Best Ethernet Cable for Xbox One, X, and other gaming consoles (2021 Reviews)

What more can we ask for other than a fast internet connection at home while gaming? This is technically impossible if you have unreliable connections to your router or modem. That is why we need the best ethernet cable for gaming for Xbox One, X, PS4, and other consoles.

There have been great technological strides in internet provision devices such as routers, modems, and even Ethernet cables. This has made online gaming enjoyable.

We have already explored the best modems for gaming, gaming routers, and the best mesh systems for gaming, however, what is the best gaming Ethernet cable for Xbox one, X, play station 4, and other gaming consoles.

We require a reliable Ethernet cable for an exceptional gaming experience in our consoles. The Ethernet cable ensures that you can use your powerful modem and router to get a wonderful gaming experience as compared to others.

Why should you get the Best Ethernet cable for Xbox One, X, PS4, and other gaming consoles?

Some games have extensive graphics like racing, shooting, zombie games, among others while some people like playing games online. In these instances, having a poor internet connection can be detrimental to your gaming. It may even lead to stress.

In these games, decisions are made in a split second, and in those instances, poor internet may make you miss the target or pass your turn. The best Ethernet cable ensures that these issues do not occur to you.

The best Ethernet cable enables you to enjoy the full bandwidth of the connection you have subscribed for. This means you can enjoy the speeds that you have paid for from the internet service provider (ISP).

In addition, what is the need for getting an excellent gaming router for Xbox one or X or even a prime gaming router for PS4 if your cable will keep on dragging you down?

There are some features that enable an excellent performance of the Ethernet cables. We will explore those features later in this article.

The best gaming Ethernet cable for Xbox One, X, and others

Mediabridge Ethernet Cable

Length: 50 feet

Warranty: 1 Year

Maximum Bandwidth: 550MHz

Maximum internet speed: 10Gbps

This is the top-selling Cat-5e Ethernet cable. This cable is advanced technologically. This ensures that it caters to all the standards of Cat-5, Cat-5e Cat 6a, and Cat-6 applications. Even though it is advertised as a ‘cat 6’ cable, the internet speed and bandwidth portray that it is a Cat 6a cable.

This cable has 24AWG Stranded conductors. Each of the four twisted pairs separated by cross-linked polyethylene to ensure there is no cross-talk.

The reasons why Mediabridge is the best Ethernet cable for Xbox One and Xbox X include:

  • The length: The 50 feet length of the cable means you can place your gaming console far away from the router. 50 feet can cover the lengths of most homes or offices.
  • Internet speed: With the maximum internet speed of 10Gbps, the PS4 or Xbox one gigabit ethernet cable can be used for most internet tiers in the country. This gives you an assurance of gaming without lags if you have subscribed to a good internet tier. Mediabridge also supports devices with a bandwidth of up to 550MHz.
  • Gold plated Contact pins: The pins with RJ45 connectors ensures that they fit well on the Cat-5 and Cat-6 application ports.
  • Compatibility with other devices: The Mediabridge Ethernet cable is compatible with other gaming devices, laptops, personal computers, routers, switches, home devices, and other RJ45 supported routers. This is in addition to Xbox and Play Station gaming consoles.
  • Presentation/ packaging: Mediabridge cable is strapped with a Velcro cable strap for easy transportation and storage. It also has a CM-grade PVC jacket.
  • Additional length: We have only discussed the 50 feet PS4 or Xbox one gigabit ethernet cable. The company however provides an additional length of between 3 feet to 100 feet.

Due to the features above, we recommend Mediabridge Ethernet cable for high-definition video streaming, high traffic devices, cloud computing, video surveillance, in addition to its application in gaming.

Jadaol Cat 7 Ethernet Cable

Jadaol cat 7 Ethernet Cable: The best Ethernet cable for gaming
Jadaol Cat-7 Ethernet cable

Length: 50 feet

Maximum Bandwidth: 550MHz

Maximum internet speed: 10Gbps

The Jadaol Cat-7 Ethernet cable is one of the best cables for gaming in addition to other uses like networking switches, routers modems, adapters, and networking printers among other devices.

The cable is flat meaning that it gives a neater and safer installation. The cable is able to take an almost invisible mode in your house. You can make it run seamlessly along the walls or follow edges.

Features that make Jadaol Cat-7 Ethernet cable the best for gaming

  • Internet speed: This cable employs the Cat-7 shielded Ethernet cable standard which enables the cable to give exceptional performance. The cable supports a bandwidth of up to 550MHz. It thus can transmit internet speeds of up to 10Gbps.
  • The material: It is also made from 4 shielded twisted pairs of copper wires connected to a high-quality RJ45 connector with gold-plated contact pins.
  • Compatibility: The Cat-7 Jadaol cable is compatible with Cat-5, Cat-5e, Cat-6. The cable is however more durable than the other specifications’ cables.
  • Flat shape: As explained above, the cable is flat in shape. This makes it easier to use, safer, and offers a cleaner installation.
  • Size: Jadaol Cable is 50 feet long. This means that the PS4 or Xbox one gigabit ethernet cable can be used to connect to devices in other rooms of your house comfortably.

Cable Matters Snagless Ethernet Cable

Cable Matters Snagless Ethernet Cable: 100 feet Ethernet cable
Cable matters Snagless Ethernet Cable

Length: 100 feet

Maximum Bandwidth: 550MHz

Maximum internet speed: 10Gbps

The Cable Matters Snagless Ethernet Cable is a high-performance cable that is based on the Cat-6 rating. It offers exceptional performance for gaming on Xbox One, X, and PS4 among other gaming consoles. It also gives you the ability to seamlessly connect with other internet-enabled devices in your home.

The cable is compatible with other lower ratings such as Cat-5e and Cat-5 devices. The pricing for this Cat-6 Ethernet cable is similar to the price of Cat-5e cables in the market.

The cable is available in 5 different colors (red, green, white, black, and blue). This makes it easy to choose the cable that will match the color shades of your house.

Why should you get Cable Matters Snagless Ethernet Cable for gaming?

  • Brand: Cable matters are well-known for producing excellent internet connection cables and other devices.
  • Internet speed: The Ethernet cable is able to support a bandwidth of up to 550MHz and an internet speed of up to 10Gbps. This means you can game without any lags.
  • Connections: Because this cable matters PS4 or Xbox one gigabit ethernet cable has an RJ45 connector, it is compatible with any device with the equivalent port.
  • The price: Cable matters Cat-6 Ethernet cable comes at the price for Cat-5e Ethernet cables in the market.
  • Gold Coated Connectors: The RJ45 pins are made in a way that they are corrosion free by using gold-coated connectors. This assures you of its durability. It is also Snagless which assures you of more durability and corrosion resistivity.
  • The length: The Cable matters Cat-6 Snagless Ethernet Cable comes in different lengths to ensure that you get the cable that fits your purpose.

Factors to consider when getting an Ethernet cable for gaming

Minimum speed

The Ethernet cable of choice should be able to meet the minimum speed requirements to ensure that it can comfortably support your gaming. The best gaming Ethernet cable for Xbox One and Xbox X must be able to meet the following attributes as specified on Xbox One official website:

  • Minimum download speeds for Xbox. This speed should be at least 3Mbps.
  • Minimum upload speeds for Xbox One or X. The upload speeds must be a minimum of 0.5Mbps.
  • Ping for the device. It should be less than 150 milliseconds.
  • SD video streaming of at least 1Mbps
  • HD video streaming of at least 3.5Mbps

You should note that this is the minimum Xbox One S Ethernet port speed. For a better gaming experience, the higher the speeds the better.

Length of the cable

The length of the Ethernet cable for gaming influences the connection speed. The shorter the cable the better for your connection.

For most cables, the maximum effective length for gaming and other activities is 328 feet. However, for excellent performance, the cable should be as short as possible. A cable below 300 feet would be the best ethernet cable for Xbox One, Xbox X, PS4, or personal computers.

The reason for short cables is that there is a slight decrease in signal quality as the cable becomes longer. This would result in a reduction in network performance and sluggish transfer rates.

Compatibility with your gaming device

There is a need to ensure that your Ethernet cable is compatible with your Xbox One, Xbox X among the other gaming systems. If your cable is manufactured by an original equipment provider (OEM), it should be compatible.

This also applies to the category of the cable that you buy. Category-6 (Cat-6) and higher categories like Cat-7 or Cat-8 can support internet speeds of up to 10Gbps (10GBASE-T) while Cat-5 can support internet speeds of up to 1Gbps (1000BASE-T).

Note that Cat-6, Cat-7, and Cat-8 are all backward compatible which means they can support all older categories of routers and gaming consoles. All these cables will support the minimum Xbox One S Ethernet port speed.

How to connect ethernet to xbox one

We all know that Ethernet cable internet is the best connection for gaming, but how do you connect it to your Xbox One?

Most of us have tried using wireless connections for our consoles, only to find out that they are unreliable and slow. You can’t stream movies or play games online without a stable connection.

The problem with most wireless connections is that they are not as fast or stable as wired. Also, if you have a large house and want to stream movies from your server in another room, wireless will not be reliable.

You can use an ethernet adapter (or converter) to connect your Xbox One directly into a router using an Ethernet cable. This will give you the fastest and most stable connection possible for online gaming and media streaming.

You can also use a crossover cable, but we recommend getting the ethernet adapter for your Xbox One instead. It will give you faster speeds than any other connection option available on the market right now.

Benefits of Ethernet vs WiFi for gaming

Ethernet connections are more stable

The Ethernet connection, though more taxing to set up, is less prone to interference. The Wi-Fi signals are more prone to interference because they are radio signals. It is also harder for Wi-Fi signals to penetrate walls.

This leads to dead spots in some corners of your home. Additionally, each device connected via an Ethernet cable has its own bandwidth and is not shared like in Wi-Fi-connected devices. Because of these reasons, Ethernet connections have fewer slowdowns and disconnections.


An Ethernet cable can transfer data for longer distances than your Wi-Fi device can connect in a stable manner. An Ethernet cable can transmit data for a distance of even 300 feet away from the router or modem.

This is farther than the WiFi coverage for the routers recommended for long-range. Since most routers and modems have an Ethernet port it is not hard to connect.

Security of your data

There is more security of your data when you are using an Ethernet connection as compared to Wi-Fi connections. This is because it is easier to regulate who is using your internet on the cable as compared to wireless Wi-Fi.

You will not be able to connect to the wired router without access to the ports. This makes it hard for people to use your internet without access.

Regulation of people using your internet illegally

We all have parasites who want to use the internet without permission or using initial permission to continue using the internet. This slows down the speed of the Wi-Fi for gaming.

When using an Ethernet connection, it is easy to eliminate such users from your network. This means that when using the best Ethernet cable for gaming, your consoles will get a faster network.

Why should you choose Wi-Fi vs Ethernet connection?


It costs an additional amount of money to buy an Ethernet cable especially to connect multiple devices. As for routers, you can connect to multiple devices at no additional cost.

Installation of Ethernet cables also comes at a cost. However, when you are connecting one Ethernet cable for your Xbox One or Xbox X, it is not as costly as when you need to connect different devices.

Access to the internet in different areas of your house

Ethernet connections are placed in a permanent position in your house or office. You can not move with your devices to different areas of your house when you are using the Ethernet cable.

As for Wi-Fi, you can move everywhere in your house or office with a seamless internet connection. This is a hindrance for those who enjoy gaming on laptops or phones.

Devices connected

Some of the devices like mobile phones, tablets, netbooks, e-readers, other smart home devices do not have Ethernet ports. This means you can not use Ethernet cables for connecting such devices while you can use Wi-Fi. 

Comparing different categories of Ethernet cables

CategoryMaximum transfer SpeedStandard BandwidthShielding or not
Cat5e1Gbps100MHz(up to 350)Unshielded/Shielded (UTP or STP)
Cat61Gbps250MHz (up to 550)Shielded/Unshielded (UTP or STP)
Cat6a10Gbps500MHz (up to 550)Shielded/Unshielded (UTP or STP)
Cat825Gbps or 40Gbps2000MHzShielded

Final thoughts

Cat-6 and higher categories of Ethernet cables are great for gaming. This is because they are able to support the speed and bandwidth necessary for Xbox One, Xbox X, and PS4. The best gaming Ethernet cables for Xbox One, X, and other gaming devices are all based on these specifications.

It is important to get a cable long enough to reach where your gaming system is situated when compared with where the router is. It should not be very long to reduce the performance of your connection to the gaming system.

Finally, Ethernet connections are better for gaming because you are able to use the full bandwidth of your connection. It will also give you coverage past strong walls as compared to using Wi-Fi connections.

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