees that cumulatively are higher than the cost of buying your own modem router combo really sucks. However, some of us are stuck there without ever checking what is available in the market today. In the market, we have the best modem router combo for Cox to choose from a list of excellent performers.

Are you tired of the additional costs that you pay for your ISP every month?

You need to think of having a modem router that will offer you high speeds and reliable connectivity for Cox.  Getting the best modem router for cox is also not a walk in the park. You will need to do a proper assessment before deciding on one product.

Having a modem router will make you enjoy fast speeds for browsing, downloading, gaming, and other internet-based activities without experiencing latency. However, if the range is a bit deficient, you can get the best Wi-Fi extender for Cox for full home coverage.

If you have a different internet service provider, you can choose the modem router that will work for the connection. These include the best modem router combos for Spectrum, the best modem router combo for Comcast Xfinity internet among others. The modem router combos ensure you get the best performance from your ISP plan.

Below are the best modem routers and guides that will help you choose the best modem router to buy.

Best modem router combo for Cox

From our reviews and buyer’s guide, we were able to identify the best modem router for Cox as the Motorola MG7540 modem router as the device with the best performance.

Cox Modem Router ComboBest forSpecificationsCheck it out
ARRIS Surfboard SBG7600AC2 modem routerBest modem router combo for CoxSpeed: Dual-band 2,350Mbps
DOCSIS channels: 32 x 8
Ports: 4 Gigabit
Netgear Orbi cable modem router (CBR40)Best mesh modem router combo for CoxSpeed: Tri-band 2.2Mbps
DOCSIS channels: 32×8
Ports: 4 Gigabit
Motorola MG7550 modem router comboBest DOCSIS 3.0 modem router combo for CoxSpeed: Dual-band 1,900Mbps
DOCSIS channels: 16X4
Ports: 4 Gigabit
Netgear Nighthawk cable modem Wi-Fi router combo C7000Best for compatibility with all ISPs and devicesSpeed: Dual-band 1,900Mbps
DOCSIS channels: 24×8
Ports: 4 Gigabit
Motorola MG7540 Modem routerBest budget modem router combo for CoxSpeed: Dual-band 1600Mbps
DOCSIS channels: 16×4
Ports: 4 Gigabit
ASUS CM32 Modem router comboBest modem router combo for Cox for a large houseSpeed: Dual-band 2600Mbps
DOCSIS channels: 32×8 
Ports: 4 Gigabit
ARRIS SURFboard SBG8300 modem router comboBest DOCSIS 3.1 modem router combo for high-speed internetSpeed: Dual-band 2,350Mbps
DOCSIS channels: 32 x 8
Ports: 4 Gigabit
Netgear cable modem Wi-Fi router combo C6250Best for Cox Cable Plans Up to 300 MbpsSpeed: Dual-band 1,600Mbps
DOCSIS channels: 16×4
Ports: 2 Gigabit
Motorola MG7315 Modem router comboBest single-band modem router combo for CoxSpeed: Single-band 450 Mbps
DOCSIS channels: 8×4
Ports: 4 Gigabit
TP-Link CR1900 Modem routerBest Cox modem router combo for speeds of up to 1GbpsSpeed: Dual-band 1,900Mbps
DOCSIS channels: 24×8
Ports: 4 Gigabit

Reason for getting your own Cox modem router combo

There are several reasons for getting your own modem router combo for Cox. These reasons may be common for other ISPs or may be specific for Cox. They include:

Saving on rental fees for the Cox modem router combo

One of the primary reasons why we recommend getting your own modem router combo for Cox is to save on rentals fees. Since Cox charges a rental fee of $ 9.99 per month for the gateway, getting your own will repay itself in a year.

Most of the exceptional modem router combos for Cox described in this article are available at between 100 to 200 Dollars. This means that you can easily get the benefits of your own combo within no time.

Incredibly, you will be able to choose the Cox compatible modem router combo that suits your needs. These needs include the range, number of devices, and technological advances required.

Faster internet speeds

Getting your own Cox-compatible modem router combo ensures that you can get the best speeds a modem router combo can provide. This is different from situations where you get the Cox rented modem router combo.

The routers described in this article offer different ranges of speed for your home. Depending on your internet needs, you can be able to choose a device that will support your devices optimally.

Better home coverage with Wi-Fi

Getting your own Cox-compatible modem router combo, you get choices on the range. You can choose a mesh modem router combo for Cox or a traditional one.

This ensures that you can choose a modem router combo that can cover your whole home. This is unlike getting a rental Cox modem router combo where the range is as per the device provided.

Therefore, with your own modem router combo, you will ensure that there are no dead zones. Also, you will get a combo that helps you get the best speeds even at range.

Control on the configuration and parental controls

Getting your own modem router combo enables you to have better control over the settings, parental controls, and other configuration features. This is important for the modern home where there are several devices and users.

You will therefore be able to choose the best router to offer advanced security features, parental controls, and network control. You can even choose a router with a Guest network for better security at home when you are picking your own modem router combo for Cox.

What is the best modem router combo for Cox?

ARRIS Surfboard SBG7600AC2 cable modem router

ARRIS Surfboard SBG7600AC2 cable modem router: One of the best modem router combo for Cox

As we make a review of the best modem routers and the best routers for high-powered connections, the ARRIS SURFboard must always appear. The modem router is compatible with Comcast cox and many others making its functionality excellent.

Being a 2 in one component, the modem router delivers a high-powered output at an extended range.it is compatible with most of the cable providers hence an excellent choice for high-performance internet speeds.

The Arris modem router has its best speed of operation being 600Mbps. You will, however, need to assess the compatibility of the modem with your service provider. By doing so, you will have eradicated the challenge of having compatibility issues and poor performance.

Furthermore, the router has a dual-band connection that directs your devices to where they will use adequate internet. Being concurrent with Ethernet ports, you will connect your devices, and they will get redirected to the less congested band for an excellent performance.

The best cable plans of the router are also 600Mbps with 32 download streams and eight upload streams. You will, therefore, experience lag-free streaming and perfect gaming when using the modem router.

Moreover, the set process of the modem router is quite simple. You will use the SURFboard manager app to set up and manage the router’s connections and functions for optimal performance.

The router makes an excellent choice for gaming, cox connections, and other activities that need high internet connections such as streaming.


  • Perfect internet speeds
  • Excellent connectivity
  • Easy to set up and manage
  • Saves on your money and space
  • Excellent performer in gaming


  • The hardware may make the device to lose connections some time

Netgear Orbi cable modem router (CBR40)

Netgear Orbi cable modem router (CBR40): The best mesh modem router combo

When you are looking for class, style, performance, and other aesthetics, Netgear Orbi CBR40 is your device. It is a stylish and beautiful-looking compact modem router from Netgear. The router comes with unique features that make it stand out. It covers an extended range and has a very high speed that makes your internet usage efficient.

The router comes with flexible connection options such as gigabit ports, 2.2Gbps Wi-Fi, and other inputs that make it easy to use. You can, therefore, connect several devices and have each getting enough internet for complete functionality.

Moreover, the outer has fast internet and a powerful signal, automatically eliminating the dead zones in your house. It covers a range of 2000 square feet, which is filled with a compelling signal. You will, therefore, enjoy using the internet at any point in your house.

The modem router has certification from Xfinity, spectrum, and cox.  One good thing with the network is that it can easily get expanded using the Orbi satellites. It, therefore, can be used both indoors and outdoors.

More about the performance of the router is about its ability to maintain stable internet all through. It features 32 download and eight upload channels, which have maintained stability. Therefore, the router is 32 times faster than the other types of routers.

Featuring is a triband technology that makes the modem router more functional. Several devices can be connected to the router. However, to maintain network strength, the router drives each device to a specific, less congested band.

The high-performing and internet-consuming devices are straightaway offered their band that will make them very functional. It is, therefore, ideal for gaming and streaming live content.

Ethernet ports provide wired connections that facilitate the use of gaming consoles, pc, and other devices. It has a more stable internet.

Using the Orbi app, you will be able to make the functionality of the router excellent. You will set it up quickly and effect several measures regarding the usage of the internet.

  • You will be able to set guest Wi-Fi and parental controls. Therefore, monitoring your child’s progress while using the internet is efficient. The setting of control measures such as time Easy to set up and manage

Beautiful limits, URL blocking is also simple.


  • Excellent parental controls
  • It has a stylish and beautiful design
  • Incredible performance
  • High compatibility with most ISPs and devices
  • Ease in WiFi extension due to mesh networks
  • Long-range coverage


  • Pricey

Motorola MG7550 modem router combo

Motorola MG7550 modem router: The best modem router combo for Cox

Motorola is a highly rated dual-band Wi-Fi gigabit router with excellent speeds and a power boost. The router is certified by cable providers such as Comcast and Cox. You will, therefore, enjoy seamless connections at very high speeds.

More about the router is the high-speed of up 1,900Mbps. All your devices will get connected to the Wi-Fi router and will experience faster speeds. You will be able to enjoy live streams, browsing, and active gaming.

Moreover, the router has a power boost technology, which makes the amplification of the wireless signals. You will, therefore, enjoy an extended internet range with a better connection of devices. Beamforming will make each of your devices get adequate internet.

The router will serve best for the internet plans 375Mbps. The 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands will ensure that all your devices are connected to a band that will have less congestion for better performance. It features the power boost and the DFS that are key to excellent performance.

Furthermore, the router has DFS that ensures that the router has adequate speeds and can comfortably connect to devices like smartphones and other devices. Unlike most routers, the range is naturally extended to a greater extent.

Finally, the modem router has a beautiful design that occupies less base space. It has a longer vertical design that makes it cool even when it is at its maximum performance. There is also limited cable work hence a clean environment for the modem.


  • High Wi-Fi speeds of up to 1,900Mbps
  • Features a built-in firewall
  • Power boost technology
  • Beamforming technology for extended Wi-Fi coverage
  • Occupies limited space due to vertical design
  • Has Four Gigabit LAN ports for your wired devices


  • No USB ports

Netgear Nighthawk cable modem Wi-Fi router combo C7000

Netgear Nighthawk cable modem Wi-Fi router combo C7000

Are you looking for an excellent performing modem router combo for cox?

Get the Netgear Nighthawk C7000 modem router that provides excellent service not only for Cox but also for Comcast and spectrum. The router has a combination of speeds and performance of the router and the modem that makes it a perfect choice.

The router boasts a better Wi-Fi connection with compatibility with the major service providers such as Xfinity, spectrum, and cox. You will enjoy extra speeds of up to 400Mbps. You will, therefore, enjoy fast and reliable internet for surfing and gaming.

Moreover, the modem router also has an exceptional wireless range. It covers a range of 1800sqft with excellent amplification of the speed by antennas and the beamforming technology that gives it a unique opportunity to include a more extensive space.

The modem router has a dual-band. Therefore, it selects 30 devices that need the most internet, providing them with proper band selection for excellent performance. Moreover, the modem router is solidly built for high performance with up to 1900Mbps wireless speed.

Moreover, the router features 4 gigabit Ethernet connections and another 2 USB ports that make connections to other devices excellent. Furthermore, the router has safe connections secured with WPA and WPA2 security protocols, which are critical to the safety of the router.

Finally, the safety of the router gets extended to parental controls. You will be able to take control of what your child does online. Limiting the time your child is online and blocking specific content from their access is simple.


  • High internet speed
  • Stable connection over an extended range
  • Works with Comcast, cox, and spectrum
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Beamforming+ for an extended WiFi coverage
  • Parental control and guest network for content control and filtering
  • Excellent functionality due to fast 1.6 GHz processor
  • Gigabit wired connection with USB media sharing


  • Gets hot with lots of use
  • Lightweight and thus might break easily if dropped

Motorola MG7540 Modem router

Motorola MG7540 Modem router: best modem router for Cox

Motorola MG7540 is a high-speed modem router with a dual-band gigabit and high compatibility with Comcast, Cox, Spectrum, and more. The high speeds of the router make its functionality perfect.

The modem router comes in a beautiful design that is captivating to the eye and saves more base space. the modem has excellent compatibility with most cable providers such as spectrum, cox, Comcast, charter, and many others

Furthermore, the router boast high and stable recommended speeds of 375Mbps internet plans. It has a dual-band of 2.4GHz and 5GHz that work hand in hand to deliver the best rates for browsing, gaming, and other activities that require high speeds.

Featuring on this modem is a firewall that provides security to the network and its associated devices. You are, therefore, safe from external attacks and online predators. The Broadcom chipset also plays a role in maintaining the safety of the internet.

Moreover, the AC1600 router also has offered internet support to several devices such as smart television, smartphones, tablets notebooks, and many more. The Ethernet port also will allow you to connect the wired devices such as mac and windows computers.

The beamforming technology helps in extending the range of the internet to a higher extends. It works by channeling signals to devices that are not receiving internet connectivity. You will, therefore, not experience any interference from the neighboring connections.

The vertical design of the modem plays a role in ensuring that there is adequate space for storage. You will also love the design because it maintains the router being cool even when the performance is at its peak.

Apart from saving on space, the router also lowers the usage of cables. It provides a single user interface for maximum productivity. Your devices also get connected to a less congested band for better performance.


  • High-speed internet
  • Beamforming technology
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent performance even at its peak
  • Highly compatible


  • Not auto firmware update

ASUS CM32 Modem router combo

ASUS CM32 Modern router combo: The best modem router combo for Cox

ASUS modern router combo is a high-performing dual-band wireless gigabit router with excellent speeds. The router is ideal for gaming and high-speed streaming. It is certified by cox, spectrum, Xfinity, charter, and Time Warner cable providers.

By purchasing the modem router, you will have saved yourself lots of cash that you would otherwise have used to pay rental fees. You will, therefore, enjoy fast internet speed at a reasonable price.

The Asus dual-band modem router makes it provides a full bandwidth, which is greatly extended to cover a more extensive space. All your connected devices will enjoy high speeds of connection. Each instrument gets connected to a band that is less congested for optimal performance.

For non-Wi-Fi devices, you will still have a chance to have them connected to the Ethernet ports. The modem router features 4-gigabit ports, 2×2.0 USB ports that make the connection to other devices perfect.

Concerning the performance of the router, you will enjoy fast downloads and uploads. For gaming, the router gives adequate support. You will, therefore, not experience a latency as you enjoy your gaming.

802.11ac32x8 channel bonding technology plays a crucial role in maintaining internet speeds. It delivers up to 1.3Gpbs download speeds.  You will, therefore, enjoy streaming content and gaming without having any interference.

Finally, the router is powered by the intel PUMA processor that helps it boost its performance. You will, therefore, enjoy the maintained stability of the internet within the stipulated range of coverage.


  • High-speed internet
  • Excellent performance
  • Fast downloads and uploads
  • Stable internet connection
  • Approved by many cable providers


  • Updating the firmware is a major hassle

ARRIS SURFboard SBG8300 modem dual-band Wi-Fi router

ARRIS SURFboard SBG8300 modem dual-band Wi-Fi router

Featuring in the list is another ARRIS SURFboard modem router model, SBG8300. This modem router is high-performing and has the approval of cox, spectrum, and other providers. You will enjoy high speeds of browsing and gaming while you use the internet.

The modem router has a gigabit speed with 32 downloads and eight upload channels that make it an excellent performer. With the increased bandwidth, you will be able to have many of your devices connected to the internet within the range. It also has DOCSIS 2 upstream and 2 downstream OFDM channels.

All the connected devices will enjoy high-speed internet. Being a dual-band router, your devices will be channeled to a band that is less connected. The tools that use more internet, such as gaming, will be offered support for high speeds.

Moreover, the router connects even to the wired devices using the Ethernet ports. Such connections are usually more durable with better support to the connected devices. If your computer is connected, you will enjoy a more stable connection than the wireless connections.

The modem router has speed plans of 4Gpbs, which is very high. However, the most exciting thing about this modem router is that it has the latest technology. In case of an upgrade, it is designed to match the new specifications.

The control and setup procedure of the modem router is simple. You will use the SURFboard manager app to manage the connection. The usage of the internet will, therefore, be as per your wishes. 

The advanced technology of the router also gives rise to the use of Amazon Alexa. You will, therefore, be able to direct commands without necessarily having to raise your hand. Finally, the modem router has won awards for innovation in the smart home category.


  • Excellent internet speed
  • Easy to set up and manage
  • Highly compatible
  • Lag-free gaming


  • The firmware update is a huge challenge
  • It is quite pricey

Netgear cable modem Wi-Fi router combo C6250

Netgear cable modem Wi-Fi router combo C6250

Featuring again is another modem Wi-Fi router by Netgear. The C3250 model is compatible with all cable providers, including Comcast, cox, and spectrum. You will, therefore, enjoy fast and reliable connectivity from the router.

More about the router is its speed. It delivers high speeds of 300Mbps, which gives you awesome moments for gaming, streaming surfing, and many others. You will, therefore, not experience any lagging as you make use of the internet.

When it comes to Wi-Fi, the router delivers better internet with better features that make it stand out. It has better-amplified antennas that extend the coverage to a broader extent. All your devices will receive a powerful signal, and none of them will experience lags. The coverage is 1500 square feet.

Moreover, the router’s dual-band capability plays a significant role in ensuring that your devices are well connected. It ensures that your 25 devices are connected to the right band that is not congested. Your high internet-consuming devices are prioritized and directed to a range of that band that will give better performance.

The router’s internet speed is maintained at 1600Mbps, which will offer constant support to gaming and streaming. You will not experience delays and lags as you use the internet.

Furthermore, the router has high security with WPA/WPA2 protocols. You are, therefore, sure that as you use the internet, you will not encounter any online predators and hackers.

The router also includes parental controls that give you an easy time to monitor what your child is doing online. You will be able to set parameters of internet usage for your child.


  • Parental controls
  • Excellent performance
  • Easy to control and manage
  • High internet speeds
  • High router security


  • Pricey

Motorola MG7315 Modem router combo

Motorola MG7315 Modem router combo

Motorola MG7315is a high-performing modem router with a single band. However, it features to be one of the modem routers approved by cox. Apart from having an elegant look on a white surface, the router has a power boost that makes it easy for it to reach more comprehensive ranges.

It has a single band of 2.4 GHz, four gigabit Ethernet ports, and a firewall that makes its performance better. However, the recommended speeds of the modem router are 145Mbps. Being an affordable modem router, you will get it at a fair price while minimizing the rental costs.

Moreover, the modem router features a high-speed router with an N450 power boost and Wi-Fi that makes it very easy for your devices to enjoy the internet. You will, therefore, be able to easily connect your pc, game stations, and other accessories.

As the wireless boost is working on extending the wireless range, the beamforming technology works towards that each wireless device has stable and adequate internet. You will, therefore, enjoy a powerful internet even at more comprehensive ranges.

Moreover, there also features the Ethernet cables that connect the non-Wi-Fi devices effortlessly.  The LAN ports enhance connections to your pc and mac. The stability of the wired devices on the router is excellent.

The modem and the router come in a single unit that ensures that cable work is reduced. You will, however, love the design of the modem router not because of its beautiful color but the space it occupies.

The design has a significant contribution to the network’s ability and performance. It ensures that while it is performing, especially at its peak, it is intact and does not get hot.

Finally, the router has a proper mechanism that ensures the network is safe. It has a built-in firewall and a chipset that together deal with threats and security attacks.


  • Stable internet
  • Beamforming technology
  • Power boost technology
  • Beautiful design


  • Single-band router

TP-Link CR1900 Modem router

TP-Link CR1900 Modem router combo

TP-Link routers have always proved to be high-performing gadgets. The modem router is also not left behind. One good thing about the CR1900 Modem router is that it has been designed to deliver 300 times fast speeds than other routers.

The router has very high internet plans that serve both the cabled connections and wireless connections. You will enjoy very fast internets of 1900Mbps, which is a combination of 1300Mbps+600Mbps for 5GHz and 24GHz bands.

The download rates are compelling, serving up to 1000Mbps. However, the modem router has 24 downloads and eight upload channels, which are both very useful. You will, therefore, connect most of your devices and each will maintain high speeds.

Furthermore, the router has 3x internal antennas, which ensure the range of coverage is highly extended. The highly powered amplifiers help in boosting the internet range and the signal strength hence improved signal stability.

The setup and activation of the modem router are straightforward. You will quickly fix the cables, and other peripherals then contact your service provider for configuration. The configuration process should take a few minutes.

The strength of the internet is excellent and can hold several devices at a time. You will, however, not experience any latency as you use the internet. Due to the presence of dual-band, internet traffic is well maintained.

Your active devices that use more internet get prioritized. As a result, they are set to get more stable internet for proper functionality. Devices are channeled to the band that has fewer appliances and is less congested.  When used for gaming, you will get excellent performance.

The security of the router is excellent. You are also able to monitor and control the progress of your child while online. Moreover, you can block some content from your child’s access.


  • Stable internet connection
  • Easy to setups
  • Parental controls
  • Guest Wi-Fi
  • High internet speeds


  • Internet connection is a bit unreliable

Buyers guide for the best modem router combo for cox

When buying a modem router combo for cox, several issues come along. The specifications of these modem routers are different compares to other modems and routers. Below are things to consider when getting a modem router combo for cox:

Internet speed

The best modem router for cox should be high-speed. It should maintain the speeds even when there are several devices connected to it. Within the range, you should be able to stream and do your gaming without interferences of poor connectivity.

You should strive to get a modem router combo that can handle the subscription tier from Cox. This is because some routers are slower than your subscription hence will not give you a performance befitting your home.


A good modem router for cox should cover an extended range.  You should be able to use the internet within various places without necessarily getting any interference. It is much better when the has a power booster that helps it reach an extended range.

You should note that most of the modem router combos do not have a great range. In case you want a router with wider coverage you can check the top picks from us here.


A good modem router for cox should be compatible with the cable providers. It should also be consistent with the devices that it will serve. Getting a modem router with gigabit Ethernet ports is an excellent choice.

You should pick one of the routers above since they are proven to be compatible with Cox. However, check their speed to ensure your subscription is in order with the modem router combo ordered.


As much as we focus on the features of the modem router, you should consider its affordability. You should consider getting a modem router that is pocket-friendly but with the best performance features.

One of the things to note is that modem router combos last for long. This means that you should invest in a device that will serve your purpose even if it will be a bit costly.


Each modem router comes with a feature that makes its performance better. Some have beamforming technology, some have a power boost, and others have advanced security features. You should consider a router that has the best features for excellent performance.


When buying a modem router, ensure that it has proper security features. There should be underlying router security that will protect you against malware and online predators.

An excellent router should also have parental control whereby your children’s safety is more emphasized while they use the internet.

Best Modem router for Cox FAQs

Can you use your own modem router with Cox?

Yes, you can use your own modem router combo with Cox. You will thus ensure that you are not stuck paying $10 a month for leasing a cable modem you don’t need. I have been using my own SBG7600AC2 modem with no problems and saving over $100/year! The installation process was very simple as indicated above. Just make sure you choose one that supports the DOCSIS 3 standard (DOCSIS stands for Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification). A DOCSIS 3.0 or 3.1 Modem router will serve your home or office optimally.

Should I upgrade my Cox modem?

It is not a must but we recommend it. Upgrading your modem will help improve the connection speed, minimize interruptions in service, and maximize overall performance when using Cox Internet Service. This can ultimately save customers money on their monthly bills by reducing bandwidth usage.

Do I need a modem and router for Cox?

You may or may not need a modem and a router for Cox. You do not need a separate modem and router if you have a gateway (modem router combo). However, if you have a separate modem, you will need a router for you to access a Wi-Fi connection. This is because a modem can only connect a few devices via an Ethernet cable.

What is the fastest modem for Cox Internet?

We recommend ARRIS SURFboard SB8200 and SB8300 if you have gigabit speed. The Arris Surfboard SB8300 is a powerful modem that has a wireless router built-in. The SB8200 has the same capability but has no built-in router. However, there’s a lot of different options out there. The fastest modems are the cable providers recommended DOCSIS 3.1 modems that have 32×8 channels (especially with channel bonding) provides super-fast speeds.

Does Cox charge for their modem?

You can use your own and router with them! Or, rent the company’s gateway device at $12 a month. You will need to pay $12 a month extra if you opt in to Panoramic Wi-Fi service as well. Cox offers a rent-to-own modem and router gateway device that you can use with your own Wireless Ethernet Bridge (WED) for $12 per month.

Final verdict

Getting a modem router for cox, as we have seen, is very simple. However, it is a difficult task, especially when you do not have a guide. Because there are so many modem routers in the market and some are substandard, you should embrace this guide.

Making a quick pick from any of these routers will make your work easier. However, get the details from the guide then choose the best modem router for cox.

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