10 Best Home Firewalls in 2021

Our homes are now some online hubs as most people work from home. This is because most of the work is being done online. However, do we ensure that our home’s internet use is safe for the use of everyone? This is why you should check the best home firewalls

Is your house having active internet users? Are you aware of the dangers that they are exposed to as they use the internet? Cybercrime and online prey have become a common problem among many internet users. Many people have had their accounts hacked, and some have lost cash in unknown ways.

It is time you need to protect your internet against such activities. All you need is to have the best firewall for your home network. Firewalls play a vital role in safeguarding devices and internet users from unusual events. With the best hardware firewall for home, you will not expect your accounts to get hacked, and your children to get manipulated.

Our day’s article has focused on the best firewalls for your home. Let’s have a quick look.

Best home firewalls top picks

Fortinet FortiGate 30E network firewall

Fortinet FortiGate 30E network firewall: The best home firewall

Are you looking for the best firewall device that will offer you the best connectivity and security? Get the Fortinet Fortigate 30E model.

The firewall keeps track of network functionality and usage. It uses multiple tools and features that are aimed at providing security to your internet. You will also enjoy breakneck speeds of browsing and streaming from the network.

The best hardware firewall for home features application control, web filtering, threat protection, and IPS. You will, therefore, enjoy fast internet with filtered content that protects your children against online prey.

Using the application control, you will be able to create guest networks and child protection commands. More about the firewall is its ability to keep track of any threats to your system and remove them. It also identifies additional risks and responds accordingly.

Additional features that make the firewall worthy of installing in your home are 200mbps NGFW, 300Mbps IPS, 950Mbps firewall, and 150Mbps threat protection. These features work hand in hand to deliver the best quality of service.

You will, therefore, enjoy fast internet speed and fewer interferences of the insecurity prompt. The ability of the firewall to clear any obstacles arising from the network is excellent.

Moreover, the firewall can perfectly serve as a wireless range extender. It has 4 LAN ports, a WAN port, a switch port, and a 1Gbps data transfer speed. You will enjoy the affordability of the router.

What makes FortiGate 30E stand out?

The FortiGate/FortiWiFi 30E offers beyond the industry’s best firewall with anti-bot protection, Feature Select Options for simplifying configurations and deployments, Contextual Visibility for enhanced reporting and management.

The FortiGate/FortiWiFi 30E are compact, cost-effective, all-in-one security appliances that deliver the Connected UTM. Ideal for small business and retail networks as these provide not only network security but also connectivity and performance you need.

Known to have a foundation of Fortress OS 5 – The Fortinet’s Operating System – this product delivers high performance by being able to connect seamlessly with other devices. The devices, such as smartphones or tablets which can be used in various functions from traffic control on your car infotainment system up to monitoring packages sent around the globe via email or data sharing through social media sites at speeds 10 times faster than any ISP providers out there! So if quality speed is what you want then look


  • Huge internal storage of 16Gb
  • Excellent security provider
  • Amazing advanced features
  • Have an USB port
  • Perfect performer
  • Improved network speed


  • No built-in wireless interface


The FortiGate/FortiWiFi 30E are compact, cost-effective, all-in-one security appliances that deliver Fortinet’s Connected UTM. Ideal for small business and retail networks as well as remote locations like customer premise equipment (CPE) or branch offices; these appliances offer the network security you need with connectivity and performance to match.

The FortiOS 5 operating system is built on a foundation of IPSec VPN technology which offers superior encryption speeds – up to 240 Mbps throughput per tunnel – along with multi-WAN failover support so your systems stay online even if they lose their primary connection. Additionally, it works seamlessly across cloud environments giving you complete visibility into all traffic whether its inbound from mobile

GRYPHON Guardian Advanced parental control system and Wi-Fi router

GRYPHON Guardian Advanced parental control system and Wi-Fi router: One of the best home firewalls

If you are a parent who wishes to provide personalized security to children, pick this router. It comes with an excellent parental control feature that keeps track of what your children are doing. You will love how the best parental control router can offer extra security for your home.

The best hardware firewall for a home will offer protection from hackers, malware protection, and other threat detection. It blocks ads and scans all devices lowering chances of vulnerability. Using ESET technology, the firewall detects and filters malware.

For extra protection, you can subscribe to advanced premium security for $79 renewed annually. At first, however, you will enjoy a 90-day free trial to access its performance.

More about the firewall is on parental controls. Using a smartphone app, you will be able to monitor what your child is doing online. You can also filter the content your child is using and review their browsing history. Suspending and limiting the network usage of your child is straightforward.

Featuring on the firewall is mesh Wi-Fi, which offers excellent internet speed. Therefore, you will be able to browse, download content, enjoy gaming, and stream content at the same time. The firewall has six high-powered antennas that extend its coverage.

The internet speed of the firewall is 3Gbps, 2.4ghz, and 5ghz triband radio. You will, therefore, enjoy fast internet and simultaneous use due to the MU-MIMO technology. Network coverage of each Gryphon is 3000 square feet with the latest wireless technology.

Finally, setting up and controlling the firewall is simple. You will use a smartphone to download the Gryphon app then follow the simple steps provided to set up the firewall. The app is the control device for the functionality of the firewall.

One of the Gryphon products features as an excellent parental control router. Therefore, when using the Gryphon firewall, you are assured of the children’s privacy in addition to other features.

Comparison with other Gryphon mesh routers

When we reviewed the original Gryphon Smart Wi-Fi kit, the mesh Wi-Fi system earned high marks for its performance, comprehensive parental controls, and easy-to-use interface through their mobile application. However, it was a bit overpriced.

Gryphon’s newest mesh Wi-Fi system, the Gryphon Guardian, is a bit more affordable than its predecessor. However, it maintains all of our favorite features and offers both excellent performance and comprehensive parental controls.

The main difference is that the previous version gave you one year of free malware protection while the Gryphon Guardian only gives you six. Both are very easy to install and manage and offer considerable great mesh WiFi.


  • Easy to set up and control
  • Content filtering
  • Recording of browsing history
  • Wireless latest technology
  • High browsing speed
  • MU-MIMO technology
  • Low-profile components


  • Loss of DNS
  • You can’t get abti-malware without a subscription
  • The performance at a range is not the best
  • It has no USB ports for local storage or backup support that would have made this product even better!


With the new and improved Gryphon Guardian, you won’t have to worry about your kids messing with the router settings or unplugging it if they can’t reach. The low-profile nodes are very easy to install and configure. This system offers solid close-range performance but also has room for improvement when it comes to long-distance connection speeds.

It is excellent for robust parental controls. And you can always depend on its anti-malware protection for the period you have a subscription.

Bitdefender BOX 2 Home Protection

Are you looking for a firewall that will offer you adequate security in internet banking?

Make a quick pick of the Bitdefender BOX 2. The firewall offers perfect protection to your smartphone, including its apps and your Personal computer. You will also be able to get very effective parental control for your children.

The firewall has advanced security defense across all your network sites, therefore, ensuring that your connected devices are safe. You will enjoy the functionality of the firewall because it blocks malware and ransomware security threats.

The best home network firewall will protect your data, and the access to your device peripherals denied. Features such as the camera, passwords, microphone, online banking, parental controls, and social networks get adequate security from the firewall.

If your child attends online classes and you attend online meetings, the online preys who are usually present get kept off. You will, therefore, not be worried about your child’s safety when doing their online activities.

You will have a chance to limit your child’s internet usage and block some content from their access.

Furthermore, this firewall has the capability of automatically detecting and optimizing all your devices within the network. Once installed, you will get slow internet for 48 hours. After it is complete, you will begin to enjoy fast internet of 1Gbps with high security.

The firewall is known for its unlimited protection and excellent support. It connects to a router that is non-mesh, therefore serving an unlimited number of users with adequate security.  You will also get the latest internet technologies and on-time auto-updates.


  • Dual-core processor
  • Easy setup process
  • High browsing speed
  • Safe online banking
  • Device optimization


  • Broadband connection for optimal processing

Ubiquiti Unifi Security Gateway

Ubiquiti Unifi Security Gateway: one of the best security gateway

If you are looking for a firewall that will make the transfer of massive files simple, then this firewall is for you. It is a lightweight firewall with a sleek design and low fan noise. You will, therefore, not be afraid of keeping it in a visible place closer to people.

The best home network firewall has advanced security features that keep your internet and devices safe. It features a VPN security that encrypts data that is moving from one web to another. You will also love the management of the traffic and the creation of virtual network segments.

Moreover, Ubiquiti Unifi security quickly integrates with the Unifi controller software. It makes it very easy to identify and manage your devices through a centralized interface. You will, therefore, enjoy proper internet provision to all your devices.

More about the firewall for home is about its performance. You can transfer a million 64-byte packets of data in a second. The rate of transfer is 512 bytes in 3Gbps at the minimum. Files transferred over this firewall are usually clear and not interrupted.

The Internet speed of this firewall is excellent. All your devices will receive fast and safe internet. Coming with unique mechanisms for protection, the firewall offers superior security to the users. You will, therefore, not need to be worried about your online safety.

Are you a person who hates fan noise? Not with this firewall. Even at its peak performance or activity, you will not hear a trace of noise. It, therefore, forms a perfect device to be placed closer to people due to its comfortability.


  • High performance
  • Less noisy
  • Lightweight
  • Effective data transfer


  • Demands for advanced feature

WatchGuard Firebox T15

WatchGuard Firebox T15: The best budget home forewall

Are you looking for tight internet security at an affordable cost?

Buy the WatchGuard T15. The firewall is trending and highly rated because of its brand that produces high quality and reliable networking devices. WatchGuard T15 offers excellent support to your home and office security.

Coming in a compact size, the firewall has an excellent protection performance. It uses UTM protection to offer security to the place where its network covers. You will, therefore, get protected against data loss, ransomware, and malware.

The firewall for a home is an excellent protector because it extends its UTM level of protection to cover the weak points. It is a fact that hackers use the lowest point to get into your network. You will, therefore, enjoy protection at an end. All the devices within the range are also protected.

Furthermore, the WatchGuard Firebox T15 comes in a dual wireless model with a robust wireless network that offers fast connectivity. Therefore, you will enjoy a reliable internet for an expanded range of 2.4ghz and a lesser crowded band of 5ghz. 

The best home firewall also features 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports that ensure there is fast internet. You will also find LAN backbones and WAN connections. The internet provided is, therefore, reliable and active.

The wireless features allow you to segment the network to have guest networks and networks for other day-to-day users. You will, therefore, be having tighter security for your home and faster browsing speeds.

If you love doing online transactions, the firewall still offers you the best data protection. It quickly deploys your cloud data to the right place and stores it safely. As you perform your online activities, you will have a guarantee of your privacy.


  • Wireless modern model
  • Modern technologies
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Quick deployment of firewall process


  • Slow SPI compared to other devices

Sonicwall Dell Soho 01-SSC-0217

Sonicwall Dell Soho 01-SSC-0217: Best home firewall for aesthetic value

Sonicwall Dell Soho is an excellent-looking firewall that offers maximum security for all your connected devices and your networks. You will, therefore, enjoy the fast connection and ultimate safety. Its performance is remarkable.

The firewall is built on advanced hardware with attractive artwork. It has multi-core parallel processing with gigabit Ethernet ports. You will, therefore, enjoy faster speeds and safer connections with excellent inspection by the firewall.

Moreover, the firewall uses single-pass stream-based technology to provide a lag-free internet on simultaneous devices that it can serve. All the connected devices enjoy a quick internet for browsing, downloading, and gaming.

Your security will further get enhanced by the SSL and VPN connection that scans through your documents and devices for any hidden security threats. Therefore, the firewall provides maximum security to your home devices by making the network and its connected devices safe.

Furthermore, the firewall provides security to both wired and wireless connections.  Throughout inspections are done at 50Mbps, 300Mbps full DPI. Anti-malware gets also offered at 50Mbps and IMIX all through 60Mbps. You will be satisfied with the safety provided.

However, the default settings of this best home firewall are enough to provide adequate security to your home appliances and users.


  • Excellent security
  • Frequent scanning
  • Easy detection and removal of malware
  • Safer internet


  • Setting up the configuration can be confusing

Firewalla Red Home Firewall

Firewalla Red Home firewall

Are you looking for a user-friendly firewall?

The right pick for user-friendliness is the Firewalla red.  It offers high security for cybercrime, malware, and parental controls. You will love the features that the firewall comes with to make your online life more comfortable.

The firewall comes on a beautiful and straightforward design that you can efficiently operate. You will get adequate security by tapping a few buttons. It gives you alerts on the presence of any active attacks and quickly blocks them.

Furthermore, the firewall will block any malicious site and detects any abnormal behavior on the internet. Your connected devices keep undergoing frequent scans to keep them safe from risks. Blocking of ads is another feature that keeps the best home firewall outstanding.

Moreover, the parental controls of this firewall are handy and efficient. Within a single tap, you can stop gaming, browsing, and social networking with your children. Monitoring what your kids are doing online is another effortless task.

Apart from your children’s security, you can also block some adult content that may seem not fit for access. If you love having family meetings, you can create a social hour to block all social networks for a given period. You will, therefore, have your family concentrate on the specific matters at hand.

You can also find information about your network usage. Such information may include the domain that is consuming for data, devices that use the most internet, and a summary of your consumption within a given period.

Finally, the firewall is not compatible with some routers. However, for those it is compatible with, it delivers the best service. The setup process of the firewall is simple. You will follow the provided steps, and in less than 5 minutes, you will be enjoying its use.


  • Excellent internet analysis
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Adequate controls to the network
  • User friendly


  • Not compatible with some routers

TP-LINK SafeStream (TL R600VPN)

TP-LINK SafeStream (TL R600VPN): The cheapest home firewall

TP-Link SafeStream is a budget-friendly firewall that you may easily mistake with poor performance. It is a very useful firewall that comes with various VPN protocols that will probably make it offer the best service.

The firewall comes with a lightning protector and DoS defense. It features 1Gigabit WAN and LAN ports that provide breakneck internet speeds for wired connections. You will, therefore, enjoy both wired and wireless connections.

Moreover, the hardware firewall for home comes with several security features that offer excellent protection against threats. TL R600VPN has a powerful SPI firewall feature that detects any threats and blocks them. It also identifies any malicious websites and prevents them.

You will, therefore, enjoy browsing without having to worry about the websites that you will visit. The IP/domain name filtering identifies areas with viruses and intruders and automatically keeps them at bay.

The hardware firewall for home also features and supports IPsec and PPTP VPN procedures. Using the VPN, the firewall allows the router to manage up to 20 LAN and 16 PPTP connections.  With the advanced features of the VPN, you will easily manage connections and their security effectively.

Finally, the best firewall for home offers maximum protection to your devices and your internet at a low cost. You will, therefore, enjoy the various features that make its role efficient. The beautiful design will make your home setup look beautiful too.


  • Safe connection
  • Affordable
  • Fast and reliable connections
  • Advanced VPN features


  • Needs technological advancements

Zyxel Next generation VPN firewall

Zyxel Next generation VPN firewall: The futuristic home firewall

The ZyXEL Next generation VPN firewall is a high performing device that offers excellent security, antivirus protection, and intrusion detection. You will, therefore, enjoy adequate internet stability and protection.

The best home firewall appliance comes with a single WAN, SFP, and 4LAN Gigabit ports. You will enjoy your home network safety because of the VPN encryption that protects applications such as your smartphone and desktop.

It offers support to 40ipsec/L2TP VPNs and 5 SSL VPNs, which can upgrade to 20SSL VPNs. Using this firewall will make you enjoy the free technical support and upgrades that keep the device in touch with modern technologies.

Moreover, the best home firewall appliance can support and manage up to 20 Apps. As your internet usage grows more prominent, the best home firewall appliance also proves its potential to help a significant number of users. It offers you the adequate technical support to extend the protection.

The threat detection and blocking of this firewall are excellent. It will scan through and find the hidden malware, spam, ransomware, and viruses then deal with them accordingly. A 2P2 blocking application ensures that the environment within your connection is safe.

Furthermore, if you acquire the premium subscription, you will have a chance to filter-free content. Finally, the best home firewall appliance does a frequent inspection of the internet and the devices connected, hence maintaining its cleanliness and high-speed connection.


  • The firewall appliance for home is easy to install
  • Frequent inspection
  • Excellent threat protection
  • High internet speed


  • Regular upgrading can be irritating

Netgear prosafe GB VPN Firewall (FVS318G)

Netgear prosafe GB VPN Firewall (FVS318G)

Netgear is known for the manufacturing of internet connection products such as the best routers that boast of high performance. Featuring in today’s article is a firewall. The Netgear FVS318G firewall model has a stylish look and an excellent performance with up to 8 GB LAN ports.

The home hardware firewall offers outstanding security features such as the VPN system, which employs SSL and IPSec protocols to maintain data safety. Dos protection does an inspection of the network hence keeping away threats from the connections.

For remote access, the firewall also comes with 12 dedicated VPN tunnels that ensure safety during the connection. You can also prioritize traffic using the QoS to control traffic metering.

The firewall hardware gets equipped to block specific content and keyword blocking that makes the network very secure. It applies to all users, including Mac users. Connection to ISP is secure, and the setup process is more simplified.

Moreover, you will love the speed the best firewall router offer to the internet. It has a 300mhz processor and a flash memory of 32Mb. The RAM stands at 128Mb, and the maximum concurrent connection stands at 6000 words, which makes the speed faster.

Finally, the firewall makes an excellent choice when it comes to both home and small offices. It can support several users with adequate internet speed and proper security for their devices and the links they visit.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Adequate security
  • Fast internet speed


  • Needs technological advancements

Choosing the best home firewalls

When looking for the best firewall router, there are several things you need to look at before settling on one. Such an assessment is elementary if you understand the features and capabilities of the firewall. Here are some things that you need to take a close look at.

Control of the firewall

When buying a firewall, ensure that it is easily controllable. If it has mobile apps to control the device, you will have an easy time controlling it. In case you have to implement child controls, you should be able to implement them within a single tap.

You should monitor what is happening on the internet and block some harmful websites or content.


Firewalls come with varying costs depending on the features. You should, however, choose one that fits your budget. As you make such a decision, you should also assess the quality of the firewalls so that you get one with the best quality in terms of performance and features.

Security features

The primary purpose of a firewall is to provide security to the network and its associated devices. Therefore, you should get a firewall with the best features in terms of performance provision of safety.

The features should range from those that protect the internet to those that protect the connected devices, and finally to those that will protect people such as children and connected adults. Web filtering and traffic should be perfect.

Ease of use

The process of setting up and control of the firewall should be simple. Implementing procedures such as child control and others should be by a simple touch. Connections should also be straightforward. You should always go through the user’s manual before buying the firewall

Best home firewalls FAQs

What is a firewall?

A firewall is a security device that protects your network from unauthorized access. With all threats on your network security system, you need some sort of protection that will ensure that they do not breach your private networks. Firewalls are reliable in protecting your network from any such attack. A firewall has been designed to keep this problem in mind by using various techniques that help it protect against unauthorized access or even from the private network itself. A firewall ensures that no one without authorization gets in and this makes it very important for businesses as most of them have sensitive information which they do not want to leak out to the public. It also keeps people from stealing data from other sources like competitors, suppliers, and customers.

What are the Key Features of a Firewall?

Most routers come with a built-in firewall, but it doesn’t have all the features you need for your network. That is why you need a firewall. A firewall has stateful packet inspection, VPN integration, and advanced web filtering so that you can control what content is allowed on your network and block certain websites from being accessed by users on your network. With the right firewall, you can feel confident knowing that your network is protected and secure.

Should I have a firewall on my home network?

It’s hard to decide whether or not I should have a firewall on my home network. There are two types of firewalls – hardware and software. A hardware firewall is built into the router you use for your internet connection, while a software firewall runs on your computer. You can also have both! If you already have a router, leaving the Windows Firewall enabled provides you with security benefits with no real performance cost. Therefore it’s a good idea to run both. The best option is to keep all active at once because they complement each other so well that together they provide an extremely high level of protection against malicious attacks from outside sources as well as viruses and malware infections from inside your own network

Do all routers have a firewall?

All routers have a basic firewall. Some low-end routers offer only basic firewall functionality, while some high-end models include more sophisticated tools for protecting your home network from hackers and other threats. Some offer the basics while others offer advanced features like application-layer filtering and stateful packet inspection (SPI). The best way to protect yourself from spam, viruses, or other threats is with a hardware firewall that’s built into your router. These routers have powerful security features that give you peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding your information while online.

Is it dangerous to disable a router firewall?

A common misconception is that disabling a firewall will improve network performance. This is not true. Another common belief is that the purpose of a hardware firewall is to protect against malicious traffic, and therefore it’s okay to disable it if you don’t need this protection. However, this isn’t entirely accurate either. In fact, by disabling your router’s firewall you are putting your entire network at risk from malicious attacks and data theft — whether or not you have other security measures in place (like antivirus software on each device). The bottom line? Keep your router’s firewall enabled! You should also make sure all devices are protected with up-to-date antivirus software.”

Final verdict

Firewalls are vital components for home networks. If you get one that gives excellent service with the best features, you will have more fun. You should consider picking one of the best home firewalls in this article. The guide should, however, help you make a sound decision on the best firewall router.

A lot of people think that they don’t really need a firewall because they have an antivirus installed, but this is not enough. You should also use at least one type of firewall – either hardware or software – to protect your computer and all the devices connected to it from hackers trying to get in via the internet.

If you already have a router, leaving Windows Firewall enabled provides you with security benefits with no real performance cost. Therefore, it’s good practice to run both firewalls together on every device connected directly or indirectly through your router (e.g., wireless printers).

To ensure your network remains secure, keep the router firewall turned on and make sure that you have strong passwords. Finally, you need to know if your router has a firewall so that you can get the software or firewall router/ modem.

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