4 Best Bluetooth Speakers under 30 US Dollars in 2021

We all want a bargain, don’t we? I for one love discounts. Therefore in the speakers’ world, we all want the best Bluetooth speaker under 30 Dollars that can give you a performance worth a lot more.

Bluetooth speakers give you so much freedom in their use. They are also very portable, some are water and dust resistant in addition to giving you an enviable performance.

In this article, we came up with a list of the best Bluetooth speaker under 30 by reviewing hundreds of speakers. We hope that this guide will enable you to get a device that will suit your needs.

The best Bluetooth speakers under 30 USD give you excellent performance for their budget. However, if you have a bigger budget, you can check the best Bluetooth speaker under $200 here

Best Bluetooth Speaker under 30 Dollars top Picks

SpeakerCheck it out
Anker Soundcore Icon Mini SpeakerCHECK IT OUT
Axess SPBL1049 Crystal Vibe Led Bluetooth Wireless SpeakerCHECK IT OUT
Logitech X100 Mobile Wireless SpeakerCHECK IT OUT
Victsing SoundHot C6 Bluetooth Shower SpeakerCHECK IT OUT

Anker Soundcore Icon Mini Speaker

This speaker is small, lightweight, and compact to enable portability. It is the best Bluetooth speaker under $30.

It has a side strap that allows the owner to carry it on their hands without dropping the floor.

Anker Soundcore Icon Mini Speaker has an IPX7 rating which allows being splash and dustproof. Additionally, the Anker Soundcore speaker can play music in any environment, be it in the shower or during outdoor activities.

The speaker has eight hours of battery life, which allows one to play their favorite songs for a long time. It produces a top-quality sound despite its small size. It will enable a maximum connection of two devices concurrently.

Anker Soundcore comes with an auxiliary input and supports a Bluetooth connection.

For free-hand calls, this device comes with an in-built microphone that allows you to receive calls comfortably.

Anker Soundcore Icon is, therefore, one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 30 Dollars.


  • Price: It is the best Bluetooth speaker under $30
  • Portable
  • Quality sound
  • Great battery life
  • Excellent device for its cost
  • Splash and dustproof


  • It loses sound quality at too high volume
  • Can easily slide on even surfaces

Axess SPBL1049 Crystal Vibe Led Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

This speaker comes with excellent features that qualify it to be the best Bluetooth Speaker under 30 Dollars. Axess SPBL1049 Crystal Vibe Led Bluetooth Wireless Speaker has a powerful Bluetooth connection that enables a person to play songs from their phones continuously.

It has a LED light that changes color when it plays music, which increases the music experience. This speaker can offer good lighting during a night party. The speaker comes with a Universal Serial Bus to enhance connectivity or for charging.

Moreover, Axess SPBL1049 Crystal Vibe Led Bluetooth Wireless Speaker has an in-built microphone to enhance making and receiving phone calls conveniently.

Of all the mentioned speakers, Axess SPBL1049 Crystal Vibe Led Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is the only speaker that supports a Secure Digital card. Additionally, this speaker has a seven watts output. The speaker also uses a TransFlash card to offer people a variety of choices when it comes to playing their favorite songs.

This Bluetooth speaker has a modern and attractive model. It has smart patterns on its surface that suit the different colors it produces. It has control buttons to enable play/pause and fast forward/ rewind during playtime. Axess speaker has a 1650mAh rechargeable battery.


  • Easily portable
  • Produces a high-quality sound
  • It is simple to use
  • Affordable


  • It provides a weak bass sound

Logitech X100 Mobile Wireless Speaker

The Logitech X100 Bluetooth speaker has an impressive design with its colorful and neat outer cover.

Logitech speaker is one of the smallest among all the listed speakers with a size that can fit pretty well in your palm. Additionally, the speaker has a lightweight of 5.7ounces. This Bluetooth speaker is easily movable.

If you have compatible devices with the Logitech speaker, it easily pairs with other speakers through Bluetooth to produce the best audio. To save your battery charge, just plug in your device through the Auxiliary jack, which is 3.5-mm.

Additionally, it has a thirty (30) feet Bluetooth range. This Bluetooth speaker has buttons to play/pause and fast forward the music. The Logitech Bluetooth speaker provides the option of picking and making calls.

The speaker allows a quiet conversation between the caller and the recipient. The Logitech X100 Bluetooth speaker can hold a battery charge for five (5) hours. The draining of the battery charge depends on the music volume.

Also, the Logitech X100 Bluetooth speaker does not take much time to charge fully. Surprisingly this speaker produces an excellent music sound that you will love.

With all these features and a performance to behold during our tests, this speaker is one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 30 USD.


  • Easily portable
  • Excellent sound system
  • Good Bluetooth connectivity


  • It has a low battery life

Victsing SoundHot C6 Bluetooth Shower Speaker

This device is the best budget Bluetooth speaker under $30 that has amazing features to enhance your entertainment experience.

It has a loop that an individual can use to hang it in the bathroom while taking a shower. With this speaker, you can decide to switch to the radio when you have exhausted all your songs.

As the name suggests, it has a silicon cover to keep it off from dust and to make it shock resistant. This speaker has the protection of an IPX5 that does not make it completely waterproof. The speaker’s exterior design can repel any form of liquid.

Victsing Shower Speaker supports a stereophonic sound to enhance the quality of music. Additionally, the speaker has an aluminum holder to enable the owner to attach it to their bags or waist belt easily. The speaker has a built-in mic to make and receive phone calls.


  • Freehand calls
  • Affordable
  • It has a balanced sound
  • Portable


  • Has low battery capacity
  • Bluetooth connection is not strong

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Best Bluetooth speaker under $30 buyers guide

We all want to get the best Bluetooth speaker no matter our budget. In the reviews, we have shown you that a low budget Bluetooth speaker doesn’t have to be of poor quality.

To help you decide the speaker you should pick among the 4 reviewed above, we have compiled the things to consider when buying a Bluetooth speaker as follows:

Audio Quality

As we said, a budget Bluetooth speaker doesn’t have to have poor audio quality. This is the most important factor to consider when buying your speaker.

The audio quality must not be compromised because you are on a budget. Good audio quality enables you to listen to your music without either hurting your ears or straining.


Most of the time, we buy a Bluetooth speaker because it is portable, but also we want a speaker that can easily be used in our homes. Portability and ease to use in our homes mean that the design must enable you to carry it easily and use it wherever you are.

Moreover, the speaker you are buying should be made with the highest manufacturing quality thus making it convenient to use.

Connection options

For some of the best Bluetooth speakers, they are able to connect multiple devices simultaneously. This enables you to change the transmitting devices at any time of your preference.

When looking for this feature you might also want to get a speaker with the NFC feature. The feature ensures that you can easily pair with other devices that are Bluetooth enabled.

Battery life

Yes I know we are reviewing budget speakers. But if you can get a Bluetooth speaker for under $30 with good battery life then go for it.

A speaker with a good battery will enable you to use the speakers while traveling. It also gives you the best performance when you are outdoors.

Charging using the USB Port

Most of the Bluetooth speakers have a USB charging capability. USB charging enables you to charge the speaker in places where there are no electric outlets.

This means that you can charge the speaker using a power bank.

The Best Bluetooth speakers under 30 Dollars may not all have this option, however.

Other features

There are several other features that make a Bluetooth speaker better. These features may not be available in our top picks.

These features enable you to use the speaker without the fear of corrosion, dust accumulation, and mechanical damage. they include:

  • A speaker being waterproof
  • The Bluetooth speaker being shockproof
  • Some are dust resistant

Some of these features enable you to use the speaker outdoors or some are installed in the showers.

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The above list of the Best Bluetooth speaker under 30 US dollars and the buyers’ guide will empower you to get the best gadget for your needs.

These speakers are tested and reviewed by many a person to give you a performance befitting your needs.