Are bluetooth speakers worth it: Benefits and Demerits?

Bluetooth speakers are the hottest new trend in tech, but they can be expensive and you have to carry them around with you. How do you know if these Bluetooth speakers are worth it?

The question “are Bluetooth speakers worth it?” has been asked by many people. This is because of the high cost and low return that come with these devices. However, there are some advantages to using them despite their disadvantages.

We all love our portable music devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. But we also hate having to deal with those annoying wires that always get tangled up. The solution is wireless Bluetooth speakers! They’re affordable, convenient, and offer a better sound quality than your built-in device speaker system.

No matter where you go or what activity you’re doing; listening to music has never been easier thanks to Bluetooth technology. Some of the Bluetooth speaker models have a surprisingly good bass response, crisp highs, clear mids, and overall sounded just as good as much more expensive models.

What is a Bluetooth speaker?

Are Bluetooth speakers worth it? The following are the benefits and disadvantages of using Bluetooth speakers

A Bluetooth speaker is a portable wireless device that can be used to play music wirelessly from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other digital audio players. The technology enables you to enjoy your favorite tunes without having the hassle of tangled wires and cables.

A Bluetooth speaker is a small wireless device that allows you to play music wirelessly from any digital audio player including smartphones, tablets, and computers. It’s important to note that not all Bluetooth speakers have the same capabilities or sound quality, so it’s important to do some research before buying one. You want something loud enough for parties but also portable enough for travel and outdoor activities like hiking or biking.

Bluetooth speakers are the perfect solution for people who want to listen to music or watch movies on their smartphones, tablets, and other devices without having to use earphones.

Bluetooth speakers are a great way to listen to music in your house, but it can be hard to know which one is best for you.

What technology should you look for in a Bluetooth speaker?

Bluetooth Technology

There’s so much confusion about Bluetooth technology that it can be hard to tell if your speaker offers a good experience or not.

Bluetooth speakers are great for listening to music but can be hard to understand. Many consumers don’t know the difference between version 1 to version 5.

The Bluetooth technology determines several features of the connection. For example, Bluetooth 5 supports a connection range of 120 Metres while version 4.2 has a range of 30 Metres.

The technology also differs in the ability to connect to multiple devices at once. It also affects if the Bluetooth speaker remembers your most-used connections and pair them automatically. What about sound quality, the technology affects sound quality.

The difference between 4-point-something and 5 is pretty significant. Each newer version offers a longer range, better sound quality, and more functionality than the last one.

Almost all speakers sold today use either 4 or 5 but if you want the best experience possible with your music then choose a speaker that uses the latest technology available.

If you’re not careful, you could end up with an outdated model that doesn’t have all of the latest features!

Near Field Communication (NFC)

The best portable Bluetooth speakers come equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology that allows you to connect your smartphone or tablet by simply tapping them together.

This is much more convenient for most users than having to turn on Bluetooth and pair devices each time they want to play their favorite songs – especially when it comes to streaming music at parties, tailgates, BBQs, etc. where there may be dozens of smartphones all wanting access in a very short period of time.

Is it waterproof?

Bluetooth speakers are highly portable. It is better if you can use them in wet places or in all weather conditions. Therefore, it is worth getting waterproof Bluetooth speakers.

The IP rating system was created by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) as a standardized method for evaluating the degree of protection provided against intrusion from solid objects (i.e., dust), liquids, and debris, as well as from accidental contact with live parts. This standard is used by manufacturers worldwide when describing product specifications and features such as durability, shock-proofing, etc.

Waterproofing is important because we all know that dropping your speaker in the toilet or leaving it out on the beach will lead to an expensive repair bill. Waterproof Bluetooth speakers won’t break if you get caught in a sudden downpour or forget them by the poolside.

They’re also great for kids’ rooms as they’ll still work after being dropped from table height! You can even take these with you into the bathtub where most other wireless speakers would be destroyed by water pressure alone.

Is it smart?

The problem is that most Bluetooth speakers are designed to be used as simple streaming devices, which means they don’t have the smart features you need.

Most people don’t realize that their Bluetooth speaker is capable of so much more than just playing music. They can be used as a virtual assistant, or even have an app installed on them.

This means you can ask Alexa to play your favorite song by simply saying “Alexa, play ‘I Feel It Coming’ by The Weeknd”. This is instead of having to pick up your phone every time you want to hear it. You can also control other smart home devices like lights and thermostats with some models of Amazon Echo products (you’ll need the right equipment).

Having an aux input

Bluetooth speakers are great, but sometimes you want to connect your speaker to a non-Bluetooth component. Some wireless speaker manufacturers have added a line-in socket (aka aux in) as a standard feature.

This allows users to connect their devices via cable rather than wirelessly; this is particularly useful for older equipment such as turntables and cassette players which may not offer Bluetooth connectivity.

Some wireless speakers don’t have an aux input – so if you want to enjoy your favorite vinyl or CD collection on the move, that’s not possible.

A Bluetooth speaker needs to support aptX HD

Which Bluetooth speaker should I buy? If it supports aptX HD that would be better! But what about other codecs? How do they sound compared to each other? Is there any way of knowing before buying?

The majority of Bluetooth speakers today support aptX, which transmits music at a ‘CD-like’ 16-bit/44.1kHz. However, some of the more audio-focused Bluetooth speakers don’t support aptX HD – and if you care about sound quality or listen to a lot of high-resolution audio (such as 24 bit FLAC), then this is something you should consider before buying your next speaker.

Benefits of Bluetooth speakers

Wireless devices have become a necessity for everyone these days as they offer huge benefits over traditional wired devices like higher convenience, mobility, flexibility, and many more. Furthermore, there are several other advantages of using wireless products.

Bluetooth speakers are portable and wireless

Having to untangle wires is a problem that has been around for a long time.

The best way to solve the problem of tangled wires is by using Bluetooth speakers. These devices are wireless and portable, making them very convenient in every sense.

There’s no need to worry about any kind of cord tangling or getting entangled while you move your speaker from one place to another since it will be totally free from all those worries with this device.

If you want convenience when listening to music on your PC or laptop then it would be better if you use these small yet powerful Bluetooth speakers instead of having wired ones because they are much more convenient and easy to carry along wherever you go as well as there’s no hassle at all especially if it comes down to untangling cords.

Bluetooth speakers are Energy- Efficient

Energy efficiency has been taken seriously by manufacturers and consumers alike. Nowadays you can find Bluetooth devices that are very energy efficient as well as powerful. You don’t need to worry about your speaker running out of juice while you are listening to music.

These devices are very convenient because they don’t require any wires or cables which make them ideal for outdoor use such as picnics where there is no access to electrical outlets.

Bluetooth wireless speakers offer an ideal solution by allowing users to listen uninterruptedly without having to worry about their devices running out of charge mid way through their favorite song! These portable Bluetooth devices are powered by rechargeable batteries and don’t consume much power which makes them energy efficient too!

Sound Quality

There’s no denying that Bluetooth technology has come a long way since its inception, and this improvement is evident in the sound quality produced by modern-day Bluetooth Speakers. These days, they produce crisp and clear sounds which make listening to music more enjoyable than ever before.

They come in all shapes and sizes

Bluetooth speakers come in different shapes and sizes which makes it easier for anyone who wants one to find something suitable according to their preferences. For instance, if portability is what matters most, then choosing small sized models would be your best option.

No need for installation

Unlike most of the other speakers in the market today, Bluetooth speakers do not need installation. This is because you will connect them to the music source wirelessly instead of through wires.

In addition, the portability is made possible by making them easy to use. You can easily connect them to a phone, laptop, computer, tablets, music players among others.

The easy in installation make Bluetooth speakers an investment worth making. Some of the speakers may even connect to several music sources at once.

Disadvantages of Bluetooth speakers

The Bluetooth speakers are excellent speakers for your indoor and outdoor activities. Depending on the type chosen, most can withstand shocks, foul weather, dust, and even water spills.

However, they also have disadvantages including:

Range of connection

The Bluetooth range of some of the speakers is wanting. Some may require your source of music and sound to be at most 30 feet away. This makes it hard to listen to music if you are not in the same room with the Bluetooth speakers.

However, current technologies have improved the range. Thus you can listen to music from another room. In addition, the convenience has improved.


The compatibility of Bluetooth speakers may be a challenge in some of the speakers. This is because some music devices are not Bluetooth enabled.

Bluetooth speakers without an AUX input may not connect to some of the devices. However, some devices have an AUX in to connect such devices to the Bluetooth speakers.

Bluetooth speakers may have a weaker sound and also lack the richness and depth of sound found in regular speakers

Bluetooth speakers are convenient, but they don’t have the same sound quality as regular speakers. Wired speakers offer better sound quality than wireless models, so if you want to listen to your favorite music on high quality speakers then this is the way to go.

You need to use an amplifier for your bluetooth speaker. This will give you much better sound quality than what you’re used to hearing from your device by itself.

The good news is you can overcome the weaknesses of Bluetooth speakers by pairing them with a subwoofer or an amplifier for better sound quality. This will also give you more flexibility when it comes to placing your speaker system in any room of your home or office as well as outdoors on patios and decks.


As discussed above, Bluetooth speakers are worth the investment. This is because they give you an excellent performance and compatibility. The other factor is portability and energy efficiency.

We all love our portable music devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops. But we also hate having to deal with those annoying wires that always get tangled up. The solution is wireless bluetooth speakers! They’re affordable, convenient and offer a better sound quality than your built-in device speaker system.

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